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I’m not ready for bed yet

The bule is ready

The bule is ready

1:30am, mumble, mumble!

I’ve tried twice, both times miserable failures.

Three posts up. I am seriously considering coffee. The bule (coffeepot) is ready.

It needs only the flick of a lighter on the gas to become reality.

The world is going mad. Tonight on TV, you won’t believe this… Father Freaken’ Christmas! Ho ho ho!

It’s only just August!

I thought we had at least another month of sanity left; maybe even six weeks. I have never seen Santa Claus this early before. It should be illegal. It’s disgusting. He should be in jail for perpetrating Christmas sales this early.

Just goes to show the plight of the economy when they have to revert to advertising Christmas this early to generate business. 2008 recovery, there never was a recovery. All the data and good news is just government ‘feel good’ bullshit.

My sparkling mineral water bottle is empty… time to light up the gas.

Clorinha has a definite ear for the fridge door.

Wot du yu meanz, therz no fresh meats?

Wot du yu means, ther’z no fresh meats?

I am convinced that she doesn’t have ears, rather she has radar antenna.

A hungry kid couldn’t hear the fridge door as far away as she can.

The worst part is, sometimes she doesn’t wait for the fridge door, she gets there before me; talk about prescience.

Part of the reason I can’t sleep is that I had a late Nap-fu practice this afternoon/evening. The other part of the reason is I had ham salad for dinner again and all I want to do is burp and fart. Damned rabbit food!

Israel has run out of tunnels. That was the premise for invading Gaza, now the story goes, “we’ll continue until our mission is finished”. Further confirmation that they’re only interested in wiping out the Palestinians.

thaustcoinI see that Australians are asking, “Do we need a queen?”

They may want to become a republic, think, Tony Abbot could become president just like Obama; horrible thought!


Australia has lots of queens

But the problem is, that if they get rid of Queen Liz, there’s plenty of other queens to go round.

So it’s rather a case of one queen or another.

Mincing right along…

I need my head read.

Being up at this hour of the morning entertaining the world, well, at least 14 or 15 of you.

Coffee finished, ciggy out, time for my beauty sleep.




I managed to escape

Cupid is Creepy

Cupid is Creepy

Yes, not a single Valentine wish.

I detest Valentines Day, not because I don’t get Valentines, but because it’s a commercial con job.

A nice story hi-jacked by commerce.

Another hot day, I was already sweating at 7am, it never really cooled overnight. Sleep was impossible before 3am, then I got barely 4 hours.

Classes at 4pm, home at 9pm; another exciting day ahead.

I went for a wander round the corner. A hairdresser has appeared on the next corner, so being one to support local enterprise, I thought I would get my hair and beard cut. Closed! Clapped at the gate of the house (Brazilians clap at the gate, generally they don’t have bells) “Sorry, Mom only opens at 2:30.” Hurrrumph! Walk back home. I really need to get my hair cut, it’s getting shaggy and the kids are calling me Papai Noel (Father Christmas) again, so the beard has to go as well. I don’t mind the Papai Noel bit in December, but February is taking commercialism a bit far.

Watered my plants. See my life is so full of excitement. I could wash the dishes, but I don’t want to get overexcited. Oh, and the highlight of the day, I cleaned the BBQ after Tuesday’s affair.

Lixo has the right idea. Sleep on the floor. Maybe I should join him…


Not Lixo - representative orange tabby

They are, some things are very difficult. Like having a small orange tabby kitten gnawing on your big toe while you are trying to escape the heat of the day by having a nap. Gnawing big toes and napping are not conducive.

Yes, the temperature today is easily 39ºC (about 101ºF). The humidity is also very low and there is not a breath of wind, not even the merest zephyr.

It’s close to beer o’clock, so I won’t be dallying here too long.

This morning I was out and about early; well, early for me. I went for some therapy; yes, you guessed it, I went shopping. Window shopping mostly, but I did make some purchases. My biggest triumph was a new fan. One of those free standing thingies. I saw it in a stall in the bus station, R$120; too expensive, I told the kid minding the stand. He explained he could arrange a discount, now that would have amounted to R$10 off the price. I pulled a R$100 note from my back pocket, “A hundred and I take it now,” he thought for a minute and after demanding to see that it worked, which it did. I walked off with my prize and got a taxi home.

I also bought a battery charger, let’s see if this one works; then I’ll be able to take some photos of said orange tabby. Got some new headphones and a pendrive.

Can you believe it, I couldn’t find any shoe laces. None of the shoe shops I visited sold shoe laces. No, you have to buy new shoes. Bugger that! I bought a ball of thick string that’ll make 50 shoes laces for what I would have expected to pay for a pair of shoe laces. Call me a scrooge, I don’t care.

Not the real me

Oh yes, I had my hair and beard cut. No. 1 all over. Now I’m right for the next four months. I had a lovely game with a young girl in the supermarket the other night. She was about four and ecstatic that she should have found Papai Noel (Father Christmas) doing his shopping. I explained to her that I wasn’t Papai Noel, just his older brother, but that didn’t matter. She was over the moon and full of questions, like why was I in the supermarket, can I speak Portuguese, was I on holiday from the North Pole, where were my reindeer, why wasn’t I wearing my red pyjamas…

After two months growth, I get a lot of that.

I got home okay after my shopping expedition, dumped everything in the living room and off to the botequim for a beer; and as soon as I finish this post, I will be repeating that part of the day. Ice cold Bohemia beer.

With that though in mind…



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