Monday is blank.

I have no plans, therefore I fully expect it to be a success.

Looming clouds

Looming clouds – image: Emmylee

Yesterday, as Plan B, was a success. The second BBQ of the weekend. Ex & kids arrived late after the bus broke down and they had to wait for another.

Food was immediately available when they arrived, as I had be BBQing for an hour already.

The day wasn’t hot, as clouds looming over the treetops.

Emerson avoiding Emmylee's attempt to capture him for posterity

Emerson avoiding Emmylee’s attempt to capture him for posterity

Branco, second eldest didn’t appear for the second time. Ex told me he was at church; not to get religionificated or Godifed or anything serious for at church, ‘here there be girls.’ Branco is a typically testosterone driven sixteen year old with hormones are on overdrive. Therefore when it comes to BBQ with stepdad or church; guess which wins. NB: No prizes for correct answer.


It could have been worse… – image: Emmylee

Emmylee went berserk with the camera, snapping off 170+ photos before the battery died of exhaustion; 130 of which I edited for blurs, fingers in front of the lens and uninteresting things like the dead rat on the compost heap.

So about 5pm ex decided it was time to go home to avoid the rain.

Emerson wanted to watch the football game. At 18, he fast becoming a Brazilian male. “Just five minutes more.”

I explained to ex that ‘five minutes’ more football is about the same as ‘five minutes’ is to a woman getting ready to go out. Both infinitely flexible time frames.

So ended a wonderful afternoon.