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I am Ashamed

Kitchen window

The nieghbour’s kitchen window just over the fence.

And so I should be.

This morning, I did as I often do, I flicked a caterpillar off the passionfruit seedlings outside the kitchen window because they do destroy the plant.

Actually, there were two. The first bounced off the fence as normal, but the second sailed right over the fence into the neighbour’s open kitchen window.

I slunk away like a naughty school boy before I was discovered.

Then returned to take the photo.

I see the video clip of Simon and Garfunkel I posted a couple of posts ago has been taken down from YouTube for copyright reasons, I’ll have to have a hunt and find another.

Friday today, a quiet day in which nothing has happened. It tried to be sunny, and although the sun is still there it is cool.


The flat where the US ebola victim is living is being sanitised days after the discovery that he had ebola. This lackadaisical approach is exactly what could spread the virus. That flat should have been cleaned 10 minutes after the diagnosis on 30th Sept. Turns out that 10 people who had contact with him are at serious risk, with four of his relatives being quarantined at home.

Russian Ushakov medal

Russian Ushakov medal

Thirty British seamen are to finally received their Russian Ushakov medals from Russia, after the tortuous Arctic convooys during WWII. British regulations previously prevented the awards for historic acts; an exception has now been made for this case.

Sometimes regulations are so petty.

You can read the story on BBCNews it’s quite interesting and a part of WWII that is not commonly known.

The Swedes are about to stick an irritating finger in Israel’s nose by being the first long term EU country to recognise the State of Palestine. If this is the beginning, Israel won’t like that one bit.

The pope belives in fairies. Okay… that’s fine.

The idea of talks in Hong Kong as protesters have been beaten by thugs  purportedly sent the police have been dashed. The hopes that this issue will just fade away seem to be further from the reality than some people think.

Banksy has got up the nose of a local British council.

His latest work was ordered destroyed ny the mayor after a complaint that it was racist..

Banksy anti-immigration birds mural destroyedIt was, and done with a purpose to make people face themselves.

Racism is becoming a problem in the world. It has always been there, but below the surface, now the cauldron is boiling.

It might be worthwhile pointing out that we were all black once before the peoples that lived away from the equator lost their need for colour and became white.

The time has dwindled away. I must look at getting ready to go to class.


Horrid Stuff

baden_baden_stout_dark_ale_I mentioned yesterday that I had bought two bottles of stout in the supermarket.

It featured in my post What beer be this? today.

It’s bloody horrid. Not all stout-like. It has a brown head instead of the lovely near white of Guinness.

I had it with lunch. Now I can drink most things but the last inch went down the sink along with the rest of the bottle.

Life is full of disappointments.

The other bottle has left the fridge and will remain on the shelf until I can give it away.

All this unrest in the world. If the governments were doing their jobs, there wouldn’t be unrest. The unrest is simply the people saying “we’re not freakin’ happy.” Yesterday Rio returned to violence after the rise in bus fares which caused the original unrest in October. Now there is unrest in Bosnia along with the continued problem in Ukraine.

Why are the police attacking the protesters?

Why aren’t the police attacking the government for bad policies?

The paradigm is all up the shit. The problem is not the people, the problems lie squarely at the feet of the governments.

It is my opinion that anyone who wants to be a politician should be taken out the back and shot because they are inherently evil. Politicians should be elected from those nominated by the people, not chosen by political parties. The party system is crap, and gives us shitty politicians as a result.

I went out for sushi last night after work. I love my sushi, also it’s healthy. But I had too much wasabi and spent the night trotting off to the kitchen for iced water; so a very disturbed night.

The heat continues. Although this afternoon there has been some cloud, but it hasn’t reduced the heat. Hopefully the sun will be behind a cloud when I have to walk to work.

I posted this on another blog yesterday.


Are there really people that bloody stupid?

For pities sake, Jesus wrote the Bible, and he did it in English…

Honestly, there are some people who need a brain transplant.

Must get ready to look like a teacher.

Oh, tomorrow is Saturday, so…






This week went quick!

friday25First it was Monday. Then we had a holiday Wednesday, and now it’s Friday already.

Mind you, I’m not complaining!

I’m always pleased to see Friday. Especially this Friday, because I have no classes today.

The weekend is already underway.

I finally managed to get the BBQ dishes finished. I have been to the supermarket.

I increased my wine collection by three…


And as soon as I stop blathering here, I’m off to cook lunch.

Yesterday during my peregrination I bought one of these…



When I got home, I turned it into these…


Lixo will be pleased, because he gets the scraps of raw fish as I slice the fillets into a friable size.

Now It will become this…

Fish and Chips

Fish ‘n Chips

Doesn’t that look yummy?

The rest of the day will be spent – relaxing!

I may/may not get some more blogging done. I have a swag of likes and comments to reply to. I always, well, nearly always visit the blogs of those who comment/like, so there is a lot to do today and I still have three blogs to post on and a nap to have.

That should take me through to dark.


Yes, always a happy time of the week.

Normally Fridays are part of my weekend, but I have a lesson today.

After that, it’s beer o’clock.

This is also the end of the month for me. Pay day is Monday and I have made it with cash to spare. That’s always a good sign.

I have been moderately busy this morning, not busy busy, just busy enough not to be bored.

It’s noisy outside. A group of the neighbours and hangers-on have decided to have a BBQ in the park right across from my gate. They’re not the neighbours I associate with, they are far more considerate when it comes to making noise. These guys have got music being played through an amplifier, far too bloody loud. It’s one of the down-sides of living in Brazil. I hate to say it, but they’re part of the poverty, lacking education part of Brazilian life.

A pleasant little interlude. I went out to water the plants and scowl fiercely over the fence. Didn’t make any difference. I mean I really wouldn’t mind if they were playing music, but the crap they have on is not music, it’s the banal nauseating repetitious beat of rap. It’s the absolute pits. I’m not expecting them to play Beethoven, just something that is at least pleasant on the ear and not a neuron wrenching blare.

Well, it has arrived. The time to get desmellified and assume an acceptable appearance. Who knows, somebody might take me for a teacher.


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