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Interrupted… by Beer

Beer Glass

Interrupted by beer

Yes, what a wonderful way to recover from a screwed up Saturday.

Second class didn’t show, so I wetn home.

Crashed until 3pm

Botequim, football and beer.

More football at 9pm, my team, Flamengo.

I’ve just had a snack, ham & parsley omelette.

That’s one of the things I like living alone, you can have breakfast food for a late afternoon snack, and there’s no-one to say “Boo!”

For the footy match later, it’ll probably be pizza and beer. Although a lot depends if Raimundo decides to fire up the BBQ. Plans are fluid at this stage.

So, apart from work, snooze and beer, not a lot has heppened. Life seems a bit of a drag at the mopment.

Brazil has the run-off election for president tomorrow. Also there is a run-ff for governor of Rio state where we have a choice between an idiot and a religious bigot. I have just seen the latest figures, it looks like the idiot will win by 10%. Thank heavens for idiots. In the news just now there was news that the evangelical church where the religious bigot was a bishop has been campaigning inside the church, which is prohibited by law.

Ugly beast

Ugly beast

Eleven Brazilians in Rio were poisoned by eating badly prepared baiacu (blowfish). This fish is considered the second most poisonour animal in the world. The Japanese eat fugu, but it has to be especially prepared to avoid releasing the toxins.

Pays to know what you’re doing.

Headline news: Queen Elizabeth has tweeted… Wow! #queen

Ebola has surpassed 10,000 cases, and deaths have reached 5,000. It’s not going to go away folks.

It’s getting on time for pizza, beer and football.



Salmon makimono

Salmon makimono

Yes, I have been sushified.

I have resolved that I will undertake a new project. I am going to learn the art of making sushi and makimono and stuff.

I love sushi.

I can’t afford sushi.

So, I will make it!

What’s more, I have discovered there is a shop near a supermarket that I sometimes go to that sells the seaweed and other makings.

I’m not going to rush into this, besides, I have to wait for pay day… which is more than a fortnight away. So I am about the spend the next two weeks salivating in anticipation.

I have to find out where to get fresh fish now. The supermarkets I normally go to only have frozen stuff, and the one that has fresh stuff, I wouldn’t buy from because the place is filthy. I only buy commercial packed stuff there, nothing fresh or prepared by them. A few months ago the Health Dept closed them for a week to get their shit together.


São Bras Market in town

There is a market in town, São Bras, that has many fish stalls, but I don’t recall seeing salmon or tuna there.

I’ll have to investigate. Maybe they can get some for me when they do their buying over in Niteroi where the best fish markets are.

In the praça in front there is a lovely tree. Well, I think it’s lovely

So far it hasn’t been destroyed by kids like some of the other trees because it’s harder to climb.

I was sitting there last week and I noticed it was in flower. Unusual yellow flowers.

treepraçaI have no idea what sort of tree it is. It’s just nice.

The unusual flowers

The unusual flowers

So many people today are in such a rush, their lives are stressful, they don’t have a moment to stop and enjoy what is around them. I find it so peaceful to just sit and observe.

Delicious onion rings

Delicious onion rings

After work, I stopped off at the botequim after my Nap-fu practice. I had fried up some onion rings and battered pieces of hotdog. Great to have a snack to share while enjoying the company and a beer, or two.

Yesterday the weather took an expected turn.

Hot and sunny in the morning and clouded over in the afternoon, eventually turning quite cool and refreshing with heavy rain in the evening. The cool and rain continue today.

Most of my blogging has been done for the day; just Tomus Arcanum to go. I haven’t found anything suitable yet, but that could change before the witching hour.

Before I succumb to the need of a further Nap-fu session, I’ll point you to a reblog post on Shit Happens. The Queen’s message after the referendum defeat on Scot’s independence. There’s a surpise ending; and yes, it’s satire.

New Zealand got what it deserved. The return of the incumbent government for a third term. After the revelations about mass government spying and dirty tricks in the last weeks sullying the PMs reputation, I fail to see how so many Kiwis are so stupid. Just makes me glad I’m an ex-pat.

So the Scots failed to change anything, The Kiwis failed in the same endeavour. I wonder if the Brazilians will follow suit and reelect the blonde bimbo. At least in four years they will have to vote for somebody else, because Brazilian law limits the presidency to two terms.

I here the sounds of slumber summoning me….


