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The Dirty Truth

The dirty truth

The dirty truth

I am feeling paranoid.

After yesterday’s intro photo, I’m deeply concerned petrified that you all may think that was my kitchen.

So I decided to show you the dirty truth.

That’s about as bad as it gets.

I fixed the Simon and Garfunkel video clip on the older post yesterday; it’s got words now.

I was aked if I would post the recipe for my onion rings. I replied “yes!”

It’s so simple.

Onion rings don’t have a recipe, you just do it.

justdoitNormal family serving, about 5 tbsp plain flour, one egg, milk to make a batter, I sometimes add chopped parsley to the batter, or add it to the onion before battering. Cut onion separate into rings dip in batter, let drip, and chuck it in the deep fry. Turn and when golden, take them out and eat.

How simple is that?

When I do them, I’m on auto pilot… I think more when I’m peeing.

Yesterday I made a roasting dish full, that was double the batter and four medium onions.

I thought about taking a photo, but I figured, nah, nobody really wants to know about onion rings…

Want a shock?

Oh, come on... that's a finger!

Oh, come on… that’s a finger!

Now they have lab-grown penises…

First it was ears on a rat and a finger on a stomach, then they jump straight to penises. What’s next? Today’s special at Walmart, fresh penises!

You didn’t really think I would post a penis…

Bet that got you going.

84% in Britain think that the war against drugs is lost.

Oh, really? That’s been my opinion for twenty years. Many are of the opinion that drugs should be decriminalised and moved from criminal to a health issue.

How slow we are to accept the truth.

Brazil goes to the polls today. All forms of politcal advertising have been banned from yesterday… I was handed my first pamphlet at the gate before 8am. It looks like the incumbent blonde bimbo will come out tops again, after Marina took a dive in the polls and is neck ‘n necking with the previous third place getter. It appears as though the blonde bimbo doesn’t have enough support for an outright win (50% + 1 vote), which means another three weeks of politcal bullshit as the two top pollers go to a run-off on 26th.

Brazilians have a warped view of who is suitable for office. For example…


Wolverine – vote for he who has claws

This is how you advertise your candidacy for city councillor.

Pathetic. The circus gets worse as the office gets higher.

Illegal aliens taking our jobs

Illegal aliens taking our jobs

Thank heavens I’m not involved in this circus. One of the advantages of being an illegal alien.

Latvia is going to the polls as well. The Latvians are pooping their pants as the popular choice is pro-Russian who has refused to speak against the Russian annexation of Crimea. Latvia has a large population of Russians and fears that the same may happen by being in effect invited by the new president.

Why can’t all these Russians who live in ex-Soviet sattelites just freakin’ well go home? Even if they were born there, emigrate if they think that Putinland is so freakin’ wonderful.

Looks like the laundry lady isn’t coming today.  We discussed this last week because she has to go to another part of the city to vote, and agreed that if she couldn’t come today, then tomorrow is okay.

I don’t need to go to the supermarket yet. I have coffee for before noon, and beer for the afternoon. I also have salsichão should the need to eat arise.

Salsichão are big salsichas

Salsichão are big salsichas

I may boil them, grill them, BBQ them, batter and deep fry them.  I haven’t made that decision yet. I need to ponder the issue during my Nap-fu practice.


By Candlelight

Oh yes, romance

Oh yes, romance

There is nothing quite so romantic as candlelight.

Candlelight conjours up images of history, learning, and romance.

Reading by candlelight, dining by candlelight, nothing reflects beauty in the same way.

Not the incandescent light bulb, the horrid flourescent tubes, the glaring whiteness of CFLs, not even the expensive improved LED warm glow bulbs can compare with, can’t even hold a candle, to the tallow and wick of the candle.

Last night, I did the dishes by candlelight, none of the above applied as my hands froze under the cold water.

My kitchen light blew two nights ago, yesterday at the supermarket I bought a new CFL, so the kitchen will join the living room and bedroom with glaring, sterile whiteness.

This is the last year of the incandescent light bulb in Brazil, from next year the manufacture and sale will be banned.

They call this progress. I am tempted, sorely tempted to return to the days of the candle.

