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On/Off Switch

My On/Off switch

My On/Off switch

Yes, it’s true, I have an On/Off switch.

On when the cup is full and Off when the cup is empty.

It determines when and where I should do things.

Today, I planned so much. Here’s what I have managed not to do so far.

  • Dishes
  • Put out the recycle rubbish
  • Pay the rent
  • Go to the supermarket
  • Have lunch

I did manage, in a fit of sheer madness, to sweep the yard; and have a Nap-fu practice.

The day started off fine and sunny. But the wind is up, with storm clouds looming and it looks like the promise of rain may well hold true, it’ll be a quickie. Then the forecast tells us more hot weather until Friday. Yesterday managed 39ºC (that’s a bout 100ºF) not bad for winter.

The old blackboard

The old blackboard

On taking notes

My students, at least some of them, are cunning buggers. Do you remember the old days in class when one had to physically take notes from the blackboard. Mine don’t, they make me do all the work, then photgraph my notes on their cellphones and tablets.


I read an official report yesterday. Fracking for oil has nothing to do with polluted water. The problem is faulty wells.

Yeah, pull the other leg, it’s got bells on it.

Tell me how wells that previously weren’t faulty suddenly ‘became’ faulty as fracking started near them. And this on a global scale. Some of the bastards that write these reports really have their heads in the clouds; no idea of reality.

A building collapse in the capital of Nigeria. The cause of the collapse was a small plane flying overhead; according to the popular evangelist who owns the building. Nothing to do with the fact that the buildings structure may have been compromised by adding additional floors. Everybody trusts the word of the evangelist… no need to question his findings.

halfcoffeeThe old story, is the cup half full of coffee, or half empty. To me there obviously isn’t enough coffee in the cup…

“Coca Cola, Heinz And Other Major Food Companies Warn Climate Change Threatens Business” a headline today. These major comanies are not at all worried that millions of people may starve because of climate change; but they’re as worried as Hell about their profits. Callous bastards.

My opinion…. serves you right!

I have moved my List of Things to do Today, to my List of things to do Tomorrow.

There I feel much better now; and I have plenty of time left for another Nap-fu practice. I’m getting good at this.

So, what more can I say?


And the rain came down

Yes, it’s started to rain heavily here.

Affecting the football transmission, the picture is all snowy.

No thunder and lightning so, hopefully there will be no net interruption as I am writing this during lulls in the game.

Not a good day for Spain, the current World Cup champions, they have just been eliminated by Chile. Australia gave Holland a fright today, 2-3.

Now Brazil’s fortunes rest on the game in progress; Croatia vs Cameroon. A Croat win is an advantage to Brazil, but if Cameroon win, then Brazil has to beat them in their last game.

wastedbeerGame over, rain stopped, blogging right along…

Fukushima has hit another stumbling block. The plans to build an ice wall to contain contaminated water is failing, because they can’t get the temperature low enough. This story is over yet.

Ebola is still on the increase.

Worst news yet. Germany’s beer is under threat from fracking.

I’m a mit, but I convert to a roll.

Yes, I discovered that there are various ways to wipe your bum. I had no idea. Take a look at this, what are you?


Well, I never.

It’s bed time.




Making the Right Choices

This is not going to be one of those ‘How to…’ posts. But rather about me. Today, I made several choices.

No contest

No contest

One was forced on me Clorinha chose that I should get up at 7am and get her breakfast. I duly did because it was senseless trying to go back to sleep.

Then, I chose coffee, a good choice in the morning; choosing a second and a third cup are also good choices.

Armed with the coffee of my choice I proceeded to post on my blogs. I got them all done by 9am.

Then I chose to go to the supermarket, which I chose not to do yesterday; and on the way go to the parafusos (screws) shop. Of course, as soon as I opened the gate, it began to rain. That’s not a choice, but Murphy’s Law.

By the time I got to the main drag it was still  spitting. I made another choice, flag the first taxi that passed. I did and arrived at the supermarket dry.

Kiwi Liqueur

Kiwi Liqueur

The next choice was another ‘no contest’. Head for the water aisle followed by the wine aisle. I chose two wines, a bottle of Kiwi liqueur and a bottle of Creme de Cacao. Good choices.