Camembert at Midnight

MidnightWith the beginning of the political campaign for the Brazilian presidential and governorial elections in October, I am really screwed up.

Well, more than normal.

Free Bullshit

Free Bullshit

Nightly on TV we are subjected to an hour of obligatory electoral brainwashing propaganda. Right in the middle of the evening, 8:15 – 9:15, you can’t escape it, it’s on all channels.

As I mentioned yesterday, I switch the TV off.

Which means by the time I have done my nightly rounds, emails, comment replies, a last glance through the news that I am ready for bed an hour earlier.

All this means that I am up for my early morning pee before midnight!

Howling with the bats at the moon

Howling with the bats at the moon

I feel as though I should be out in the yard howling at the moon.

We have the bats in the praça.

Instead, I had the last of my Camembert and began writing.

camembertOh, wonderful Camembert.

All of this leaves me totally disorientated as I sit here bleary-eyed yearning for more sleep, but knowing full well, that any attempt to return to the land of slumber will be fraught with disappointment.

The clock has ticked on, the midnight hour passed. It is now Friday.

Now that I have taken my spleen for a walk, I shall return to the pit from whence I came.

I urge all Brazilians to turn off your TVs, show the damned politicians that we don’t want their political bullshit.

politicalpromisesLater, I promse.

Should I even try?

Yesterday, I had left myself 40 minutes, today is worse, I have 20.

I spent all my energey on my first post of the day. Eco-Crap – CTWW – Population I started the post at 2am and after going back to bed finally finnished it at 9am; that’s when I ran out of steam coffee. It’s a post that borders on heresy and is certainly radical; dealing with our delusion of progress in relation to the Population vs the environment. It’s subject matter that I have espoused before, but I get a little heavy about it in this post. The opening of the post deals with my recent Montezuma’s Revenge and how I feel about water..

The rest of today was spent, paying my rent, a leisurely lunch and subsequent Nap-fu practice on returning home, which brings me to this late hour in the day, and 20 10 minutes before I hit the panic button.

I had a mishap earlier. I inadvertantly deleted two blogs that I follow. I caught myself before the damage was even greater. The problem is, that I don’t know which blogs I deleted from my follows list. My trigger finger was too quick. So, if you find yourself thinking, “That clown unfollowed me!” Don’t get all bitter and twisted, or start having self-doubts about your blog, just let me know in comments somewhere along the line so that I can rectify my momments madness.

Five minutes…

Yesterday was the 19th. It marked the day when the political bullshit officially starts for the elections for president and state governors. It’s going to be a pain in the arse. It also means that we are subjected nightly to obligatory (on all channels simultaneously) polical broadcasts. They are not so much electioneering as brainwashing.

Two minutes… and that’s about how long it will take Beep Beep Boop!


Oh dear, this post is lop sided. Both images on the right. I must admit that it’s not a really balanced post, but what can you do in 20 minutes.

Emoji – 絵文字

Well, another day, and I learn something new.

Emoji (絵文字 are smileys 🙂

The day is wasted if I don’t learn something new. So I am happy before 9am.

No, this is a plumber's job

No, this is a plumber’s job

My happiness is due to a new Happiness Engineer.

Rachel, who visits this blog often, if not daily (well, the last three posts, she made it here twice) is now a Happiness Engineer, she landed a plum job.

Congratulations, Rachel, as I commented, dream jobs are hard to come by.

Now all she has to do is explain what a Happiness Engineer does, then I will have learned two new things today.

tgif-cat21TGIF! note exclamation mark magically uplifting the tone of my text

TGIF! also magically uplifts one ready for the weekend.

Right now, I need a TGIF coffee.

*heads off to the kitchen*

Got coffee, makes TGIF even better.

Paid the power and ISP bills yesterday, so as long as PC keeps within its vocational boundaries, I’ll be around for the next month.

Mind you, I have to pay the rent yet, but that’s not due until the 15th, after that I might have power and net, but using it from the street. AV = another vagabond.


Mine won’t have the frilly bits

Supermarket again today, the one I went to Wednesday didn’t have agua com gas (sparkling mineral water), and the one I plan to go to today is the only one of four supermarkets that has kidneys. I am planning meal-sized steak ‘n kidney pies for the freezer, oh nom noms.

Two of my last three posts have won/got 15 likes. I’ve never broken that barrier. Come on people, you can do better than that.

