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Some people need these keys

Some people need these keys

Yes, I’m pondering.

Looking at a blank screen.

I just need the ‘coffee key’, although a ‘wine key’ could be a welcome diversion.

I am listening to football in the background. Fluminense is on the way to losing, which means that a Flamengo win in the 6:30 game prematurely gives them the Carioca Championship, two rounds early.

Nothing has happened today. The usual coffees, a nap, late lunch, and I’m here writing another lacklustre post.

Had to laugh over the Ukraine situation. The Russian defence minister said they had nothing to do with causing the Crimea/Ukraine situation. What a load of old bollocks, if Russia had kept out of the Ukraine decision to go EU, instead of filling ex-president Yanukovych’s head with fanciful ideas causing him to do a U-turn, there never would have been a situation.

ZlatoPrazskeBeerYesterday, I drank two bottles of a Czech beer that I had bought at the mall the other day. They were on special, R$9 down from R$19, I just can’t resist a bargain.

Zlato Prazske lager. Nice, better than Brazilian slops, a taste almost reminescent of NZ malt beer.

Fluminense have just equaled; not good. This doesn’t guarantee Flamengo the cup. Still 25 minutes to go….

I have often heard the term the ‘open range’ and always figured it meant out in the country, open fields.

But this has been clarified for me.


Who would have figured the explanation would have been so simple?

Leaving you to ponder that point.





Another Late Night

I am more than a little behind today.

Up until 3am installing XP again. Yes, the PC decided it wasn’t going to PC anymore and shut down. So I missed the second half of the Flamengo/Emelec (Ecuador) game. It was a good result, 4 or 5-1.

Up at 7am and off to work to get the driver for my router. Installed it, finally got a signal. Transmitting, but not receiving.



Trouble free motoring

My server-type guy came around, plugged in his laptop… Perfect.

Turns out that the ethernet plug on my motherboard is stuffed.

Aaaarrrggghhh! again

Rush into town, buy a new ethernet board, R$31, get home, installed it, and XP didn’t want to recognise it.

Aaaarrrggghhh! again

Finally, after threatening to drop kick it out the window, it decided to cooperate… and here I am, just in time to tell you why I haven’t been around all day before I go back to work.

Got a heap of emails and comments to see to later tonight. I’ll get round to you all, and thanks for hanging in there.

gmo-babies-engineered-in-labs-gorillawireYou remember all the kerfuffle about GMO crops… That’s nothing, the Americans are talking about GMO babies. Yes, you read right, BABIES.

Must get ready to go…


Arrested Development

Nearly 6pm, half time in the football, can I do it?

I haven’t bee able to blog this afternoon, I haven’t been able to nap. I went to the botequim and I couldn’t even drink, so I came home to watch the football.

A large group of the young locals have super loud music in the praça (park), can’t work, can’t think, can’t drink.

maxinerapmusicThey are playing a style of music here called funk, it mainly involves rap and they play it very loud, deafeningly loud.

I did have one beer, before I decided it was too much ‘culture’. While looking around the group, I decided on the post title; if you took the collective brains present, they still wouldn’t have the intelligence to tie a pair of shoe laces.

There is not a lot to be recommended for funk. If you pronounce that in Portuguese, it becomes ‘funky’. Portuguese doesn’t like words that end in a consonant, so they have to add an ‘e’ sound. It isn’t very ‘funky’, it’s bloody horrible. The only music worse than funk is Bieber. No, I’m wrong, Bieber is just pathetic, not horrible.

Well, that’s about taken the football interval. Flamengo (my team) vs Macae, currently 3-1 to me.


In as Few Words as Possible

Dont-Follow-MeI woke, I blogged, I read the news, I napped, I made lunch, I printed the remaining pages of my book, I blogged some more, I read the news – again.

Now I am here.

Devoid of inspiration.

I have one class tonight, in an hour.

Logo_Flamengo_4Last night my team, Flamengo won the Brazil Cup in Football – 2-0 at Maracanã Stadium.

Big party at the botequim where I watched the first half.

The second half I enjoyed from the safety of the sofa with cheese and port.

Cloro does not like the celebratory fireworks and watched from under the bed.

More news tomorrow.


I Need a Pussy Tickler

pussyticklerI do… Every time I want to type, I have a pussy on the printer who wants to be petted. It can make posting a long involved process.

I googled pussy tickler… and after some electrifying dildoes, moustaches and even a bicycle I found Cameron Diaz… I thought well, that’s more appealing than a photo of my moustache, so there you have it.

It’s Monday once again. So far nothing has gone wrong, but the day is young.

It has started off okay, lots of coffee and marmalade on toast for breakfast.

I have no classes today. I could organise one, I do need the money, but the prospect of an extra day in which to R & R irresistible.