Pope Francis has often railed against the ‘evil’ of drug addiction and has met with addicts on several occasions. Photograph: AGF s.r.l./REX

I was interested to read this morning about Pope Francis condemning the legalisation or decriminalisation of drugs on The Guardian.

The image that accompanied the article, showed the Pope using one of those incense thingies.

This is a bit hypocritical, what did the Catholic church use in those thingies in the past? How did the church create a state of euphoria in the people who went to church?

Because they used cannabis in them… People who went to church got their jollies from inhaling cannabis fumes. Now, of course, they don’t use cannabis; no wonder membership is falling off. If the pope wants people to return to church, the answer is simple.


Ugni Blanc

9:30 and I am thinking lunch, I also have a hankering for bacon and eggs for breakfast.

The lunch I am planning is weinerschnitzel with boiled minted potatoes and cauliflower cheese… The slices of beef are huge, I got three, so I’ll cook off the others and freeze for a rainy day. Planned lunch to be served at kick off for the Argentina vs Iran game at 1pm. There’s a good high chance an Argentine wine could find it’s way to the fridge before hand.

The deed is done, Ugni Blanc Chardonnay from Mendoza.

I’m off around to the shop, nearly out of ciggies; can’t post without ciggies and the botequim has run out of my brand.


Haven’t Quite Finished

hump-day-funnies-makes-me-walk-funnyThe dishes are piling up faster than I can reduce the pile.

Does that sound familiar?


Yes, I woke up at 7, looked out the window and it started raining, so I went back to bed.

Only logical thing to do.

Got up two hours later, still raining. I fought the urge to go back to bed, luckily the need for fresh strong Brazilian coffee overcame the urge.

The news is not good, well, actually it is; the USA is closed for business. Could this be the beginning of the end, the self-correction that global markets are doomed to make? Personally, I hope so, it’ll make the world sit up and take notice  of all the shit that has been created by the banker bastards.

The pope is in the news again, making more saints. Hell, don’t they have enough? Saints will soon outnumber adherents.

followed-blog-20-1xI got one of these, for followers on Some Animals are Crackers, but while I have the followers, the blog only gets one or two hits a day.

Still, it’s nice to see.

Generally, the recent perk in hits on most blogs has been sustained. Makes it worthwhile blogging again, after so many months of doubt.

Drugs have hit the headlines again. Two top people, one a top cop, have recognised that we are not winning the drug war, it’s only getting worse. They are both calling for debate on the subject. Basically, they are saying what I said twenty years ago; “prohibition doesn’t work!”

Actually, we may not have to worry about it much longer. The Fukushima situation is worsening. The authorities have lied again, and the truth is coming out. Fukushima has the prospect of being 15x Chernobyl if it goes bang! The politicians have their heads in the sand once again, and are ignoring the problem.

If Fukushima does go bang, the USA will be the first country to suffer after Japan and surrounds. The resulting release of radioactivity will render much of the northern hemisphere uninhabitable for thousands of years. What could make it go bang? Another earthquake or tidal wave, the collapse of one of the cooling towers, or simply two of the ‘rods’ touching during the extraction process.

Bang, bye bye humanity!

On that happy note… I’ll get along with Humpday.




The Frog has a Name

British papers as as full of royal baby as ours are of the pope

British papers as as full of royal baby as ours are of the pope

Yes, the poor kid has been lumbered with George, if he ever gets to be king, he’ll be George  VII. Not exactly original, his full monicker George Alexander Louis is a grand pandering to about 100% of Europe’s royalty.

Still looks like a frog. Mothers and grannies think they are beautiful, they are lying.

The Queen is thrilled… nice.

It’s stopped raining. The current shower lasted 24 hours, it stopped about five minutes ago. Still bloody cold. I am in tracksuit pants, two T-shirts (one is long-sleeved) and socks with my flipflops. I slept with two blankets, the second being added shortly after midnight when I woke shivering. Rio de Janeiro is not supposed to be like this. It was so cold last night that the colour drained from my feet AND the TV; I was left watching B&W TV for the evening.



If I showed my dongle to the world, I’d be arrested and called a pervert. But Google can get away with it. Google has shown its dongle to the world. Something to do with cheap television.