I read an article this morning on the Malvinas/Falklands issue. Can’t find it now… but it called the Falklands Malvinas stating that the Malvinas were known in Britain as Falklands. I take issue with that, They are known as the Falklands worldwide, only in Argentina and some Spanish speaking supporters are they known as Malvinas. Come on MSM, get your shit together and get the facts right.

2014-Brazil-World-Cup-theme-wallpaper-downloads-1366x768-01Six days to go! The FIFA World Cup kicks off on the 12th. Who is going to win it? Can Brazil make it to Hexa-Campeão (sixth world champion)?

Of course, I am rooting for Brazil. I live here, and NZ was knocked out by Mexico.

Many are hoping for another Spanish win, and there are several other teams that could well make it.

But the political storm here needs a win to pour oil on troubled waters. There are many here in Brazil that are not happy with the cup being held here, and are demanding education, health and public security have the same money spent on them. They are demanding, for example, hospitals of the same standard as the arenas (stadiums).

FIFA is beset with more corruption accusations. It’s time for FIFA to be frozen out and for the world to support a different/new governing body without Seth Blatter and all his cronies. They’ve had their day and screwed up.

Bashar al-Bastard has won a one-sided election and is president of Syria for another seven years. Of course, the elections didn’t include rebel areas, just those that guaranteed the required result.

I wonder whether elections shouldn’t be run by a third party, a neutral country and not by the incumbent government. Maybe in that way countries might get a fairer deal. I haven’t heard of an election in the last forty years that hasn’t been marred by corruption of one sort or another.

I do feel a nap coming on…

But first, I have to clean up Kitty poo under the sink again; discovered when I got my coffee.


Clorinha likes to watch TV.

If she keeps pooping under the sink, I'll turn the TV off

If she keeps pooping under the sink, I’ll turn the TV off




Big Bang Theory

Not this Big Bang, but almost as apocalyptic

Not this Big Bang, but almost as apocalyptic

Last up yesterday, first up today.

Although my dodgy belly was better yesterday, it still wasn’t totally right. While at the supermarket yesterday I bought that cure-all Milk of Magnesia…

The Big Bang Theory!

While the night trots returned, the cramps have gone.

As Andrew commented on yesterdays post; “If the bottom is falling out of your world, take Milk of Magnesia and let the world fall out of your bottom!”

It did!

I will spare you further details.

Cool sunny day here. Classes later in the afternoon, hopefully I can make it through them with my dignity intact.

Lunch today will be poached fish with a parsley sauce again. Sticking to relatively bland foods to allay any further complications. No beer, no wine, just iced mineral water.

Yesterday when I got back from the supermarket my pants fell down. This was a pair of shorts that when I bought them were so tight that the top button popped shot off across the room; now without a belt, they fall down. That’s a good sign.

Looks like Putin his nose in other people’s business could cost the Russians any hope in the Eurovision Song Contest. The Russian girls were booed on stage. Feel sorry for the girls, but not at all surprised. Shouldn’t go Putin your nose where it doesn’t belong.

Interesting to read that they have created a simulation of what the universe was before the Big Bang. We have been told (unless you are a creationist, in which case you don’t even count) that the universe is 13 or 14bn years old. But I say it’s older than that, because if you have a Big Bang, then there must have been something to ‘bang’. Well, they have found ‘dark matter’ which apparently is invisible. So there was something out there before the universe. And even better the dark matter formed around some sort of rays (I forget exactly) so there was something before the ‘dark matter’.

1000x1000My contention is that there was always something; there never was just nothing. And when you try to consider that, when you mull that around in your mind, you get confused because your mind can’t handle that kind of enormity; just try to imagine space with no limits, just going on forever.

Hell, my mind gets confused over a beer… Like on Thursdaze.

Looks like a sad day for South Africa, the ANC is leading in the polls. Which means they will be stuck with Zuma for another five years yet. He’ll be able to finish ‘refurbishing’ his palace Nkandla at the expense of the people.

A final blast at the system. Barclay’s is cutting 19,000 jobs. Yup, the economic recovery is certainly going well.

I feel an overwhelming urge to adopt a horizontal position until lunch time…






The panic button

Fartiferious, wonderful word, just rolls off the tongue, it almost has a smell of its own.

To me it has the air of being alone at home farting with delight whenever one has the urge.

Well, today is not so fartiferious. I am fartifearophobic – the fear of farting…

I have crook guts and an even dodgier bowels.

