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Not taking any chances

firefoxwindowsThe fridge is up and the net is fixed.

I’m not taking any chances and am getting this post in while the going’s good.

I would have been further ahead if FireFox hadn’t just crashed, and I am rewriting what I had just written.

The techy type from up the road came by yesterday and got the fridge to make the right noises again. Now 24 hours later, it’s still making those noises; music to my ears after seven days without a fridge.

Now I have the unpleasant task of cleaning out the fridge. All the perishables have gone, but I discovered ghastly maggots in the old water in the bottom tray… Ooooh they’re on my nasty list. One of the beasties of this world I hate.

Another hot day, just like yesterday. Only made bearable by the wind.

I really must go shopping. Now that I am sure the fridge is fridgificating again, I have to fill it in order to eat.

anorexicak47Silly Box: The AK-47, the world’s most recognisable gun has been remodlled. Honestly, it looks terrible. It looks like it has anorexia. Just what the world needs, an anorexic machine gun.

More from the silly box: North Korea has banned anyone from using Kim Jong-un’s name. ANyone sharing the name must change it. Talk about paranoia.

Cigarettes in South Korea are now 80% more expensive… This anti-smoking shit is a great money spinner. I read the other day that smoking can actually be beneficial. Oh, you don’t believe me… Check this article out.

More on smoking. Apparently these e-Cigarettes have 20x more formaldehyde than the product they are replacing.

I’m off to enjoy the sun and a lunchtime beer.


I’ve forgotten the damned title

I had a couple of ideas, but a bottle of beer and Nap-fu practice, and they have gone.

It’s Monday and so far only good things.

My fridge is fixed, it’s back in its corner fridgificating.

I can now venture out and buy food. But not at this late hour. 4pm and the supermarket will be packed. So pizza for dinner tonight.

Today was another day that started off hot. 7am and I was sitting here sweating, it was litteraly running down my face until I turned the fan back on. But it’s cooled off since lunchtime and is now cloudy.

Jungle tobacco

Jungle tobacco

I am trying some jungle tobacco. I found it in the shop that sells sushi stuff. It’s cheap and it is pure leaf, no nasty chemicals.

It looks like a black thick coiled rope and they just cut off however much you want.

I’ll let you know how it goes.

I have smoked it before when in the jungle in Peru. At the moment it is damp, needs to dry out a bit.

Wordpress Identicon

WordPress Identicon

I had a beef the other day. Actually, it is something that has often bugged me.

I hate these identicon thingies that replace my avatar on some blogs. Why are these necessary?

I remember I had to adjust settings to make my avatar show up on my own blog.

Very annoying.

It’s snowing on my blog until 4th January. It doesn’t snow here in Rio, but our Happiness Engineer convinced me to try it. So snow it is, and snow is what you get.

I see that more accusations of corruption have surfaced over the 2018 and 2022 FIFA World Cup selections.

Ebola has not gone away. It is still very much with us. 16,000 infected and deaths now stand at 7,000.

Uruguay had elections, the left won. So Uruguay gets to keep it’s innovative cannabis laws.

There’s nothing realy to qualify for the Silly Box, although I suppose if I looked hard enough, I could find something, but there is a cold bottle of beer calling me from the botequim and that means it’s beer o’clock.


Getting in Early

Another screwed up Saturday.

Rained again overnight, so it’s still cool.

fridge_cleaningMy fridge is having a mid-life crisis, it’s decided it doesn’t want to be a fridge anymore. I mean it’s not fridging. Techy type neighbour had a look yesterday and put in a new part that was burnt out, but there is more of a problem. Hopefully he will find the solution today. But I have to go to work this morning, and he’s likely to escape.

The horrific part about it is, my icecream melted.

The good part about it meant that I had to have a BBQ yesterday to use the all the meat.

I’ll probably have another today to use the rest.

So, apart from the BBQ there’s not a lot to write about.

Silly Box: Inmates in a Venezuela jail rioted and broke into the infirmary taking a variety of drugs, a combination of anti-seizure drugs, insulin, antibiotics and hypertension treatments. Silly buggers, serves them right.

A new survey has now shown that 80% of chicken in British supermarkets is contaminated with camphylobactor. There are calls to people to boycott chicken until the industry cleans up its act.


Why am I here?

Standing in front of the fridge, "Why am I here?"

Standing in front of the fridge, “Why am I here?”

That’s a question I have often asked myself in moments of an intense philosophical attack.

But not so this morning as I stood in front of the fridge, coffee cup in hand, wondering, “Why am I here?”

Eventually the fog cleared, and I reached for the milk.

I have these philosophical flashes from time to time, normally they are more fitting to enormity and complexity of life and occur in the strangest of places. They can hit me while I am doing the dishes, sitting in the throne room or simply trying to go to sleep.

