Every PC should have this button

Yesterday was canceled. My only student of the day postponed her class until Friday, so with the day free, I got on the next bus to ‘Pay Day.’

Which is just as well, I was counting my pennies until Friday to make sure I had the bus fare to work.

I arrived hopeful. Only to have any immediate ideas of getting my pay dashed as the office manager was still at the bank.

It was only a half hour wait. She arrived and tried so hard to look serious announcing, “The bank didn’t have any money, they can’t get the vault open.” I made no comment; I know when she’s lying. I just sat in the waiting room and flipped through the pages of a French magazine. My name was called… I ran, grabbed, counted and escaped all in one fluid movement, shouting a thank you over my shoulder; I was in the elevator before I finished.


As always, my pay day treat is sushi. A wonderful sushi lunch before heading back to the wild west of Rio where I live. I had two choices; one, I could get a van that went via Cachamorra and get of at the supermarket, two, I could get one that went via Magarça and pay the rent. The dice were not on my side. I paid the rent.

Off I went to explore the possibility of a laptop. I had seen one advertised on TV for R$899, the promotion had finished, the price was now a hundred dearer. But they did have one left, the ‘mostuario‘ (display unit). Okay, give me a discount and I’ll pay cash and take it. The system wouldn’t allow him to discount it. So I walked out after telling him in no uncertain terms that because of shop policy, they had lost a sale in cash (when the majority of  Brazilians buy on time payment or credit card).

I got the van home. Dumped my stuff on the sofa and off to the botequim. Brazil was playing a ‘friendly’ Ghana. I saw the last half hour. Brazil 1, Ghana 0. Home to check my emails.

Then is was time for my soaps and the news. So the day was canceled as far as blogging was concerned.

I managed a couple of posts because, I had drafted them on Sunday and only need to publish them. I have never done that before… handy.

Now, I need more coffee, then work.