I will not bore you with further details in the interests of human decency.

Draino for use in cocktails

Draino for use in cocktails

I have spent a good part of the day napping trying to nap, but none to successfully.

I am not eating, just drinking water, if I thought the system would handle it, I’d make a Draino cocktail.

But, I don’t like ‘diet’ nor cans.

I have class soon, it’s not going to be pleasant walking the whole kilometre to get there with these cramps. But I have just had 2+ weeks off due to public holidays and I am skint.

I believe in live and let live. I do not kill things unnecessarily, except sodding mosquitoes and passion-fruit-vine-hungry caterpillars.

Last night a honey bee flew in the window. Now many would have been rushing for the Raid or whatever, but not me; bees are good, bees are necessary. I just didn’t particularly want this bee being a bee in my room. So, I swatted him with the back of my hand. Now bees are pretty resilient creatures, he shook his little head, dedazed himelf and realised he should be a bee being  bee somewhere else and flew back out the window.

Mother Nature sent me a ‘thank you card’.

The Blonde Bimbo (Dilma Rousseff, the president) made a state-of-the-nation address on Labor Day, in it she promised tax benefits for the poor and increased welfare. It’s election year this year, she wouldn’t be bucking for votes, now would she?  <—- Rehtorical question

Today, Clorinha seemed to have a change of heart. During one of attempts to nap she became all lovey dovey and wanted to be petted, she smooched and head butted me, it was lovely… until she bit me fiercely on the nipple! It was all a poly to distract me.

Undo/open any bag, package in the house and there she is doing her Dora the Explorer impression:

Turn the volume down, the laundry lady can’t stop talking.

Here’s something to think about, the future…






A No Pee Day

At least so far.

Reminded in a comment yesterday, I omitted a slippee yesterday. Fortunately my trusting nature lead me to cover the sofa with a plastic sheet, so no damage was done except to the nasal extremity of said feline piddler, when she got her nose rubbed in it.

Like this will ever happen? image - news.com.au

Like this will ever happen? image – news.com.au

Cloro has a new habit. He climbs up on to my neck and watches the blogging process. He’d make a good little blogger, he has the idea of napping down to a fine art.

Cool and sunny today, 2nd day with no sign of Dizzy Lizzy, will try a beer during the Brazil vs Australia friendly this afternoon.

It’d better not happen.

That would be an unmitigated disaster for Brazil, as well as bloody embarrassing.


Ayers Rock is a natural monument – export potential

I see Australia is approaching it’s own little Abbotalypse. Abbott got elected. They’re changing their national anthem to ‘God help Australia’. There have been rumours that after he has depleted Australia’s coal reserves, he plans to grind up Ayers rock to export as landfill.

Interesting article on quakerattled with an equalling interesting link to George Monbiot on how Abbott will trash Australia; well, they voted for him, good luck with that.

An hour before kick off, better have a snack,


Apparently, they do. The Japanese get a new government after each one.

And, the USA is due to have one in November. Nice to see that Romney’s blown it. Now if Obama would do the same, America might get Ron Paul.

The title of this post came from a weird thought as I read a tweet, “China’s #economy continues to grow, but at a slower pace:” from @i2economy …and I thought, yes, I understand that problem now that I am approaching 61, “‘I’ still grow, but at a slower pace.”

Which, in turn, left me wondering if normal people have these naughty thoughts?

Or is it some kind of syndrome/dementia that begins about 60?

Well, that was meant to be the opening tomfoolery of Saturday’s post that never got to be. Now here is is… Monday.

Damn, it is so cold here in Rio. Since yesterday we have been subjected to Antarctic polar air following a cold front.

My new mouse has decided on a career shift. It doesn’t want to be a mouse anymore. It is having worse ‘left button’ problems than the mouse it replaced. Can’t trust anything made in China. I had problems with three consecutive battery chargers made in China. I do wish they’d get their shit together.

I failed again yesterday. No Sunday Travel Tales, it was so cold that I spent much of the day wrapped up in bed. You see, this is such cold weather and our houses in Rio aren’t built for cold weather, no fireplaces, no insulation and nobody has a heater. I am not the only person suffering, last night everyone in the bar had a jacket on; now that is unusual, because we are usually in shorts and T-shirts.

My lunch is still frozen. I took a chicken breast out of h freezer this morning and it is doing a pretty good imitation of ‘frozen’ at 4pm.

Must shiver along…



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