Lunch yesterday was leftover four cheese lasagna, today will be a BBQ 1″ thick pork chop and whatever I decide later, probably involve pickled cabbage and mashed potato with parsley butter. I may even whine wine a little to set the mood.

I had my hair and beard cut. I feel like a shorn sheep. Instead of the wind blowing through my locks, it just blows across the stubble. When I get my hair cut, it’s No. 1 comb on the clippers and GO! Only the pussy tickler moustache is spared this indignity and gets a light trim with the scissors so it doesn’t curl down over my upper lip or impede the entry of food.

Flamengo won it’s football game last night 0-0 until the last minutes, 1-0, the bar erupted with glee, except a lonely Fluminense support. Being normally a quiet unobtrusive type, even I let out a ‘whoop!’ Which stopped the regulars in their tracks, they’re not used to such behaviour from me. I felt quite contrite having disturbed the dancing and merrymaking.

This is my fifth post for the day, so I need to open another bottle of inspiration and see what transpires.

But a nap wouldn’t go amiss either.

Oh, later!


BC (Before Cat)

The ferns were growing so nicely

BC – I had a small fan that worked

BC – I could find my chinelos (flipflops) in the dark

BC – I had ferns that stood proudly in the living room

BC – I could watch TV without fear of being attacked by a flying kitten

BC – My sofa didn’t smell of pee

BC – I didn’t have little scratches all over my legs

BC – I could leave the printer open with paper in the hopper

BC – I could close the fridge door without interference

BC – My floors weren’t littered with ‘toys’

BC – Could roll over in bed with fear of rolling on a kitten

BC – have sand kicked round the kitchen from the dirt box

BC – I could leave things on the coffee table

BC – I didn’t have boxes of milk blocking the shelf

BC – I could go to sleep safe in the knowledge that said cat wouldn’t find some new mischief to get up to.

BC – I didn’t have a little Cummin’s diesel engine to lull me to sleep at night

The last BC makes up for all the others…

The joys of owning a kitten.

Nothing much else to report.

Flamengo lost yesterday – 1-0 against Criciuma. The only good thing about the game was the beer.

Rock ‘n Rio starts this Friday, I am glad that I am far enough away to neither hear it or be disturbed by it. Although it will be shown on TV at any God given minute; and is already the subject of every news broadcast.

Have an early class today…


Iridescent Green Poop


Battling the Monday Blues…


with coffee


and a Cummin’s diesel purring at the idle in my lap

My evening student has just canceled, I have one mid-afternoon, so that’s good news , because I want to start the week off slowly so I don’t get the wobbles.


Press in case of wobbles

I see the doctor tomorrow and hopefully get some good news; like I won’t need a reset button implanted somewhere.

A sunny weekend which continues today, change expected tomorrow.

Flamengo lost yesterday against Corinthians. It was 4-0 when I flicked the TV off in disgust at 42 minutes into the second half. I doubted that Flamengo was going to make much impression in the last three minutes; I mean there is hope and desperation…

I could always market it

Kitty piddle in a bottle

Cloro has mastered the poop-side of things, but her little piddlometer needs some fine tuning.

I could always market it.

Who knows, Cloro Kitty Cola could outsell Coca Cola. Imagine the blurb, all natural, no added sugar… Just piddle in a bottle.

At least she hasn’t started to poop iridescent green, the title was just to attract your attention.

But then I found this…

Wow, scary

Wow, scary

The stuff actually exists.

If Cloro starts doing that, I’m sending her back to Chernobyl.

At the moment she is racing crazily round the house. Up on the bed, around the bed, under the bed, over the sofa skidding around the kitchen and back to the bed. Talk about being on Hedgy Bull (that’s how they say Red Bull in Portuguese).

I read this morning that football (soccer, for our American cousins) is not a religion. Someone forgot to tell the Brazilians. It said that football lacks theology. Footy has as much theology as I ever found in the bible. Just because it’s in the bible they call it theology instead of a fever. At least football’s god has substance and you can prove that it exists.

Must be nap time. I tossed up whether to go to the supermarket or bed, the bed won.


A Nasty End


I couldn’t even wait the 60 minutes

I missed again yesterday, please forgive me…

*grovels and kow tows before the keyboard*

It was a long day at work. I arrived home exhausted and on the verge of another dizzy lizzy. I took my pills, tried to watch the football without success. Twenty minutes into a lacklustre game I hit the hay.

Another sunny day, not hot, but pleasant. I haven’t been outside yet. I have made a half-hearted effort to do the dishes after my nap; then I had lunch, the kitchen doesn’t look like I did much. Leftovers again, yesterdays sweet ‘n’ sour pork.

insane3I have one lesson tonight, then it’s the weekend. I got over Humpday. So it’s down hill from here.

