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It’s Thursday

Nothing much has happened since the last time nothing much has happened.

Which all makes for a very boring post.

My excitement for the day has included:

Put a battery in the clock

Watering the plants

Nap-fu practice

Got the trash ready

All enough to give you a heady rush.

I was going to cook lunch; I looked at the cauliflower, I looked fish, I looked at the potatoes… and that was as far as I got.

spring-around-the-corner1It’s so hot and stuffy. A sure indication that spring is just around the corner.

Actually, we should be having the spring rains. Which means hot days and a flash rain storm in the late afternoon. But we have been three weeks without a meaningful rain drop.

To make matters worse, we’ve only got a week of normal time left, then we do the clock shuffle for hora do verão (daylight savings, summer time, whatever). I hate that. I am a fan of do it and leave it, or just leave it. This annual ritual of taking the clock down off the wall reminds us that we need to dust more often. I just get my bearings fixed on the new time and it’s time to undo my bearings again.

The worst thing about today, is classes start at 4pm, which means I walk to work in the seering sun. It will be worse after we change the clocks, because I will be walking to work an hour after the hottest part of the day.

Last night was a blood moon. I saw it here, beautiful sight.

These can get you killed

These can get you killed

America is so screwed up. Another case of a black kid getting shot. Police say he was armed, bystanders say he was eating a sandwich and had no gun.

It’s pretty hard to imagine a dangerous sandwich… unless it comes from Subway. A gun was found at the scene; where did it come from? Are the police now providing their own evidence to justify killing a black kid?

It stinks.

This is the fourth such case in a month.

I agree with gun controls… Take them off the bloody police!

Ebola is on the advance, a new case of a British man dying in Macedonia. America starts watching for suspected Ebola patients at airports, and Britain is thinking about screening.

At risk of upsetting the French. They have uncovered 200,000 year old bones in Paris, by the river Seine. They are said to be Neanderthal bones… which explains a lot. The British have suspected for years that the French are Neanderthals.

The British police are miffed. There have been a number of cases where iPhones held in police custody for evidence have been remotely wiped of all data. And in another announcement, hard drives taken for evidence can be programmed to self-destruct if placed in an environment (like a radio wave secure bag) where it can’t reach the web.

It’s so nice to be assured that world is on course for auto-destruction.

Which all leaves me with less than an hour to become teacher-like.


My Hebetude

heat-stroke-vs-heat-exhaustionmeIndeed, my lethargy, sloth, torpor, etc can be summed up in the phrase, “It’s too bloody hot!”

Now into our fourth week of unrelenting heat, I feel drained and this has begun to reflect in my blogability, or should I say my inablogability.

I am constantly under a fan, continually taking a cold shower, sitting here dripping in sodden underpants to enable me to write. I’d be sitting here naked, but my bum sticks to the plastic seat, which is also hot.

The lunchtime weather forecast promised tempestades (storms) later today, but we are rapidly approaching 5pm and the sky is not doing anything that would indicate such relief, any more than it did yesterday or the day before. Even Brazilians have begun to pray for a little polar vortex.

Poor Cloro is shunting from one cool spot to another. Under the kitchen sink, under the coffee table, along to the botequim to take advantage of the tile floor, repeat. He’s at a distinct disadvantage in that cats do not have sweat glands, so my fans just ruffle his fur, they do not cool him. He cannot get cool the way we do; it’s the same with dogs, their cooling mechanism is their tongues.

django_unchained_ver8_xlgYesterday, I was so knackered, that I gave up blogging, instead I watched the film Django Unchained, 2½ hours of good.

I can now speak Italian! The copy I downloaded was with Italian subtitles. Pecora Negra (Englishman in Italy), eat your shorts.

The Brie I mentioned the other day survived. I managed to spread it out over three nights.

As I get older, I find it so much easier to make a fool of myself. Two nights ago, I went to print a page, pffft, nothing but a few bird scratchings on the page. I tried again… same. I cleaned the printheads… same.


Tandy Radio Shack TRS-80

I mentioned this to a fregües (regular) at the bar last night. Let’s have a look… I got the printer cartridges, he turned them over… I had forgotten to remove the protective seal. How to feel a fool in one easy lesson. One of the most basic things stumped me. I have been playing with computers since the halcyon days of the TRS-80 when we had to load our programmes from a cassette tape recorder, and the simplest thing stumped me. You’re never to old to be fooled.

World news, France’s Hollande has a mistress, headline news; who gives a shit? Probably Mrs Hollande, the shock put her in hospital. But for this to be headline news for five days straight… give us some news!

The sun has gone, I must toddle off outside and look at the sky; we may just get our rain.



The old stuff was good

The old stuff was good

With the move these days towards food additives and poisons like HFCS, sodas have become one of the denizens of modern living and obesity. I cannot name any soda today that is what they used to be.

One of my past favourites was Fanta, but today I wouldn’t touch it with a barge pole.

I have said before that I don’t allow soda in the house, but have instead turned to sparkling mineral water, or tap water.

But I have a favourite drink; homemade fanta. It’s Fanta-Stic.

Freshly squeezed orange juice (two or three oranges), with sparkling mineral water and half a dozen ice cubes. I dilute it 5:1, but you may prefer 2 0r 3:1. If you want to give your kids a healthy alternative to commercial soda, try this one. I have just drunk a litre (almost a quart).

Blogged today, went to town, did some shopping, had far too much at a restaurant, and returned home for a well deserved nap. Highlight of the day, I bought a new trash can for the kitchen, doesn’t that turn your nobs?

If only kids could be as happy with something so simple.


