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Organising my Christmas Spirit

christmasspiritsI have said that I don’t ‘do’ Christmas, but I do celebrate Quafftide.

For this reason I am showing you my Christmas Spirits.

Yesterday my bossette gave me a bottle of Finca Alcayata Syrah, an Argentine wine from Mendoza.

I gave myself a bottle of Johnnie Walker Red Label (It was on special at the supermarket, $20 off normal price – irresistible).

Today is a short day. Normally my lessons start around 5pm, but today I have a 2pm, it just makes the day seem so short. So I am pounding the keys like a madman trying to get all my blogging done.

Emmylee Selfie

Emmylee doing a selfie

Selfies; do you know what a selfie is?

I hate them!

They must be the epitome of vanity; an ego trip. Photos everywhere today are selfies.

Even my daughter, Emmylee, leaves selfies on my cameras.

What’s with this selfie obsession?

It’s becoming harder and harder to understand the younger generation. It makes me wonder if I generated the same questions for my grandmother… I wonder what she would have blogged about if blogs were around in her days…


The gentlemanly thing to do

Obama was castigated for shaking hands at Mandela’s wake with Cuban dictator Raul Castro.

What was he to do on the spur of the moment at such a solemn occasion? Tell him to “F**k off!”

For me he did the right thing, the gentlemanly thing. I don’t agree with much everything that he has done, but this was done right.

The weather here hasn’t really recovered from last week, it’s still overcast and there is a threat of rain tonight and tomorrow. Still, I like it like this, I can drink hot coffee without sweating.

Time for more coffee, then that all important nap.


It Could Only Happen on A Monday

I got burdened honoured with an award.

And it happened not twenty minutes after I had made the decision not to do any more of these.

But, Pecora Negra is such a nice bloke, I have decided to make this the last. I should really be napping. Also, I haven’t seen this award before.

The Woman’s Skirt Award, I suppose it’s better than being an old woman’s blouse…

Now I have to divulge eight things about myself…

1 :: All my life I have loved guns. Not for their ability to massacre, but the precision needed to put a small piece of metal exactly where you want it at a long distance. Yes, I did some hunting in my early twenties, but didn’t make a habit of it. At the age of 14 in air cadets I had mastered the art of shooting sufficiently that they gave me one of these to play with…

.303 Bren Mk II LMG

.303 Bren Mk II LMG

Boyhood doesn’t get much better.

2 :: I’m a high school dropout. Didn’t pass my school cert, thought bugger this, and left before the end of the year only to enlist in the Air Force at the age of 16 as, you guessed it, an armament mechanic; looking after guns and bombs and other stuff that went bang!

Emmylee eating icecream

Emmylee – Made in Brazil

3 :: I got married at 23 and my wife of 19 spent the next 3½ years pregnant.

4 :: Apart from the original three I added another 8 stepchildren along the way and made one more, Emmylee. Made in Brazil with New Zealand components.

5 :: For 11 years I lived out of a suitcase as I traveled around South America. The only counties I haven’t yet been to are Colombia and Venezuela.

6 :: I can fly. I flew gliders as a sport in the Air Force.

7 :: when I was about 8, I convinced my younger brother he could fly. We were in the hedge beside the kitchen, at the top. I told him if he flapped his arms he could leap serenely from our perch. He jumped just as our mother shouted DON’T! from the kitchen window. He broke his collarbone.

8 :: I have been an atheist since I was 12, so I don’t do Christmas, but wish all my visitors a Merry Quafftide.

Now this is as far as I go. I don’t nominate blogs for these awards, there are too many deserving ones out there. Not the only reason, but the last time I nominated 10 for a similar award, not one acknowledged the fact. So I don’t.

If you feel you would like to participate, steal it and do it. If not, no bones were broken in the process.

I went to the supermarket for some therapy this morning, so I didn’t get my customary nap, a lapse which I am about the rectify.



Buying Shoes

Well, 2pm Saturday arrived and I was informed the kids were on the bus coming to visit. I had time to shower and change and get to the bus station.

Emmylee, in one week she'll be five.

Eventually they arrived. Emerson and Emmylee. It was Emmylee’s first visit, she was ecstatic and leapt into my arms. After hugs we had to go shoe-shopping; that was preordained.

I had always figured that shopping with a girl or woman was difficult and time consuming, but I hadn’t reckoned on Emerson. Seven shops before we found one that had shoes that he liked. Emmylee was a breeze, she saw, she tried, she liked, I bought. It was a treat for her because it was the first real pair of new shoes she’s had since a baby. Mum has only been able to buy second-hand or donated shoes. So Emmylee went home this afternoon in a pair of white sneakers with pink trim.

After the shopping expedition we got home and joined the BBQ at the botequim, it was Raimundo’s birthday, we ate and drank and Emmylee discovered the swings in the park. After lots of swinging we convinced her to come home for pizza and then I got the complaint. “Dad, you haven’t got any toys!” Yes, well, I am a bit old for toys. So paper, scissors, sellotape and a pencil were provided; that’s as close as you get to toys around here. But, it was sufficient to keep a nearly-five-year-old busy for the evening until bedtime.

Early to rise, Emerson was playing football for the first time with the local team. One piece of leftover pizza, coffee and he was ready. Emmylee was content with the cartoons on TV until she remembered paper and scissors. I look around the floor and there are still minibits of paper everywhere. Later we went out to the park and she swung and she was still swinging when Emerson arrived back.

We had the second pizza and icecream for lunch and they readied themselves for home. Emmylee proudly in her new shoes.

Football. I watched two games, the second was Flamengo vs Atletico Paranense, Atletico won, 2-1, not impressed. Flamengo is slipping further down the table and no longer in the 5 best teams in the Brasileirão competition.

Bill paid and home. I started to watch the Sunday programme Fantastico, a lot about the 9/11, I began do drift off and decided bed was the best place which is why this didn’t get posted last night.

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