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Doing it again!

FFtoomanytabsYes, as soon as this post is done. I’ll be doing it all again.

It’s as close to Christmas cheer as I’ll get.

Last night I had to reset FireFox. It got too sluggish. I hate doing it because all my plugins disappear and I have to hunt them and reload them to get rid of the ads and all the trackers. It’s a hassle.

I have been reading about ‘Panic Saturday’, the last Saturday shopping before Christmas. It happened here in Brazil too. Stupid, stupid people. Hundreds of thousands of people out buying Christmas presents. Wild horses couldn’t drag me into town to do this.

Yesterday, I went to town, just the perifery, and it was insane. You couldn’t navigate the footpath for illegal stalls selling all sorts of crap. I eventually got to the butchers, got my stuff and got a taxi the hell out of there as fast as I could.

Silly Box: Raul Castro, Putin and China’s Xi, all qualify collectively for the silly box today. Castro becauses he’s pushing a weel recognised idealogical failure, communism; Putin because he’s a megalomaniac arsehole and driving Russia to the brink with his stupid ideas and Xi because he’s flying the ‘one China’ idea at the expense of the well being of his country ignoring the fact that the Islands of Macau and Hong Kong don’t want anything to do with one freakin’ China.

Right now my mind is dealing with important matters like, what do I put on the grill first. Pork ribs is the answer.

I should put my pants on (just finished Nap-fu practice) and mosey along to the botequim.

I may have photos to post later.

So, later.

Not taking any chances

firefoxwindowsThe fridge is up and the net is fixed.

I’m not taking any chances and am getting this post in while the going’s good.

I would have been further ahead if FireFox hadn’t just crashed, and I am rewriting what I had just written.

The techy type from up the road came by yesterday and got the fridge to make the right noises again. Now 24 hours later, it’s still making those noises; music to my ears after seven days without a fridge.

Now I have the unpleasant task of cleaning out the fridge. All the perishables have gone, but I discovered ghastly maggots in the old water in the bottom tray… Ooooh they’re on my nasty list. One of the beasties of this world I hate.

Another hot day, just like yesterday. Only made bearable by the wind.

I really must go shopping. Now that I am sure the fridge is fridgificating again, I have to fill it in order to eat.

anorexicak47Silly Box: The AK-47, the world’s most recognisable gun has been remodlled. Honestly, it looks terrible. It looks like it has anorexia. Just what the world needs, an anorexic machine gun.

More from the silly box: North Korea has banned anyone from using Kim Jong-un’s name. ANyone sharing the name must change it. Talk about paranoia.

Cigarettes in South Korea are now 80% more expensive… This anti-smoking shit is a great money spinner. I read the other day that smoking can actually be beneficial. Oh, you don’t believe me… Check this article out.

More on smoking. Apparently these e-Cigarettes have 20x more formaldehyde than the product they are replacing.

I’m off to enjoy the sun and a lunchtime beer.


Wine Pairing Conundrum

BBQ hotdogs

BBQ hotdogs

I have four hotdogs in the fridge for lunch.

How do I cook them, and what wine do you serve with hotdogs and ketchup?

Or is that being too much of a peasant?

I am thinking of BBQing them to add an air of respectability, made even more respectable by wrapping them in bacon. Ah, bacon… the duct tape of cuisine.

But there still remains the question of what wine do I open?

The taxing decisions one must make on a Sunday…

So much for a day of rest.

Door knockers

Door knockers

Bloody pedlars of religion! Yes, on a Sunday, shouldn’t they be in church and not knocking on my gate ruining my inspiration?

Now, where was I?

I hate door knockers!

My 1,002 Twitter followers was short lived, and getting shorter… 998/997/998/996.

I have noticed recently when visiting new blogs that some are so complicated.

Really, you need a GPS to navigate some.

I just click and get out of there, can’t be bothered, even if some of the content appears good; the complications detract.

I try to keep my blogs simple, classy but simple to navigate, just a couple of pages and the main blog with a side column.  Some blogs have a plethora of pages with titles so long they could be a book in their own right; why?

600px-Firefox_logo.svgI hate this new FireFox! Ever since they moved the navigation and favourites bars it has become a nightmare.

Another complication issue.

If it’s working okay, don’t freakin’ well fix it.

Headline news: Some boxing celeb, Malone,  has changed sex; he’s now a she. I hope he/she is happy now.

But do we really need to know this?

I feel a Nap-fu coming on…

My Nap-unfued…

And I am no further ahead with something to write.

I had hoped that there would be a BBQ at the botequim, which would have made it not necessary to light my own for lunch. As the sky has clouded over during my Nap-fu, I am debating the issue in my head. Forget about lunch and just have the wine…

It’s Sunday, after all, who cares?

Before I go, I’ll leave you with this thought. As an English teacher I was amused, it tickled my fancy; I do like my fancy tickled occasionally.





China in Box


Nothing to do with this post

Most people have heard of China in Box.

Boxes, I can’t bring a box home and it doesn’t fall victim to my kitten. Clorinha loves boxes.

I have this problem of Kitten in Box.

She uses the things to ambush me.

Yesterday I emptied a box of milk and put the cartons on the shelf closely supervised by a small white furry animal who watched every move, every detail with interest.

As soon as the box was empty, that was it. The box got dragged into the living room, her sports arena of choice and then it was all on. In the box, out of the box, chew the box, around the box, back into the box… and so it went.

I put the box on the sofa so I could navigate without falling over it.

Kitten in Box

Kitten in Box

It was okay for a bit, but not good enough, it was pulled back on to the floor for an evening play.