You’ll notice the fridge is faily full, and not a beer in sight. Cold pizza, yes, cold savouries, yes, but no beer. That means that after class I’ll have to set my personal GPS to ‘botequim‘ in case I get lost.

redpendriveI am clearing a pendrive, making a backup. Two of my students last night reported that they found a virus file called Kick Ass on their pendrives after I had given them some study files.

I was surprised because I have never seen any sign of this on either my PC here, or lappy at work. So I am going to reformat my pendrive, and transfer files from the lappy at work, to see if this Kick Ass bastard appears.

I have to get most of my posts up before work, 50 minutes away, because after work, and after a beer if my GPS works as it should, the last thing I’ll want feel like doing is posting.

I haven’t made any notes since my post yesterday. That’s a fairly solid indication that nothing has in fact happened in the world, either on a global or personal level.

So with nothing to snarl about this morning, I’ll blog along.


Evicting Polar Bears

polar-bear-global-warming-1This morning I opened my fridge and the polar bears were dancing with glee chanting there’s no global warming here!

How wrong they were. There was so much ice around the thermostat that the fridge has stopped being a fridge.

Now, I am in the middle of a major defrost. The fridge ice is melting faster than Greenland’s glaciers.

The kitchen floor floods when I do this, so I have to be on hand evry ten minutes with a squeegee to send the flood out to the yard.

Thank you to all those who wished a me pre-Birthday wishes, much appreciated.

b29e6e0708f50c5c65e8576f70aeea52Remember yesterday, I feared that something worthy of a Monday could happen? It did! At the supermarket checkout, all my buyings packed and ready to go… and I discovered my bank card wasn’t in my wallet. Luckily the big white chief was within shouting distance and came to the rescue. He let me go with the shopping and to pay later. The frete (delivery) driver said he’d never seen that before. I have had several conversations with him over the couple of years since the supermarket opened, so was on quite good terms. The truth of the matter was, I had no idea where my card was… I couldn’t be sure I hadn’t lost it, which would have meant a delay in paying. Luckily, when I got home, it was with the receipt from the botequim, where I paid last Thursday. Pheeeew!

So, yes, shit happens on Mondays.

Pickjled beetroot, yummy with beef and beer

Pickled beetroot, yummy with beef and beer

I’ve started readying things for BBQs at the end of the week. Last night boiled up some beetroot and it’s now in jars pickling in the fridge alongside the pickled onions.

I have to make some sauerkraut today and some chimichurri, which is a sort of Argentinian pesta with garlic. Garlic butter is also on the agenda. I love garlic bread with a BBQ.

I read a post yesterday that mentioned lomo saltado, which is a Bolivian/Peruvian alpaca steak dish. The name has always amused me. Lomo saltado, translated literally means “jumped alpaca steak”. What is that? An alpaca that has been jumped. I’d rather not know about the sex life of my meal.

Talk about US intelligence. How effective is their intelligence gathering? They have admitted that they didn’t know about the attack on the islamists at Libya’s airport by unknown aircraft, it “took them by surprise.” So much for their great intelligence network.

Russia is claiming that their latest military incursion into Ukraine was a mistake by troops that got lost. Pull the other leg, it’s got bells on it!

Some years back – five/six or so, on blogs long gone, I dared to suggest that the US was on the path to becoming a Spanish speaking third world country. Boy did I get rubbished for that. So much so, that one of my blog followers whom I knew well unfollowed having taken umbrage at the mere thought. I was later vidicated by the publishing of a book touting the same idea by a prominent American political writer.

Today I read that for the first time US schools will have a non-white majority this coming school year. 51%, but it’s the tip of the iceberg.

Sorry, Jim, how wrong was I?

Warm and sunny, hotter than nyesterday, expected high, 35ºC.

Nothing planned until 6pm when I have class.

I have another post teetering on a new record… Yay! Can it tip the scales?

Still posts to do, so I’ll blog along.








Oskiz for cats

I had a sleepless night, finally making coffee a little before 6am.

The sad news is that the neighbour’s cat died too last night on the way to the vets.

Andrew suggested that she was a star. I never thought about that before, a Blogstarlette… She was as was Cloro, her father before her, and Lixo before them. They were all stars over the blogger world through my blog.

I’m sure those hieroglyphics on the base say “Oskiz for cats”. They deserve one.

Thank you all for your kind words, they are appreciated immensely.

I can’t decide whether Clorinha is rolling around in that big catnip field in the sky with a delirious look, or that she’s found the eternal fridge and waiting for her mincemeat or corned beef to be served.

She was always hopeful.

Full of hopez

Haz cornz beef?

Clorinha is the fifth cat to pass on since I have lived here. Meow Meow and da Meow were both poisoned, Lixo was killed by a teenager with a slingshot, Cloro we suspect was catnapped because of his terrible good looks, and now Clorinha.

