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The bastards, the bloody bastards!

Sorry, I’m going to start of with a real bitch this morning.

These two girls face having their vaginas and clitorises brutally cut out without anaesthetic

Remember the story I have been following of the Nigerian woman and her two daughters being deported?

Well, the bastards did it!

She was deported yesterday back to Nigeria where her daughters will almost  certainly be made to undergo FGM. The reason she escaped Nigeria in the first place was because her step-mother had already threatened that the older girl should be ‘cut’.

If these girls are ‘cut’, ALL those responsible for this horrific decision from the Home Secretary down should be prosecuted under British law for aiding and abetting FGM. Then publicly castrated! Although the Home Secretary doesn’t have any balls in whatever sense of the phrase.

I am bloody disgusted!

This woman came to a ‘civilised’ country for refuge, and she was thrown back to the wolves, ‘civilised’ I use that term loosely.

All those involved in the decision have broken British law against FGM.

Next bitch…

NSA have been collecting your photos off social media sites to assist with facial recognition.

Next bitch…

I read of a charity that is raising money to drill a well for water into an aquifer. This is the current problem in the world, we are using non-renewable water. Aquifers are the back-up for the river and lake water we are already using; they take hundreds of years to replenish. Once it’s gone, it’s gone for a very long time.

Next bitch…

Britain is having a problem with extremism in culturally based schools; 21 Islamic schools are under investigation.

Cultural schools should be banned. If you choose to live in another country, then you abide by the education system in that country. Segregation of boys and girls in the classroom, with the girls being made to sit at the back, is not acceptable.

Next bitch…

Sprinkles, an emergency. Images from BBC News

How stupid can you get? A woman in Britain dialed 999 because the icecream man put sprinkles on one side, but not on the other side of her icecream.

No more bitches, at the moment.

Really the world is going nuts!

Lovely cool sunny day out there, no classes. I may just go to the supermarket, not because I am out of food, but just for the excursion.

No more misplaced poops, but a little chunder on the carpet. It was a cold night, Clorinha found the warmest spot in the house and slept on top of me for the night.

Need more coffee, then it’s blogging right along.


Diesel Baked Potatoes

Yesterday’s lunch went more or less as planned. The pork chop was huge, but I decided against mashed potatoes in favour of putting them on the grill.

Now one would think, what could go wrong?

Of course you have to take into account that it was Monday, after all.

With the pork chop and potatoes on the grill, I returned to the kitchen to prepare the cabbage and make parsley butter to harden in the freezer.

Checking the grill, I found great flames. The pork fat had dripped down and caught fire and blackened the potatoes. They looked like they had been cooked in diesel oil.


Traditional stones in the hangi pit

I can make that comparison because the first and last time I attended a Maori hangi (traditional pit cooked/steamed meal) someone had decided to use old railway iron instead of the traditional heated stones.

The result was that the food was tainted with the unmistaken odour of diesel.

My potatoes looked like they should taste similarly.

The result was surprising untainted potatoes.

Pork chop, diesel baked potatoes, boiled cabbage and pickled cabbage with frozen parsley butter to melt over the chops and potatoes.

Mine wasn't Merlot...

Mine wasn’t Carmenere…


All this was washed down with a Chilean Shiraz/Cab Reserve, delicious way to spend an extra day R&R; even if it was a Monday.


I forgot to mention the dessert. Two whole bananas on the grill, served with vanilla whipped cream and a dusting of cinnamon – Que rico!

The day was hot, but by 3pm, the temperature plummeted, the sky clouded over and rain threatened, but didn’t actually happen until this morning, and then it was only a few pitiful drops.

It remains dark enough to have the light on at midday to type effectively.

Classes at 2pm, all over by 5:30, so really it’s just an interruption as opposed to spoiling an entire evening.

Found a magnificent recipe for French toast, blogged about it on Fizz this morning. Made it, added bacon, pan-fried potato and stewed tomatoes, result delicious. A great way to disguise beer for breakfast.

I see that Tesco are going to introduce face-recognition advertising in their service/gas stations. Well, that’s one place I won’t go. Technology of this type in advertising is an intrusion.

The Americans are up to more shit. Now it’s a case of doctors being used in torture by the CIA against their oaths. What a bunch of bastards.

The US has also refused to consider clemency for Snowden. To me, it’s more a case of Snowden refusing clemency for the US.

Australia is in the shit with most of Asia for allowing spying in their consulates. Indonesian hackers were active hacking many Australian sites with an anonymous mask superimposed over the Australian flag.

In a typical Charlie Chaplin type farce, the Brits lost a Somali terror subject. Came out of the mosque wearing a burka. What junior level spy did they have on the case; oldest trick in the book. The British ministry for spies and stuff huffing and puffing; honestly, the minister wouldn’t know if her knickers were on backwards. Talk about incompetence, but then that’s what we expect of governments.

I am never ceased to be amazed at the crap around the world.

I’ve got time to squeeze in a coffee before work.


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