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Totally Screwed!

I have been

I have been

Yup, screwed, totally and unreservedly.

More than 24 hours without reasonable net access.

I am a tad more than miffed.

My levels of tolerance have risen beyond those that one considers reasonable.

For me the (one of the) most important dates of the year, and I had reasonable access between 6am and 8:20 and managed two posts; since then nothing. I can read emails and notifications, but I can’t do a bloody thing about them. I have sort of managed to read the news.

The patience required to get this post, piecemeal though it is, ready has grossly surpassed my normal limits.

I spend the afternoon in despair, also at the botequim where I entertained the fregües (regulars) with whisky, Drambuie and  Tequila, all of which left me three sheets in the wind.

Nap needed.

Now, I find that I have some access o the net and am jumping, ney, leapingatthe chance to wish you all a

Happy New Year 2014

The graphic that I had planned will not upload, gives you an idea of the problems I am facing.

Yay, made it, finally

Yay, made it, finally

The rain has started. It has been threatening for three days, and now it is pissing persisting down with thunder and lightning.


I am receiving notifications of comments okay, just the replying is erratic.

Hopefully, when I press the ‘post’ button, something will happen.

Until next year.



I have been without the net, or at the very best intermittent net for 24 hours, since 7pm last night.

I have managed one letter to my brother and one post on Things that Fizz & Stuff in that time. Worth reading.

In a different bottle, hope it tastes the same

In a different bottle, hope it tastes the same

I am NOT amused.

I finally gave up at 1pm and had a BBQ lunch at my favourite restaurant to commiserate, then I went for therapy at the supermarket.

I had no qualms, nor spared a single shred of guilt as I put the R$85 bottle of Drambuie in my shopping trolley.

I was terribly disappointed at finding a new bottle, apparently gone are the traditional old style bottles that signified quality. There are some things that just shouldn’t change.

Just imagine something as regal as a tiger, and making it look like like a big tabby cat; it just wouldn’t be the same, ever.

Apparently, that’s already been done.

There is such a thing as a Golden Tabby Tiger, and it looks pretty regal.

Golden Tabby Tiger

Golden Tabby Tiger

So there’s hope for my Drambuie yet.

While we’re on the subject of cats, every Christmas tree should have a star on the top.


That’s just purrfect.

When I was a kid, well, a little older, we all had a snigger at any mention of the ‘missionary position’. We all knew what it meant, but at the age when none of us had had the temerity to try it, it always led to giggles and a total meltdown.

Now more than half a lifetime later, I finally understand the ‘missionary position’.

The missionary position

The missionary position

I always wondered why Mormon missionaries went around in pairs. If I had seen this picture a couple of weeks ago when two of them passed by our local bar, I would have asked where their bicycle was…

Must blog along.


Global Warming

My kitchen looks like this

My kitchen looks like this

My kitchen looks as though an Arctic ice sheet has melted in it, water everyf**kinwhere!

While ice flows fall off the glacier at the back of the fridge.

Yes, I had the stupid idea this morning to defrost the fridge while it had next to no food (common situation) and I needed to defrost the meat in the freezer for the BBQ. BBQ was going to be tomorrow, but logistics demanded a change to Monday, my ex had a better party to go to tomorrow.

Such is life. She also made a point of “Don’t forget my present!” I said, “You’ve got it, she’s seven this year, “ …looong silence. Maybe that wasn’t the best response… You know sometimes women just don’t have a sense of humour; but I finally figured out how a woman’s mind works. If you want to know the secret check Satireday on Tomus. I made the art work this morning.

Five days to go, then it’s only 364 days till next Christmas.

I spent a good part of yesterday making new Philosoraptor Memes, Like this one.


Philosoraptor is featured every Phriday on my They say it’s in the Genes blog.

This post is being constantly interrupted by the necessity to squeegee out the kitchen to avoid flooding the living room as well.

dead-poets-society-quotes-14Had a late night last night. I watched a movie, one of my favourites; Dead Poets Society.

I had downloaded it sometime ago in a version with Portuguese subtitles to play for my students.

Finally got to bed about 2am.

Cloro has just come in and wants to know why his food bowl (polystyrene) has floated across the kitchen.

It won’t be long now, another hour should see the end of the ice and I can turn the fridge on again and the house can return to normal.

Then it’s off to the supermarket for some therapy and a bottle of Drambuie (that’s my Christmas present: “To me, from me, with love!”).

I finally discovered coffee home delivery…



Yesterday, I did a bunk!

I got some blogging done earlier in the morning, and napped. It was about midday when I roused myself, and discovered that everything edible was frozen.

Snap decision: Let’s eat out!

Rusty Nail100

Rusty Nail

And that was the last the PC saw of me for the day.

I taxied to Brazeiro BBQ restaurant for a ‘dead cow’ experience, chose my wine, a 2002 Cab Sav from Uruguay, and proceeded. I opted for a Rusty Nail* instead of desert and taxied home.

Again, I was thwarted, because the taxi stopped in front of the botequim (bar next door). Now it would have been churlish not to have acknowledged the fregües (regulars) in attendance, and equally churlish to have refused an offered beer.

Some (denoting an unspecified number) beers later, I had a snow freeze for dessert and got home after 7pm, feeling somewhat seedy and ready for bed.

I woke at 11pm, read e-mails, and returned to bed.

End of story.

*Rusty nail = Drambuie and whisky ½ ‘n ½ on ice.


Hence, not a lot of blogging yesterday.

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