I am not down, as I expect another wanting kitten will cross my path, maybe one of Kitty’s kittens. She hasn’t been around for two days, I expect she is a mother by now.

I was raised by a large ginger Tom, who slept with me in the bassinet and then my cot. It was he who taught me Meowese and turned my life into a catperson. Like Rachel who substituted her deceased cat with dogs, I couldn’t; I’m not bowlingual.

Except my travelling years, there has always been a cat in my life, or short periods expecting one.

Last night one of the regulars at the bar suggested the world needs more people who have the Dom (way) with animals; the world would be a better place.

I replace my grief for passing pets with the philosophy that I am here to care for them while they’re here, once they go ‘over there’, my job is done. I do not own my cats, heaven forbid, cats won’t be owned.

The old story that “A dog has a master, a cat has staff” was never so true.

Every Saturday is Caturday on my blog Some Animals are Crackers, there you can get an idea that I think animals are fun. When we laugh together with them, we care.

Now I have to go plant a tree.



The planting is done. Clorinha has her very own guava tree.

Clorinh's guava tree alongside the palm of my other neighbour's fox terrier

Clorinha’s guava tree alongside the palm of my other neighbour’s fox terrier

Dead Man’s Chest

Loverly plonk

Yo ho ho and a bottle of rum, ah wine!

This wine, in fact ——–>

I put yesterday’s theory to the test and had a bottle of wine with lunch, then after lunch and for afternoon tea. By that time the bottle was empty.

I was still quite lucid and hadn’t forgotten anything, least of all the fact that I live next door; so I conclude that red wine, at least, is good for the memory.

The test for white wine will take place another day without classes.

After lunch, I took the bottle and my wine glass to the botequim, Raimundo looked at me askance as I announced I was bringing a touch of class to his humble bar.

He’s quite used to the eccentricities of his foreign neighbour, so didn’t bat an eyelid as I hauled a plastic chair off the pile and sat at the table on the veranda to pour another glass.

I sat there for the afternoon quaffing my Merlot in the afternoon sun.

I had a successful day yesterday; I successfully shattered a glass ashtray on the bedroom floor. It wasn’t one of those planned thingies. As I emptied it in the trash can, I clipped the edge of the table and it went sailing magnificently through the air to shatter quite spectacularly on the slate floor.

My immediate thought was, “Bugger, well that’s one less to wash!”

Lethargy – one of my commenters appraised lethargy as being a sophisticated way of saying ‘fat, lazy slug’. The subject was 40ºC+ temps of a Spanish summer. While we all strive to be sophisticated, sometimes ‘fat, lazy slug’ just fits the bill perfectly.

Have you had your oprectomy yet?

Anyone in there?

Anyone in there?

Another comment on another blog wrote about another ‘ectomy’ operation that he had undergone, which reminded me of a historic cartoon in the days before hard drives.

Basically, it described this delicate oprectomy as an operation that severs the cord that connects your eyeballs to your rectum to remove your shitty outlook on life.

This small operation improves one’s life immensely.

There, that’s enough medicine for the day.

Not only Japan!

Not only Japan!


Proof that the human race learns nothing.

The Japanese are looking at restarting two reactors…

Shit, haven’t they done enough damage to the planet with Fukushima?

IMHO, any country that has earthquake risks and tidal waves should be banned from even thinking about nuclear energy.

Australia have abandoned the carbon tax. Tony Abbot is a wanker taking the country back to the stone age. Now he wants to pay the carbon producing industries to control their carbon output; how twisted is that? Paying the criminal not to steal…

A fridge should have more than just beer

A fridge should have more than just beer

Sunny still day out there, I haven’t given lunch a thought… there’s no lunch in the fridge to think about.

I could, of course, rectify that, but it means putting on more than my underpants. Now is that lethargy, or just being a fat, lazy slug?

I conclude from the ‘Likes’ on my last two posts, that my readers are more interested in the bowels of my camera and my voices than vaginas and arseholes…

Let’s see what they make of a post in which I said ‘rectum’.

Now, just because I have mentioned arseholes and rectums in two subsequent posts, don’t go jumping to the conclusion that I have a rectal fixation. The only connection I have with my rectum is between me and the toilet paper and the toilet paper isn’t talking.

Just enough time to have a nap, before I don’t have lunch.



Today is another holiday in Brazil…

This time, Tiradentes.

Tiradentes on the 5 centavo coin

Tiradentes on the 5 centavo coin

Joaquim José da Silva Xavier, was a leading member of the Brazilian revolutionary movement whose aim was full independence from the Portuguese colonial power and to create a Brazilian republic. When the plan was discovered, Tiradentes was arrested, tried and publicly hanged on 21 April 1792. Since the 19th century he has been considered a national hero of Brazil. Tiradentes means “tooth puller”, a reference to his practicing dentistry, amongst other things.

