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Well, that was September!


Wasted time

Yes, another one bites the dust.

Three more months and we’ll be into 2015. But before that all the hooha of Xmas.

I am debating whether to go to the supermarket. Writing this post is a justification for procrastinating.

List of Things to do today:

1. Make a list of things to do.

Well, that takes care of that.

I really need to go to the supermarket. I need bread, water and most of all food.

Muggy today, rained a little overnight, so I don’t need to water the plants today. Expected high of 34ºC, it’s not there yet.

Classes later.

I’m jealous. My neighbour got a new kitset BBQ delivered last night. Now I want one.

It’s pitiful. The Hong Kong leader pathetically tells people to go home. Doesn’t he realise that he’s lost it? China has blacked out the news of the disobedient little colony and wants HK under control. But that’s not going to happen. Xi has mad a grave mistake, and he knows it. Time to panic. Can you imagine 1.3bn Chinese in an uprising?

anti-FaceBook, yes, there’s a new site that does basically the same as FB, except they don’t have advertising and don’t use your information. Thousands of people are flocking to Ello. We need more of this.

George Clooney got married. Like he was the last eligible bachelor on the planet. I thought he had more sense. Wrong again!

Parody is now a crime! They take all the fun out of life.

Owing to a complete and utter failure of my inspiration mode, I’m off to the supermarket while the sun is shining.

I apologise for the breveity of this post.


I am Blessed

idiotinsideI never realised that my mother’s curses were actually a form of beatification.

The number of times I was called a ‘blessed nuisance’, or similar and worse, when I was a kid means I have been beatified time and time again.

So I am well on the way to Sainthood.

St Argentum, has a nice ring to it.

FaceBook was down for 15 minutes the other day. It sent the world into a tailspin of panic. Just think of all those people parked on the throne, forced into social media silence.

realgeniusAlfred was right… again.

FaceBook, Twitter, MSM and the like will/have produced a generation of idiots.

Major headline news, Harrison Ford has broken his leg. Once again I am miffed; when I broke my hip in a motor accident in the 70s it didn’t make the news.

I read the worst possible news today. Mitt Romney is going to stand again for something, I think it might be president, I didn’t stop to read it as I was so appalled. This is proof that there is no god, at least not a merciful one.

Rain finally stopped after 24 hours. Today is cool and cloudy. My plans for the day.

Nap at 11

Supermarket at 12

Lunch & Football at 1

Here endeth the lesson.

Yesterday was pretty much the same, but instead of the supermarket I managed to stand on the cat twice while cooking lunch, first one end, then dancing to avoid said cat managed to stand on the other end. Poor Clorinha, I felt so sorry for her, then I thought ‘sod it’ I was the one who nearly died on the kitchen floor.


Cooking a Healthy Lunch

Should look similar to this

Should look similar to this

Sole fillets (halibut) poached with potatoes in milk, olive oil and capers. To be served with a white parsley sauce…

I have posted four blogs, fur to go after this. Napped successfully, weird dream, but the nap was good.

Hot again today, the plants were gasping by 9am, so they got a healthy watering. Cloro helped by  trying to trip me up while carrying the bucket of water; not once, not twice, but thrice (wonderful forgotten word that). She was also content to lap at the puddles leaking from the plants.

Lunch is over.

Yummy, with a capital YUM!

There’s enough left over for supper.

My cellphone number is about to grow. We already have eight digits, from next week we have to add another ‘9’ to make it nine.

I see the UK has approved a new nuke power plant… fools!” Hasn’t Fukushima taught them anything? What’s worse, is the Chinese are going to build it. My question is, what does China want? Throwing all this money around, China is hardly a philanthropic organisation. What’s the crunch? I bet there is one, and when we know it, we won’t like it.

Interesting point on Japan today. The lowest birthrate in the world, Japan is now a country that sells more geriatric diapers than baby diapers. Not a record to be proud of.

Now it’s Frances turn to be indignant about the American’s spy programme. Notwithstanding that it turns out the British intelligence spying was passed without parliamentary approval or scrutiny, and parliamentarians are asking a big WHY? Demanding answers. Talk about a can of worms.

The answer to all of this is still a simple, all these spied on countries need to tell the Americans and associates to pack up their embassies and go home until they learn how to play nice. But then, have they ever?

Public executions are back. FB has allowed the return of beheading clips. That should satisfy the bloodthirsty.

In Rio today we have more demonstrations. The blonde bimbo has authorised the army to enter the fray to protect the auction of a major pre-salt oil field being held today.

Nice to see that the world is still on course for disaster.



Breaking news: The American economy has surprised itself, productivity has doubled all over the country… raising hopes that the recovery has started.

Then they discovered that FaceBook was down globally.

Technology Harlots

I was born in the age of pen friends and stamp collecting.

Today, 60 years on, you can do neither. The thrill of arriving home from school to find one, two or more letters in the mailbox and the disappointment if there was none is something that kids today can never know.

The ability to write a letter, to actually use a pen, to be able to spell and express ideas seems to be lost on the current generation.

The three or four week round trip, from posting to receiving a reply was sometimes agony. But pen friends wasn’t just about writing, it was about discovering relationships, ability to communicate, the handling of emotions, the organisation (I had many pen friends, I had to keep a log of letters received and sent) and  how to use the post office. There were so many peripheral aspects of life that were included with the responsibility of pen friendship.

E-mails, adhesive stickers (look like stamps, but don’t taste like stamps), franking machines (almost a dinosaur too), Skype, FaceBook, Twitter, Orkut have all been responsible for killing it.

Then there was the stamp collecting, carefully tearing the corner off an envelope, soaking the stamps in warm water, laying them on Mum’s table cloth to dry on the kitchen table, exploring the world with little pieces of perforated paper, mounting them correctly by country and year of issue in albums.

Today, it’s all Google, search and destroy, Earth, Wikipedia.

There’s no more going to the library, being a member of a library, borrowing books and the responsibility of caring and then returning them to avoid a fine.

The communications techniques of today are progress, I think not. While it may be faster and more wide reaching, we have lost so much of the human side of life. The destruction of languages, the banality of material, discussions about the puerile and the inane. It’s not progress, it’s a rot that is eating at the very core of society.

I go to a restaurant, and there are people on cellphones, I walk the streets there are people on cell phones, I ride in a bus and the driver is on his cell phone as are many of the drivers in cars.

I go to a restaurant to relax and eat a meal to enjoy the atmosphere and the air is punctuated with the obnoxious beeps and tweets of Nextel type phones; it’s horrid, it’s abhorrent, it’s bloody ignorant.

Technology has destroyed the respect people once had for one another. People are obsessed. “Oh God, I farted, must put that on FaceBook!” I use Twitter, not as a social device, but a way to publish new blog posts (some of which are banal, I have fallen into the trap). I get a tweet, “I am at XXX!” Who gives a damned? I ‘unfollow.’ The narcissism that technology has created is pathetic. I see pathetic people everyday and I shake my head, because I know it will only get worse.

Everybody has a PC, a laptop, a tablet, an iPhone that has more functions than I can fathom; and they use them for the paltry, petty and the piteous. Girls particularly have become slaves to the cell phone, they have become technology harlots, they have sold themselves to the idea, I must talk as though their very being depended on it. My God, I have known women who could do that without one.

Rant over…

It’s a nice sunny day out there, and my flu’ has gone.


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