Three were drinks that I haven’t previously tried, so I will have some fun.

I also bought some groceries, not much, because that supermarket is expensive, but they have a good range of meat, cheese and drinks.

I found a packet of dried jasmine. A long time ago I used to make jasmine and apple tea, very soothing.

Having made my purchases, I left R$222 ($100 +/-) poorer.

I never got to the screw shop. That has been put off until Monday, maybe.

So by 11am I was back home, shopping put away, I lunched with a snack and went to practice my Nap-fu.

So we have a cold wintery day here with spots of rain. I chose to spend the rest of the day at home.

All good choices.

I see our ex-crack footballer (soccer player) Ronaldo is in strife again. He finished up in a ‘motel‘ (this is not the western style motel which is a pousada) with three transvestites. This is not the first time this has happened, poor Ronaldo has difficulty in deciding on gender and it always ends up in problems.

Warning! This bit has a gory photo.

I posted on Bullfighting the other day in a post Bulls 3 – Matadors 0. It was a case where three matadors (bullfighters) got gored in Madrid this week and caused the cancellation of the event; they’d run out of matadors.

This is called bravery, I call it cruel and stupid

This is called sport, I call it cruel and stupid

I am against bull fights, have you ever seen how the animals suffer, it’s quite ghastly. So when I saw another headline yesterday “How Dangerous is Bull Fighting?” I spilt most of my coffee and sprayed the rest over the screen – for the bulls it’s generally very dangerous.

So I was pleased that they won the day last week.

USA, take note! This week Iran executed a fraudulent banker. When are you going to start? The economy won’t begin to repair itself until you do. China has done the same and Vietnam. There was an English king, who in about 1400s summoned all the rogue bankers on Christmas Day and cut off their right hands and castrated them. But the American government is owned by those who should be punished so it’ll never happen.

British politicians are still banking on fracking as the answer to their need for fossil fuels. A recent survey showed nearly 80% were against the new laws which will allow fracking on private property without permission. To me it seems that any government who implements this law is committing political suicide. For me, I would wage war if some company was to attempt to drill under my house. I’d shoot the first bastard that tried.


Achmed the Dead Terrorist

OMG, now I’ll be labelled a domestic terrorist!

BTW, if you haven’t seen Achmed the Dead Terrorist, look it up on YouTube, it’s funny.

Well, the evening has worn on, I feel like some cheese…





Uphill till Humpday

monday_coffee_beansSitting here, staring at the screen, wondering what to write.

With any luck, if I can keep up the waffle, it may just turn into a post.

Gnomes, now there’s a go. I have never discussed gnomes before. I don’t like garden gnomes. I think they are pathetic. But that view is not shared by everybody. I have discovered there is a movement (and blogs) to protect gnomes from garden slavery. It’s nice to see people worrying about the important things in life instead of hindering life-threatening things like fracking for oil.

David Cameron, the British prime minister, is touting Britons to get behind fracking. Silly bastard can’t get his eyes above his money belt. All he can see is lots and lots of pounds from the trillions of barrels that lay under the British Isles. No matter if he has to destroy the place to get it.

First Uruguay, and now Mexico is thinking seriously about legalising cannabis. This debacle has gone on long enough. The USA is reviewing the criminal justice system by removing mandatory prison and minimal sentencing for some drugs; the problem there is that prisons are too full, the government can’t afford them.

Awesome beast

Awesome beast

The fastest airplane ever built, SR 71, was mothballed some years back. Now the Americans are rethinking the idea. Technology has never come up with anything close to the Blackbird.

Three times the speed of sound, higher than anything with jet engines can go, can outstrip any missile defence system on the planet.

Now with the threats of hacking and the possibility that defences could be compromised, they have discovered that they need this ‘antiquated’ technology as a surveillance backup. The Blackbird may fly again.

autismFor the last few years I have been considering the possibility that I may suffer from autism, mildly, but I have always been fascinated by spinning things to the point of being mesmerized by them, one of the signs of being autistic. I’ve never been into head-banging, that hurts.

I often find myself giggling, and often I prefer to be alone, but there are many of those symptoms that are not in my repertoire.

Well, I must spin right along, an hour to make myself socially respectable and get to class.


Leave you with this from way back 1968, New Zealand band Simple Image.

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