Then it’s the weekend, then it’s Monday and the cycle starts again.

Life is a matter of leaping from Monday to Humpday to the Weekend without spilling your coffee, and all the way back to depression.

I had a minor disaster on Tuesday, I decided to boil a chicken breast, and have cold sliced chicken sandwiches…

Guess what, you cannot blog and cook at the same time.

My best little saucepan, I tried to cremate it

A nasty end

It was a major FAIL, This week I haven’t been able to multi-task.

My best little saucepan, I tried to cremate it

There you have it. The chef can burn things. I blame it on the meds, not my fault.

I haven’t tried to do a ‘Jesus’ yet, he rose on the third day. Resurrection is tomorrow, although I don’t hold great hopes.

The chicken was doomed as well, a stray dog in the park had a good lunch. It wasn’t wasted.

I just heard on the news, Flamengo 0 – Cruzeiro 2, said the game was lacklustre, good thing I went to bed, stopped me from crying myself to sleep like an abandoned baby.

I haven’t really made a serious attempt to blog, so I should rattle my dags.



athwarted-rubik-s-cube-puzzle-best-demotivational-postersI was going through my mail box and checking out blogs before setting to write my meager offering for today before the football.


My neighbour called from his lofty perch (he lives above the botequim overlooking my yard) and ‘summoned’ me hither. I suggested 20 minutes, he bargained for five, we settled on 10. So I have ten minutes to come up with something reasonable.

I must do it before going, because the going is going to involve football (soccer) and some (read a lot of) beer; and the prospects of getting anything sensible from me afterward will have diminished greatly.

Fla Flu battling it out for over 100 years

Fla Flu battling it out for over 100 years

The game today is my team (and Lincoln and Denise’s) Fla vs Flu (truncation of Flamengo-Fluminense). It is consider one of Brazil’s classic games; in Rio, it IS considered THE classic. I get a chance to wear my new team shirt for the second time, thereby halving my investment.

I just woke from a wonderful, if not extended nap. I am not thinking straight… I’m not thinking gay, either. I am in that foggy ‘mental breakdown’ between sleep and being fully conscious.

I took the ex and family out for pizza last night as planned. As usual, she was late; I think she does this as punishment. She does it every year. I arrived mid-way between the 6:00 – 6:30 time as agreed; a half hour later she phoned, they were just leaving home. So I had a 45 minute bus ride to endure. They arrived, we ate drank, made merry, had cake and caught up with all the news. At 10pm I paid the bill and we left. I was R$300 poorer.

I didn’t sleep well, far too much salt for the evening, and I was up and down like a yo-yo during the night. Hence, the dire need for a nap before football.

Well, it looks like my 10 minutes has run out, Lincoln is calling for my presence…



Stoned Goats

Of course not, they were coffee berries

Of course not, they were coffee berries

Yes, we owe it all to stoned goats.

I can just imagine you all thinking, “WTF is he rambling on about today?”

I love being enigmatic.

If it wasn’t for an Ethiopian farmer  way back in the 9th Century noticing that his goats got stoned after eating a certain berry, we may never had had coffee.

Imagine that, a world without coffee? Que horror!

The origins of coffee are actually a little mixed, some say Ethiopia, some say Kenya, and some Sudan, but it is known that the coffee we drink today is genetically the same as that found in Ethiopia. The Arabs of Yemen got hold of it and it was called qahhwat al-bun (wine of the bean); how appropriate?

Who said that a meal without ‘wine’ is called breakfast? Just goes to show, that he knew bugger all about coffee.

Wikipedia has several accounts as to the origins of coffee, but this was the first one I knew, so I stick to it.

Having tickled your collective fancy with more useless trivia… I’ll move right along.

Stainless steel beauty, but mine has a window in the door

Stainless steel beauty, but mine has a window in the door

I bought my stove.

The model I originally went to look at wasn’t available in the shop, only on the internet, so I went to another shop.

It will be delivered Monday or Tuesday.

I got a few other things while I was in town. It doesn’t seem like true therapy if one returns home with just a receipt. I had to make it seem like real therapy.

I got some woolly type tracksuit pants for this cold weather, and I got a T-shirt from my football (soccer) team Flamengo. I have been in Brazil and thereabouts for 21 years, and I finally got round to buying a T-shirt… Talk about procrastination.

Today was actually hot and sunny. I went to the supermarket for some more therapy. Amongst my prizes was a bottle of Frangelico liqueur. I love liqueurs.

Tomorrow is also forecast to be hot and sunny. I may just have to resort to a BBQ in the shade of the trees in front of the house.

I’ll not dally any longer, or this will become tomorrow’s post.

Later… ah tomorrow.


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