Click on the image to read the fine print

I have been feeling much better, slowly over the last week since the wamblecroft has departed. I am pleased to report that my bowel movements roughly equal the intake of food as they used to. It was worrying at first, more was going in than departing and I couldn’t figure out where it was going. I mean, it had to go somewhere, didn’t it?

Now I guess you’re wondering… WTF is wamblecroft? Old English term for indigestion, think collywobbles, although collywobbles more refers to fear, fear of being wamblecroft.

Yesterday, one of the things I did at beer o’clock was to wander along to the botequim for a beer. Surprisingly between the opening of the bottle and supping the last drop the weather had gone from sunny to rain. Yes, that quickly. It was sunny when I sat down, and then it began to blow, then cloud over, then spots of rain.

In fact it has just done the same now. Before I started this post it was sunny. I wandered outside and pondered the idea of going for a beer. But feelings of guilt ruled and I thought it better to write my final post of the day, now there is rain dripping off the garage roof. This is fairly typical of Rio de Janeiro in November; the summer rains in the late afternoon.

I see the French still don’t get it, they’re going to fine the clients of the prostitutes rather than the prostitutes. I doesn’t matter who they fine, prostitution will be alive and well until they ban marriage; as long as we have marriage, we’ll have prostitution. Doesn’t anybody think any more? It’s obvious that politicians don’t!

khat03Britain has the same myopic view over khat. KhatCatha edulis is a plant eaten/chewed principally by Yemenis and Somalis. It is addictive and mildly narcotic.

Most of Europe have banned the stuff, and now Britain is looking at making it a Class-C drug.

Haven’t the stupid bastards learned anything from making cannabis illegal. More than eighty years, and there is more cannabis being smoked than ever. By classifying khat as a drug, they’ll only exacerbate the use. Talk about screwing things up…

Another ranty post. Yesterday a comment congratulated me on my ranty posts. Thank you.



Hole in the Wall

Brick-Wall-550x355There’s a hole in the wall, I can see some inspiration.

Given that its Monday, so far all has gone well.

Remember that trip to the supermarket that I was promising myself that I would do Friday, then Saturday…. and Sunday; well, I finally did it this morning. Got lots of meat, now I have to have a BBQ to justify it. My plans to go to the supermarket was mainly that milk was on special Fri, Sat & Sun. I was pleasantly suprised they hadn’t changed the price tags, it was still R$1.99 a litre, normal price last week was R$3,29, so that made me a happy camper.

There’s not actually a lot going on that I can write about, inspiration or not.

For those who feel their alcohol consumption is somewhat excessive and want to drink in moderation, I think I have found the answer….


There, isn’t that just wonderful? <—– Rhetorical question.

France is in the spotlight this week. First it all but damaged the Iran talks, but in the end it was Iran who backed out. Second they are trying to eradicate prostitution by fining the clients. Talk about pushing shit up hill with a rake. If you want to eradicate prostitution the answer is simple, ban marriage; as long as we have marriage, we’ll have prostitutes. Idiots!

Personally, I don’t care. Not because I am no longer married, but I find the whole aspect of paying for sex abhorrent. I did have sex with a prostitute on several occasions a few years ago, but we were friends and drinking buddies; no cash changed hands. If I had to pay for sex, I honestly don’t think I could get ‘it’ up.

I read about a strange phenomenon yesterday. Kissing my teeth, How the hell do you kiss your teeth? I simply had to click and have a look. I still don’t fully understand it, but the act is associated with showing contempt. It originates with African and Caribbean cultures, and is so serious that doing it in front of  police could get you arrested. You can read about on The Guardian.

You see, you can learn something everyday. There is no point in life when learning stops.

Now it’s getting on in the afternoon and I have to go teaching, English, not about kissing ones teeth.



Cooking a Healthy Lunch

Should look similar to this

Should look similar to this

Sole fillets (halibut) poached with potatoes in milk, olive oil and capers. To be served with a white parsley sauce…

I have posted four blogs, fur to go after this. Napped successfully, weird dream, but the nap was good.

Hot again today, the plants were gasping by 9am, so they got a healthy watering. Cloro helped by  trying to trip me up while carrying the bucket of water; not once, not twice, but thrice (wonderful forgotten word that). She was also content to lap at the puddles leaking from the plants.

Lunch is over.

Yummy, with a capital YUM!

There’s enough left over for supper.

My cellphone number is about to grow. We already have eight digits, from next week we have to add another ‘9’ to make it nine.

I see the UK has approved a new nuke power plant… fools!” Hasn’t Fukushima taught them anything? What’s worse, is the Chinese are going to build it. My question is, what does China want? Throwing all this money around, China is hardly a philanthropic organisation. What’s the crunch? I bet there is one, and when we know it, we won’t like it.

Interesting point on Japan today. The lowest birthrate in the world, Japan is now a country that sells more geriatric diapers than baby diapers. Not a record to be proud of.

Now it’s Frances turn to be indignant about the American’s spy programme. Notwithstanding that it turns out the British intelligence spying was passed without parliamentary approval or scrutiny, and parliamentarians are asking a big WHY? Demanding answers. Talk about a can of worms.

The answer to all of this is still a simple, all these spied on countries need to tell the Americans and associates to pack up their embassies and go home until they learn how to play nice. But then, have they ever?

Public executions are back. FB has allowed the return of beheading clips. That should satisfy the bloodthirsty.

In Rio today we have more demonstrations. The blonde bimbo has authorised the army to enter the fray to protect the auction of a major pre-salt oil field being held today.

Nice to see that the world is still on course for disaster.



Breaking news: The American economy has surprised itself, productivity has doubled all over the country… raising hopes that the recovery has started.

Then they discovered that FaceBook was down globally.

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