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Three o’bloodyclock

monday-memes-mercury1That’s the time my day started!

Couldn’t sleep because of the cold, it shrunk my bladder.

Finally denapped about seven, to find not one, but two cats asleep within striking distance on the sofa. Yes, it looks like Clorinha and Kitty have made an uneasy truce. Oh, I must explain, Kitty when said in Portuguese, is pronounced Kitchy, just so you don’t get it wrong. She had a leisurely breakfast until Clorinha batted at her with a “‘it’s-my-turn” paw.

I made coffee, and settled in front of the ‘puter. I had already achieved most of my posting at three o’bloodyclock.

This morning I have to get money from the money machine, pay my rent, buy a new mouse and get some Enos. Now, isn’t that exciting?

It’s Monday, what can go wrong?

The possibilities are infinite.

At least there won’t be any students ringing me to cancel classes… I don’t have students on a Monday.

I am not suffering today, I had two leftover pizza halves with beer last night. Ah, that was after the bottle of Bordeaux with lunch.

So far, I have had an exciting morning. I got a new bottle of gas. It’s the simple things in life that make it worthwhile.

I see in the news that people are complaining about people having BBQs in public places… wankers. Take a leaf out of the Brazilian handbook; where you complain, but you complain about not being invited. We have BBQs in the praça all the time; there were two yesterday.

I am between two thoughts, have a nap, or go to town…

The bed is closer.



Left Until the Last Minute


New liqueur glasses

… again!

It’s just started to rain. Now that in itself is not startling news, but the force of the rain means thunder and lightning soon, and the possibility of the net going down.

So, if I don’t do it now, I may not get it done.

Like my new liqueur glasses?

The other day at the mall, I saw these… marked down from R$19 to R$8; couldn’t resist them. Such an impluse. I bought four.

‘Putin’ things mildly, things regarding Ukraine are getting really screwed up. Of course the whole thing has nothing to do with…

Hey, who turned the lights out?

Hey, who turned the lights out?

And that’s about when the lights went out!

‘I tried to save draft’ when the lights flickered, but no luck.

Changed to text, copied and pasted into a word .doc, just before things went black.

Anyway, let’s move on.

…sovereignty. It’s all to do with oil and gas. That’s why the collective European sphincter is quivering, 70% of Europe’s gas comes through the Ukraine, and they don’t want to rock the boat. You can guarantee that the USA is jumping on the bandwagon because there is oil involved. I don’t know the full story there. But, could the Ukraine become the next Afghanistan?

I’m going to finish here, just in case the ‘lights out’ repeats itself; there is some horrendous sounding thunder out there, which means some wicked lightning is on the away.


A Symbiotic Relationship


He even gets to pee on something new

Is one where both parties benefit in some way from each other.

Take my relationship with Lixo, for example.

I need nothing.

Lixo wants food, comfort and a medical plan (not Obamacare).

We both get what we need.

Today has just frittered away, it’s already 1:30, lunch is still in the oven, a pork roast.

I have had one of those days consulting the great god google. I put a phrase in the search and see what comes up. I have been looking for repurposing and recycling thisngs like computers, pianos and other junk. It’s surprising what comes up. It’s also a great way to waste a day.

I have discovered that now I need a new stove. This is the second time I have cooked a roast and noticed the smell of gas. Not enough to explode, but sufficient for a headache. I have opened all the windows to air the house, but a woozy head is not a nice sensation.

reverseI often have weird thoughts.

Like the one I had when I saw this meme thingy.

What would happen if animals treated us humans as we treat them?

The leopard has every right to her thong.

We don’t have a very good track record when it comes to such things.

Imagine a rhinoceros wanting human noses, or elephants wanting to rip out our teeth to make ornaments, song birds wanting to keep us in cages for amusement… the list goes on.

*Involuntary shudder*


This is what my roast pork looked like an hour and a half ago. The garlic is already done and the kitchen smells divine. The meat should be ready about now, so…


A Little Light in your Life

Yes, after yesterday, the candles are back on the wine rack, the new light bulb is installed, I have returned the stepladder and paid for yesterday’s beer. It’s been a busy morning.

Oh, I have also been blogging. Five posts so far and this makes six.

I forgot to tell you, last weekend I started a new blog project. One of the reasons I was not so active, the other was lethargy.

Blogger’s Cafe was one of my original blogs before Google got the snots and deleted everything.

It is a blog where you can find good blogs to read. The original had 1,000s of blogs listed. The new blog at present has four, but in time it will grow. Every now and then I see a blog that really has merit and I list it on the Cafe. Little by little I will restore what I had to it’s former glory. I’m taking a risk, because it is a Blogspot blog, and I run the risk of losing it again; I hope not. The reason I am using Blogspot, is that as a free platform it is more versatile than WordPress and I can use gadgets/widgets that WordPress free won’t allow. Only Library 1 is active at the moment, Library 2 hasn’t been created yet.

I am not doing reviews as I did on my original, but each blog will have an intro post on the front page.

Check it out.

I must get my sole fillets out of the freezer for lunch.

Later, you may get another Sunday Travel post.

Lucky day, the gas truck was outside the gate and I went to investigate. They had a promotion in gas price, saved R$5 on my next bottle of gas…

Big Bang

Big Bang

Not quite that big!

This was fact not theory.

Last night on the way home from work; not that there was any work, I got there and both students decided not to have class, so I turned right around and got the van home.

As I was saying; last night on the way home from non-work, my boss Denis got on the van at the next stop (wait, wait… that’s not the exciting bit). After a detour through a nearby suburb because of road works and traffic we hit the main highway again, Cachamorra and more works. Strange smell, I mentioned that there was the strong smell of gas, there was, it was overpowering. So much so that I asked Denis if he had farted. He looked hurt, the van was crowded. But there was, a very strong smell of domestic gas, as opposed to gastric.

The incident passed and I got home okay. Only to be told by a neighbour that not long after we had passed there was a huge gas explosion and it had totally disrupted rush hour traffic.

You never know how close you can be.

Everything is happening today. Pay day, CTWW (posted), day off, supermarket day, pay bills day so it’s going to be full on. All this takes a whole day, mainly because of the 45km (30 mile) trip to Barra and then back again. But I will console myself with a leisurely sushi lunch while there, so all is not lost.

I am leaving a little later today, because I am waiting for a phone call to verify if one of the other teachers is going in by car and thereby avoiding a bus ride.

So I should go and have a shower and put on some smellies.


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