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Diminished Responsibility

Responsibility hides in here somewhere

Responsibility hides in here somewhere

It’s Sunday, I pleading diminished responsibility. Or taking whatever amendment of the constitution that says I can’t incriminate myself.

All was going well this morning. The laundry lady came and went, I had Nap-fued, I had emptied my mail box and had posted on most blogs.

Noon! That was when it happened.

Smells of BBQ wafted through my window.

“I have to investigate,” I said to myself.

I arrived with bottle of chilled beer just as they were serving liver, wonderful succulent BBQed liver.

My body cried “Gout!” A horrible thought that was immediately pushed to the back of the mind as I reached for the proffered platter.

And that… my dear readers, was that.

But the story doesn’t end there, oh no.

I paid my dues at the bar, ready to come home, and there was another BBQ right opposite my gate, on the praça side. I passed by (I hade to cross the road to do so), and was told “Pull up a chair!” I did as I was told. More BBQ, served with sides, rice, potato salad, forrofa and molho… AH, lunch.

By the time I got home three hours later, I was knackered (figuratively speaking) and seriously needed some more Nap-fu as I had now been BBQed twice.

It’s 4pm…

The football has started. Flamengo playing some obscure team. But I am compelled to post. To tell you that I have been a bad boy. My mouth is as dry as a little wooden god; too much salt, and I am drinking iced sparkling mineral water for penance… One should observe ones penance on a Sunday, don’t you think?

So it is that I have survived the entire day without making a single dirty dish to wash.

Sunday can be such a wonderful day of the week.

I look forward to another next week.




Before I go out to Play

I must do the honours here.

I just love mamão

I just love mamão

I have posted on all blogs, mostly satire-type thingies, I have watered the plants, I have replanted a mamão tree (papaya) from an area of risk; you just can’t trust these four-year-old thugs that hang around here, they’ll yank anything out. I washed some dishes, I napped, I washed some more dishes while lunch was cooking and duly devoured.

I just went outside to take a photo of my ‘saved’ mamoeiro (papaya tree), it’s looking a bit sick; maybe I should have left it to the thugs.

Clorinha has discovered the aerial plug for the TV, yesterday and today, she has managed to disconnect it. It’s supposed to screw in, but I can’t screw it in, maybe corrosion.

Easter is passing nicely; hardly know it’s there. Which suits me fine. Shops here have been caught with their pants down stocking up to 20% more than last year… and nobody’s buying. Today they’re full of specials, 50+% discount. Greedy bastards, I hope they get stuck with them.

I discovered yesterday something shocking. I have a mild case of gout, comes and goes. Among the many causes, red meat and beer. I nearly cried. Two of life’s intrinsic pleasures… I’ll suffer!


It’s not fair

In fact, I’m going to suffer right after this post, it will be beer o’clock.

There’s not actually much to write about today. Sunny weather, but coolish. Rain forecast for tomorrow, let’s see if the forecasters can get their shit together this time.

My PC groaned and came to a grinding halt three times yesterday. But I was doing some heavy CorelDraw stuff and my RAM is not big enough. At least it didn’t melt or go into radioactive fallout mode.

Have you ever gone for a nice walk with your dog in the park admiring the trees that line the way?

Have you ever wondered how your dog sees things?


Priorities create differing perspectives.

I’m going out to play.


It’s not over yet

funnycatgoutBBQ Christmas Eve

BBQ Christmas Day

BBQ Today

Dinner out on the course tomorrow.

Oh my gout is going to kill me!

And it all starts again for New Year. Then I have a week to recover before my fist classes.

Seriously, New Year won’t be as heavy as Christmas.


You all know how I hate selfies.

The girls took control of the camera yesterday, and guess what? Selfies…

My two xodos (darlings), yes, it's a selfie

My two xodos (darlings), yes, it’s a selfie

They managed 130+ photos before the battery gave out exhausted. I resuscitated it this morning.

Must away, my soap-opera is due to start…


A Comfort Stop

beerAfter yesterday’s depressing news, I opted for a comfort stop last night after class. Yes, I headed for Brazeiro, my favourite BBQ restaurant, red meat and beer…

Oh, the bliss!

But I was a good boy. I avoided the other gout irritating foods like scallops, herring, turkey and liver. They didn’t have any…. LOL!

I am currently looking out the window. It has decided to rain somewhat heavily, just an hour before I am due to leave for work. If it continues, I’ll cancel the first class and hopefully stay dry for the second.

I had hoped to go early and pass by downtown to pay my rent. But I have this aversion, get wet to part with money… don’t be stupid! I had also hoped to buy an extension chord and remote for my ‘new’ TV and do my reorg tomorrow. But that can wait.

mr_bean_popeI see we have been poped!

I was a bit disappointed that it only took five votes over two days. You get a better deal with Big Brother, at least they are sequestered for three months. I have about the same level of interest in both the conclave and BB… zero! You can read about the similarities on They Say it’s in the Genes.

Now, the big question is, can Pope Francis drag the church screaming from the Middle Ages?

I need more coffee…


Deep, deep, profound depression

Yesterday, I wrote about eating rabbit food healthy. Today on a whim I googled ‘foods to avoid for gout’. I suffer from gout in my right leg, one of the reasons I use my walking stick.

Just look at those scallops...

Just look at those scallops… juicy, delicious scallops

The first reference: Eight foods to avoid…

  1. steak & red meat
  2. scallops
  3. herring
  4. turkey
  5. beer
  6. soda
  7. asparagus
  8. liver

OMG, just bury me now!

The good news is I can drink coffee.

I can drink water too as long as it’s not in beer. I can eat rabbit food.

Why, oh why do I do such stupid things on a whim? I would have preferred not to know. The same reason I have no idea of my cholesterol level nor my blood pressure; I just just don’t want to know. Life is short enough without these stressful thoughts surging through one’s brain further shortening life. I want to enjoy what life I have.

I have always been of the opinion that hardening of the arteries and heart problems were a result of modern living, but I read yesterday that they weren’t unknown 4,000+ years ago. Evidence has been found in a study of mummies  (what about the daddies?) from various parts of the world, that they also suffered from these problems, in the same age groups as today.

So another myth busted.

Later, I will go and wallow in misery.


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