Thundering through the praça

The Apocalypse is nigh!

I could have sworn that I saw the four horsemen thunder through the praça yesterday.

I am all a dither!

After my customary nap, I woke at 11am with a brilliant post in my head, only to find the net was down.

This dastardly state of affairs sent me screaming like the proverbial banshee off to the coffee pot and salvation.

But alas, even coffee didn’t work. The net was down. Sometimes my ISP does that, the net goes down while they’re all off at some Sunday dinner with their cellphones off.

Turns out, it wasn’t their fault. The power was out in the next neighbourhood, and Light, the power company, didn’t want to know.

Power was restored during the night, but of course, my ISP was sleeping… I WASN’T! I wanted to blog and he had to reset his equipment before the connection would work.

22 hours and no net. Have you any idea what that can do to a person? I was on the verge of becoming a blathering wreck. The net came on about 9am, just in time to avoid the unpleasantness that such catastrophes bring, shakes, dribbling, talking to oneself, scratching the hairs on the palm of ones hand… It’s all very distressing.

I am pleased to report, I have freshly brewed coffee, the smell still wafting through the house, the net is back and the Earth continues to orbit around the sun.

Needless to say, I lost my whole days blogging yesterday, I got a few done, but my Sunday feature posts will have to wait.

Later, of I go ablogging!