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Ran into a Brick Wall

Brick-WallThe alternative title for this post is It’s Been a Mucky Day.

I woke had three coffees, blogged a littled, four posts, and had a nap because my inspiration had run into a brick wall.

Woke again at 11:15 and decided it was breakfast time. So, bacon, two sausages, three eggs and stewed tomatoes; a good English breakfast. And it’s midday Sitting here pondering with a glass of sparkling mineral water to quench my thirst… Overdosed on sodium.

I had an early class, but the coordinator never confirmed it, so I didn’t have an early class. I stayed home. The last two, and I might add the first two classes with this student, she never arrived. I wasn’t going to get all gussied up, go all the way to the factory for more of the same.

zoom-um-real-462There’s a one real coin on the floor in the doorway; it dropped out of my pocket last night. I have stepped over it, and restepped over it several time this morning. I may, or indeed, may not eventually pick it up. That depends on my inclination or abject procrastination, or simply that I have nothing better to do. This is an indication of the level of importance that things take around here.

If I was to worry about it, that would create stress, I don’t like stress, so I don’t worry, be happy. Good advice.

The spy chiefs in Britain are squealing like stuck pigs that the internet spying on emails, etc is of vital importance to the security of the nation. Bollocks, they’re squealing because they want to keep their high paying jobs; and any curtailing by the government could mean that some of them lose them. Apparently, the British spying is worse than their American partners in crime. They are citing 34 terror plots have been curtailed because of their spying, cite them! Their  American cronies said the same, turned out they couldn’t specify ONE! They are saying that they defend freedom, yes, by curtailing it.

Putin, is trying to pass a law that demands more use of the Russian flag and anthem to generate patriotism. More bullshit! Patriotism is generated by the people, not the president. You try to instil patriotism and you get backlash from the fan. The president will only succeed in making people hate him even more than they do now.

The length some of these despot leader go to to assert their will. The people don’t want their will, they want representation for the people’s will. If you don’t represent the people, then you’re simply a dictator.

Just checked the brick wall, it’s still there.

Last night I arrived home and found that someone had chucked out a kitchen cabinet for the rubbish collection, I grabbed the small unit, and it is now my tool box in the garage. The larger upper part has become my glass cabinet above the TV, so it’s missing a glass panel, it looks okay, it’s serviceable. The bigger bottom part wasn’t in the best condition, besides it was too heavy for my to move by myself.

I am a scavenger, if I can find something that is useful, I take it home and use it. The complete unit, when new, would have had a value of R$700. As far as I am concerned, that’s R$700 in the bank.

It hasn’t rained so far today, but there are ominous black clouds on the horizon, so it could well rain heavily about the time I need to walk to work. Wouldn’t that be like a Monday?

Later, I’ll leave with a thought…


Oh, and that coin, it’s still there.



I think this is a First

9am, and I finished blogging half an hour ago, just here needs a patch. Despite my being a little stewed after yesterday afternoon’s excesses, I managed a full blog-load before midnight. Didn’t I do well? <—– Rhetorical question

awakeupcoffeeI’ve had lots of coffee, and now it’s time for the toast and muffins.

Once again, nothing planned, I should be successful. Although I may/may not go to the supermarket; after yesterday’s binge, eating is not a priority. I can make do with what’s at hand.

I will peer into the fridge later and surprise myself.

I see Prince William and Kate’s baby is imminently due. Apparently the Royal sprog is going to be a boon for British retailers to the order of £250 million, that’s a lot of pounds. David Cameron should be considering a law to keep the Royals pregnant as a boost to the British economy. The Rogering for England Act should become law. Shows how stupid politicians are, that they haven’t thought of this little money spinner before.

A Happy Pussy

A Happy Pussy

Pit Stop… Off to the bog to contemplate life from the throne and give Lixo his morning scratch.

I will return with coffee.

This is called ‘multitasking’, three desired results at the same time; relief, coffee and a happy pussy.

I have discovered the secret of life. It’s somewhat philosophical, I tend to dive into the gene pool occasionally and find pearls of wisdom. One of which I will share with you on this beautiful sunny  Saturday morning. It would be churlish indeed to keep such discoveries to myself.

Have you ever wondered what the plural of ‘bacteria’ is. Of course Americans would say bacterias, but, as usual, they would be wrong. Bacteria is the plural, the singular is bacterium, but when was the last time you needed to speak about one bacterium, they travel in groups so we usually refer to them in the plural.

As my students have noted, I am full of useless information.

Let’s explore the English language a bit further. It’s a strange language.



There, didn’t I tell you it was strange…

With that to ponder, I shall leave you and proceed on my doing nothing for the rest of the day.



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