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Blogging my Brains Out

oh-crap-it-s-monday-tomorrowIt’s sort of like ‘working my arse off’ but that implies physical labour which I try to steer clear of.

I have napped, and now having denapped (disnapped, unnapped, ignapped…? Have to work on that), I am here with you.

Not exactly feeling a ‘box of fluffy ducks’ more like a ‘bag of arseholes’, actually I feel as though I have been on the bottle, but I haven’t. My eyes are all bleary and I have a dull toothache which paracetamol is not doing much for.

I’m trying coffee. Brazilian coffee is stronger than paracetamol.

I got an invite from another teacher to test my IQ on a site called IQ Elite, I thought okay, that could be fun. So I answered their questions and the they delivered the final coup-de-grâce; I had to give Google and Facebook permission to use the personal information I supplied as they saw fit. The bloody wankers! I’d give Google and Facebook NOTHING of the sort! I closed the page hoping it wasn’t too late.

The last few days it has rained a little, especially at night, but today it has rained all day. Pleasant temperatures, nice and cool. Still T-shirt temps, actually sitting here, I haven’t even got one on, shorts. The rain is expected to continue tomorrow; I’m not complaining, my plants look wonderful.

Another photo that I have recovered. The quality is once again terrible, I’ve tried to tweak it but it doesn’t want to be tweaked. Taken in Chile at the Chuquicamata copper mine near Calama in the north in 1996, it shows the size of the trucks used to transport the ore from the pit bottom.


Those trucks are powered by a V-12 motor, and that is just to drive the generator that supplies the power to each of the  wheels that have electric motors. The mine itself is the biggest hole that man has dug in the Earth.

I must toddle off, the football is on. Unfortunately the Flamengo game I want to see is only on Sky at the botequim, so I will catch the second half.

After the football, there is nothing on TV. Sunday is definitely the worst day for public TV here in Brazil. From 6pm to 9, there is the incredibly boring Faustão variety show, three hours of unadulterated crap. Honestly, it’s more fun watching paint dry.



I lost my colour

Not in the way that I am pallid.

My blog has been black all day, the greeny background disappeared, but it’s come back now.

I used to have that problem on my original Blogspot ‘They Say it’s in the Genes’ with the Jeans 3 column template. Several times the lovely denim background and jeansy type labels just went until I painstakingly copied all the images and uploaded to Picasweb and accessed them from there.


The Jeans 3 Column Template

The template was so much more ‘jeansy’ than I have made this WordPress template look. But, I cant fiddle with WP templates like I could Blogspot, which is a double bitch because I can’t access the html. Blogspot is by far the best platform, its flexibility leaves WP for dead; but I don’t trust Google after the screwed up my account and lost everything.

The weather cooled today as predicted. Overcast all day and about 30°C, BBQ lunch at the botequim and a nap.


Yummy grilled pineapple

I grilled pineapple rings on the BBQ to go with the pork. I was amazed that Brazilians don’t do this. Here in the land of pineapple-plenty and they don’t put them on the BBQ. All those who tried them agreed they were fantastic; they also thought it strange that I cut the hard little core out, Brazilians never do that.

I am waiting for my Over Lord to return from the botequim. Oh, my Over Lord… my cat Lixo; I have some fresh beef in the fridge for him.

A stunned mullet has more personality

A stunned mullet has more personality

Sunday, is a boring day on Brazilian TV. Nine public channels and NOTHING. At the moment on the best channel (Globo) is Domingão do Faustão (Big Fausto’s Big Sunday). Three hours of total banality. Honestly, the guy and his show are among the most pathetic on Brazilian TV.

Notice the dancing girls in the background, they dance and bob around when he forgets his script or going to or coming from an ad break; nothing against the girls but the way the show uses them, that’s another story. Also the show would be about an hour shorter without them. The show would be another hour shorter if you got rid of all the promotional crap he does for Clear and PG and the like.

There, had my bitch.

Thinking about a Travel Tale to tell later.

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