This continued for half an hour.

It made me wonder… Why aren’t our kids so easily pleased? They want all these expensive toys and a kitten is happy with a feather or a twig or a box.

I must move on, this blog is becoming a cat blog, and although I love her dearly, she is not the sole reason for me being here; despite her thoughts on the matter.

The western world has been castrated. Yes, we’ve lost our balls. Any tin plated despot can do what he likes, Putin his nose where it doesn’t belong and we are powerless to do anything about it. Syria, North Korea, among many, and now the Ukraine.

allblueI am totally miffed again. Against my will, FireFox updated itself. The new look is hideous, all blue even the Tabs aren’t clear. Why do these company’s do this, the old look was quite okay, functional.

Lunch was a gourmet omelette, bacon, cheese and parsley, scrumptious.

Now I have a half hour in which to change out of my pyjamas and look like a teacher.



Dishes Done



Dishes Undone

I took one look at the kitchen this morning… and it scared me!

I made coffee and ran back to the safety of my ‘puter.

I made another coffee, then another, but my hopes that the dishes will disappear have been dashed.

I'll be doing a lot of this later

I’ll be doing a lot of this later

itaipava 4

Straw-flavoured water

The BBQ was a success, lots of meat, salads and pickles. The pickles were the first to go and all the ladies wanted to know how to make them; and many had never seen coleslaw before.

I drank my straw-flavoured water, while everyone enjoyed real beer and wine.

Locals and some students helped me celebrate my sixty-twoth (as one of my students said) birthday. We need to do some work on his ordinal numbers.

Cloro has discovered he can fly. I now have a kitten who is in line for the ‘Leaping Supreme Award’ as he flies across from the small sofa to the big sofa then takes a flying leap to land on me using his needle sharp little claws as brakes on whatever part of my anatomy he happens to make contact with.

It appears that Cloro maybe a Clora, a girl. It’s hard to tell the difference at that age between a clitoris and a penis, they’re so tiny, and I’m no expert in feline gendering. I nearly said “I was no expert in pussy”, but after having 12 kids, that would be a mistake. Writing posts ‘off-the-cuff’ you can really make serious faux pas.

Still having the odd spot of bother with Dizzy Lizzy, although the spells between are getting longer. I managed seven hours of BBQ yesterday before she came to visit about 10pm, which I thought was pretty good; albeit a sign for home and bed.

Lunch today is already made. I have leftover shepherd’s pie that I made on Wednesday, has to be eaten today. Then there is thawed chicken that needs to be cooked, and leftover meat from BBQ, the meat will do another BBQ tomorrow, there’s enough.

I see that David Cameron (Britain’s prime minister) got egg all over his face, most embarrassing when parliament doesn’t go along with your plans to help the Americans attack Syria.

Although I do sympathise with the Syrians and their problem to oust Bashar al-Bastard.

afirefoxI have been plagued recently (last few months) with malware type thingies highjacking the search engine capabilities of Firefox, I tried many methods to get rid of them without having to remove the oil sump and pistons (the inner workings scare me almost as much as the dishes) with no success.  Something happened the other night, can’t remember quite what, but it was suggested that I reset FF to its original parameters. I did and lo-and-behold both malware disappeared. All my passwords, bookmarks and history were saved, so you don’t loose anything. You go to Help, Troubleshooting Info, Reset FF and follow directions, as simple as that. So there’s a solution for you that doesn’t involve removing FF’s pistons and getting your hands dirty.

There’s that’s my social service for the day.


A Reluctant Start

Wish I could train Lixo to do this... I would make Labor Day perfect

Wish I could train Lixo to do this… I would make Labor Day perfect

Yesterday my excuse was procrastination, today reluctance.

Today is 1st May, Dia do Trablaho (Labor Day). I have coffee and am fully prepared to do nothing all day. May is a weird month to have Labor Day, I grew up with Labour Day in October, oh I get so confused.

I have just taken the meat out of the freezer, going to have BBQ all day. Big juicy hunks of pork and beef. Well, they’re not juicy at the moment, sort of hard and crusty, but give them a couple of hours. Good thing this is not my beefless week.

firefoxaddonI am wary of all this modern technology. I don’t have ad ons and apps. I don’t like them, I don’t trust them.

But I discovered that Firefox has a useful one, so cute and fluffy.

I am talking about the ad blocker. I got frustrated one day, and it happened to be the day that I read a post on a techy-type blog about FF ad-on that blocks annoying advertising, so I installed it and am mildly pleased with the results. It doesn’t block all ads, but my frustration level has been reduced by half; the rest I reduce by adding more coffee.

The padeiro (breadman) has just been, a BBQ isn’t complete without garlic bread sizzling on the grate. The way people cook garlic bread has always amused me. It has been my observation that people always toast the butter side first. This is just plain stupid, and indeed belongs in the annuls of stupidity. If you grill the butter side first the butter and garlic all drips off on to the coals; sure smells wonderful, but what a waste. Grill the off-side first and the butter permeates through the bread and stays there when you flip it over.

*Need more coffee*

caixa_leite02Here’s a random thought.

When you open a box of milk, it has instructions ‘abra aqui’ (open here), you can see it there on the box.

What happens if you don’t obey the law and open the other side?

Does the milk come out backwards?

You see, although I am fast approaching my dotage, I still have an alert and inquiring mind.

There is so much in the world that needs to be examined.

With that, I will blog along. This has been a three-coffee post, no cats were injured writing, but that could change if I find cat hair on the clean black shirt that I left on the sofa.


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