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athwarted-rubik-s-cube-puzzle-best-demotivational-postersI was going through my mail box and checking out blogs before setting to write my meager offering for today before the football.


My neighbour called from his lofty perch (he lives above the botequim overlooking my yard) and ‘summoned’ me hither. I suggested 20 minutes, he bargained for five, we settled on 10. So I have ten minutes to come up with something reasonable.

I must do it before going, because the going is going to involve football (soccer) and some (read a lot of) beer; and the prospects of getting anything sensible from me afterward will have diminished greatly.

Fla Flu battling it out for over 100 years

Fla Flu battling it out for over 100 years

The game today is my team (and Lincoln and Denise’s) Fla vs Flu (truncation of Flamengo-Fluminense). It is consider one of Brazil’s classic games; in Rio, it IS considered THE classic. I get a chance to wear my new team shirt for the second time, thereby halving my investment.

I just woke from a wonderful, if not extended nap. I am not thinking straight… I’m not thinking gay, either. I am in that foggy ‘mental breakdown’ between sleep and being fully conscious.

I took the ex and family out for pizza last night as planned. As usual, she was late; I think she does this as punishment. She does it every year. I arrived mid-way between the 6:00 – 6:30 time as agreed; a half hour later she phoned, they were just leaving home. So I had a 45 minute bus ride to endure. They arrived, we ate drank, made merry, had cake and caught up with all the news. At 10pm I paid the bill and we left. I was R$300 poorer.

I didn’t sleep well, far too much salt for the evening, and I was up and down like a yo-yo during the night. Hence, the dire need for a nap before football.

Well, it looks like my 10 minutes has run out, Lincoln is calling for my presence…



The Perfect Button

The perfect button

I have finally found the perfect button for my PC.

Every PC should have one. Veges and vegans can opt out, that’s a problem for Microsoft..

Middle Rashers

Bacon, wonderful thick middle rashers of carcinogenic bacon. Dripping with lard straight from the pan to take their rightful place alongside the perfectly fried eggs.

I love bacon.

I’m waffling. I missed posting yesterday, and the day before that. I have accumulated a number of topics that I thought worth mentioning. But, now that I am here, they’ve gone; as so often happens.

I am actually waiting for Shirley and the girls to arrive for lunch. It’s ready, just have to cook the vermicelli. As usual, they’re late, but then they are Brazilians. A prearranged time does not mean a lot to Brazilians. Midday was accepted as the best time to arrive, of course, being a non-Brazilian, everything was ready at the appointed hour. So now the waiting game begins; began, actually as it’s now 1:00pm.

I have been a busy boy this morning. I have posted on all blogs, cooked lunch, tidied the kitchen, written two drafts for Eco-Crap, which will save me time Monday and Tuesday. I have, so far, resisted the temptation to call a beer o’clock stop and wander along to the botequim (bar), they are having a BBQ for the local soccer team. They must have won their game this morning. But if Shirley doesn’t arrive soon, that’s where she will find me. At least frm there I can see them walk across the square, so it’s not like I am going to disappear.

I have decided that it is beer o’clock, I can’t resist the temptation. BBQ is like a magnet.

Later, I should have the Sunday Travel Tales up.


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