No, not Mt Everest

No, not Mt Everest

Yes, I have to scale a mountain.

No, it’s not a Mt Everest type mountain, I am referring to the pile of dishes that is htaunting me from the kitchen sink.

Had BBQ, was delicious.

I am going to delicious again today with the leftovers. But I have to conquer Mt Dishes first.

I was going to take a photo, but I decided I was too ashamed to let you see the devastation.

A comment yesterday, gave me something to think about. Sean expressed a level of envy at my lifestyle. I had never thought about that before. I had always considered that my lifestyle was rather mundane, soaked in wine, but ordinary. That someone could be jealous, never occurred to me. Perhaps, my eleven years travelling around South America and having all sorts of adventures, could make some jealous. But the tedium of beer, BBQ and dishes… nah!

It’s going to be another tedious day.

Cloudy, but not the rainy sort of cloudy, just the type of cloudy that takes the heat out of the sun type cloudy.

I am behind in replying to comments, again. I’ll have to get on with them after this post. It beats doing the dishes for another 10 minutes.

I saw this the other day…


Then I saw this…


Really makes me wonder what is happening on this planet.

And then some idiot did this…

And now we have…


Well, I hope you had a laugh, it’s good for body and soul.