Meatballs: Not the movie!

Subject today: Meatballs

Yes, I am going to a party. I got informed this morning I need to take a plate; so I am taking two. One of them is Minted Meatballs, the other Stuffed Eggs. Both are quick and easy to make, slap on a plate type stuff.

The party is a gathering of the teachers from the course that I work for. Languages, English, Portuguese, Spanish, French and probably Dutch, so it should be interesting; I can speak three of them at a conversational level.

So I am busy in the kitchen and hoping my best jeans will be dry by the time I am ready to leave.

I have discovered that my camera wants to be a camera again. I bought some Duracell batteries yesterday and it works fine. Therefore the problem was the new battery charger and batteries; that’s the third dud set in a row that I have bought. As Queen Elizabeth II would say “We are not amused.”

Back to the kitchen…

Later, if you’re lucky. Who knows?