So we all get another day off, and another dollar poorer.

I should add supermarket

I think I need to bring out my To-Do list again.

Yes, I really need to go to the supermarket.

My vege basket is empty, my fruit basket is empty, my bread basket is empty and the fridge is empty.

Oh, it’s got water and beer…

Clorinha has figured out that tasty yummies (mincemeat) is kept in the fridge, so now every time I open the fridge, a little white kitten magically appears from nowhere. Now Clorinha is learning that every time I open the fridge doesn’t mean food for the kitty. One of life’s tough lessons.

Clorinha is exhausted and asleep on the sofa. She’s had her morning ‘bedlam’ racing through the house dragging yesterday’s underpants along the way. They’ve been in the kitchen, in the living room, under the bed, outside, inside, and they’ve come to rest on the coffee table looking rather dusty and bedraggled.

Interesting erroneous comment from David Cameron, “Britain as a Christian country…” Apparently, he’s wrong again. There are more non-Christians and non-believers in Britain than Christians according to statistics. So much for God, the Queen and the country.

So, I had better do some water-splashing so I don’t smell to bad, and head off to the supermarket.



All blogs done, this is the last today.

Message timed: 9:30am & four coffees.

Time on my Hands

Time on my Hands

The week before last, I decided to get my hair cut while I was in town and had time on my hands.

I should wash them more often.

“No. 1 comb, all over!” Which is my usual request, “But DON’T touch the moustache!”

It was duly done.

I walked out and the cool morning air felt strange but refreshing around my head, and I went about my business.

Sporting a reasonable growth

I usually get my hair and beard cut about three or four times a year, so I normally sport a reasonable growth.

That photo was taken by Emmylee, my daughter, a couple of  years ago when she was five. I have since lost a lot of the paunch, not all, but a lot.

As a photographer, she did well. There are not many good photos around of me.

She loves the digital camera and when she comes over for a BBQ she takes photos until the battery dies of exhaustion or exasperation, I’ve never figured out which.

But, back to the icthyfication. My beard is itching like I had never grown one before. It’s never done that before.

Yesterday’s post surprised me, 14 Likes. I had expected a good number of Likes in the previous day’s post where I said ‘penis’ and ‘vagina’, but apparently the secret is Dora the Explorer; or was it people’s fascination with my water?

The BBQ mentioned, didn’t happen, and I am still waiting for the guy to come and check my water… But then I have been waiting 10 days which is a pretty Brazilian time frame. One gets used to it.


Empty fridge

The guy who is going to look at my water passed by, said he’ll be back later with his ladder.

So now I am stuck at home waiting once again.

I really need to go to the supermarket, the polar bears in the fridge are complaining there’s nothing to eat.

I told them it was due to global warming…

Actually, I have spinach, a piece of rump steak and some cheese, so I could survive until tomorrow. And, then there is the wine…



There, that’ll do for the day, I’m off to have a whine…. right after my nap.


In the end, there was happiness

oiw_2421apg_g-500x500After waiting all day for the techie to arrive, he finally did, at 6pm.

I tried to fathom how 6pm could be equated with ‘first thing in the morning’, but without success; it was beyond my rationale.

He gave me a new router, not the same as before, but similar.

It works like a dream. I can upload, I can download, and I’m sure if I tried I could sideload as well.

Mine hasn’t got the antenna thingy, it’s connected direct to PC.

So I have been able to post on all my blogs this morning and still have time for a nap. No stress, no frustration, no swearing, no cantankerous outbursts.

Hot day today. The ninth hot day in a row with temps above 38°C (100°F), yesterday the thermal sensation was 50°C. Last night it was impossible to sleep. We are due for a change today, probably late afternoon and a cooler day (34°C) is forecast for tomorrow.

The fridge is all but empty, so I must have some therapy today at the supermarket. I don’t really want to go far, the botequim next door would be far enough.

mango-juice_6Lunch yesterday was a simple affair, leftovers (part of an onion, part of a tomato, grated cheese, chopped gherkins) in a pound of mincemeat and made a six inch hamburger steak.

Today’s lunch will be a variety on the same theme, I’ll chop a handful of parsley and mix again. I resisted putting the remains of the vanilla cake in too.

I was given some mangoes by a neighbour, so the juice de jour will be fizzy mango (I’ll make it with the last of the sparkling mineral water).

My poor fluffy Cloro has been suffering these last few days. I have never seen a cat pant with tongue lolling like a dog before. He has both fresh water and milk available, so it’s not for the want of liquids; and I have been giving him fresh mince meat instead of dried shit hoping that that also will give him moisture.

Time for the news.



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