Personally I wouldn’t touch it with a barge-pole; it’s another dastardly attempt by google to mine more information about you to sell to advertisers, to direct advertising to all your google apps based on what you watch.

Be assured, Google is not doing this for you. As far as Google is concerned you are just information to sell, you are advertising fodder!

millstone of povertyThe pope has done it!

I thought that this guy had a chance, but he’s blown it. He’s shown to the world that he is as stupid and ill informed as the rest. Warning the world not to legalise drugs, pandering to crime and law enforcement, without even considering the facts.

He says he wants to help the poor, he has just made sure that the millstone of poverty stays firmly fixed around their necks. It is the poor who are hurt most by the illegality of drugs, they are the ones who suffer.

You just have to look at Rio’s situation, where do the drug dealers hang out? The slums! I am sure that Rio is not unique in this scenario.

It’s started to rain again; there goes my chance to get to the supermarket.

Plan B… Don’t go to the supermarket.

I was shocked yesterday. I stopped to speak briefly with a young mother while she was talking to another young mother with a babe in arms. The baby was clearly a thalidomide baby a few months old, its hands extended directly from the shoulders.

thalidomepacketsIt seems that thalidomide has been authorised in Brazil for treating leprosy and while the packaging of the drug warns of birth  defects, the poor don’t have the education to understand the implications.

Just another crime against humanity. Who cares? It was so heartbreaking to see that baby yesterday.

Today is a decreed public holiday in honour of the papal circus, as is tomorrow, and Monday. People jumping through hoops in the rain just to get a glimpse.

I’m off into the wild blog yonder…




I am humbled

I got an award.

I am late getting this organised because the email advising me that this was about to happen got buried; for that I apologise.

Thanks to Lily Wight of Lilly Wight –  The Arcade of Arts and Arcana.

Now there are some beastly things I have to do, there always is when you are nominated for one of these.

Take the easy way out ctrl-c, ctrl-v

Award etiquette can be needlessly complicated so here are my refined, abridged and preferred Blog Award Rules.

     1.  Display the award certificate on your website.

     2.  Announce your win with a post and include a link to whoever presented your award.

     3.  Present 7 awards to deserving bloggers.  Create a post linking to them and drop them a comment to tip them off.

     4.  Post 7 interesting facts about yourself.” – Lily Wight

On with the beastliness…

No. 1 – Done

No. 2 – Done

No. 3 – I used to do this religiously, but have stopped; why? Because the last few times I have lumbered honoured people in this way, they have failed miserably, and I might add 100%, to reciprocate, so I don’t any more. However, if your blog is linked on any of mine, you deserve this award, take it.

No. 4 – Hmmmm….

:: 1 – Where most people have ‘been there, done that’ and proudly have the T-shirt to display, I have no T-shirt, but my 61 years tells the story; I have ‘been there, done that.’

:: 2 – At school I hated English, it was a bore, so was the teacher; subsequently I failed English. It wasn’t until 2000 that I learned my language, and have since turned my knowledge into a hobby that I teach with a lot more enthusiasm and passion than my own English teacher. Check out this post on Tomus Arcanum and you will see a little of what I think of my mother tongue.

:: 3 – I’m a chef, apparently. I love food and it’s preparation. I am also partial to the tasting. You can check that out on the About on my Things that Fizz & Stuff blog.

:: 4 – I hate violence in all it’s forms. I am convinced that increases in the levels of violence in society are directly attributable to ‘sports’ on TV. Boxing, Combat, these programmes should be banned, they are nothing more than pathetic barbaric displays of man’s darker side.

:: 5 – I don’t use drugs, although I enjoy beer, coffee is essential, I even resort to tea and I smoke. I am talking about the futility of the ‘war on drugs’ drugs. 50+ years and the fools haven’t learned that the use of these banned substances is a sickness, not a crime. I am all for the decriminalisation of all drugs, which of course removes the criminal elements from the supply chain.

:: 6 – I have become by nature a hermit. Not the traditional view where I live in a cave in the woods, but the more I see of people, the more I prefer my own company. I don’t suffer fools gladly.

:: 7 – I am still seeking answers, not all my questions have been answered yet. I consider the day wasted if I don’t learn something new.

There, got to No. 7.

Now it’s your turn.

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