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Sleeping Sickness

Tse tse fly one of the top scariest bugs in the world

Tse tse fly one of the top scariest bugs in the world

Honestly, I feel like I have been bitten by a tse tse fly, I just want to sleep.

I was up and down all night, and although I have been up and blogged, and had a nap I feel as though I just want to sleep again.

Tse tse fly, ugly little mutha…

Fortunately, I don’t think we have them in Brazil.

I am still no further ahead trying to identify the strange white bugs from yesterday’s post. By searching ‘strange white bug’ in google, I found this, but it’s only a flicker image.


Mealybug or mealybug destroyer? A few of the ferns at the conservatory had these cute, yet totally alien, strange white bugs.

If so, a little more research and I think it may be some kind of Flatidae nymph, although the fluffy version seems more photogenic, or more common. They’re certainly as numerous as the Flatide nypmph.

It could even be a Cryptolaemus montrouzieri or the mealybug destroyer.

Here’s shot that I took this morning.

Could it be?

Could it be?

There are really thousands of them crawling around the benches, ground and trees.


Quite a mystery.

Today is cool and overcast, drops of rain when I went out to take photos. This cooler weather is so much more relaxing than the hot spell we had a few weeks ago.

OscarsThe Oscars are over, thank heavens for that. Too much pomp and ceremony in my opinion. All those ‘wear-them-once’ dresses, what a waste.

It’s all a case of who’s wearing what. There is more time devoted to the fashions that the actual ceremony.

Who gives a shit? Maybe it’s just sour grapes on my part, none of those creations would fit me.

As for 43 million Americans watching… it shows how much they care about the real news.

Putin has called the Ukraine an unconstitutional coup. If it was the other way round and favoured Russia he’d be saying it was justified. What a two-faced wanker?

My blogging is just about done for the day, I have one more to go: Eco-Crap. Haven’t yet decided what to do there. Waiting for some inspirational idea to come flying through the window.





Today is Monday, no???

It feels like a Monday.

Not that anything has gone wrong yet, but we have just finished a six day holiday period.

Image – Wikipedia

Yesterday was Dia do Zumbi (Afro-Brazilian Awareness day or Zumbi’s Day). Zumbi dos Palmares (1655 – 1695) was one of the Quilombo (fugitive settlements) freedom fighters of the resistance against the Portuguese.

So we have a short week this week.

It’ll be the weekend again before we know it.

I have a good crop of passionfruit growing on the vines alongside the house. Last year they didn’t fruit, so I am quite pleased. There is also a pumpkin plant that has sprouted from the compost heap and spreading along the fence; it has already had flowers and promises a lot more.

I see the Pope has written a biography of Jesus, what can he say that hasn’t already been said? Things like this annoy me.

The Gaza conflict is worrying. Israel is defending its rights to retaliate to the Palestinian rockets. They conveniently forget that it was they that caused the rockets by the missile attack that killed the Palestinian military leader. The USA has proved to be the wimp once again in defending the Israeli’s right. I found out the other night a new side to the Palestine/Israeli conflict. I was always under the impression that it was only religiously related, but it appears that Palestinian territorial waters off Gaza have more gas and oil than Israel; that wouldn’t have anything to do with it, would it?

Then yesterday I read about ‘designer vaginas’ where women want custom made perfect vaginas. I posted on that on They Say it’s in the Genes.

Just more proof that the world is totally screwed.

I get so morose at times when I see the inconsequential things that worry the world. Things like Starbucks, the fashion world and big boobs, people truly are pathetic.


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