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Argentina might have Messi, but Brazil has…

I am.

Totally exhausted.

I put in a full eight-hour day yesterday.

Four football matches… and I watched them all.

I saw England lose and Costa Rica trounce Uruguay.

Yesterday when I was searching for images to make my kitty litter toilet paper image, I was greatly disturbed.

No, not about the level of porn that turned up, at my age you learn to ignore that. But the number of recipes and images of kitty litter cake…

Kitty litter cake, cupcakes, brownies and desserts.


OMG, it looks so real!

Disgusting minds that some people have.

The Thai military ‘government’ are cracking down on social media to prevent social unrest. So the people have turned to using sandwiches as a political weapon. Somehow, I can’t imagine a threatening BLT, but the authorities are rumoured that sandwiches will be banned ūüôā

The British government is learning to its cost that young voters are NOT in favour of fracking and law changes, that they are NOT in favour of refusing refugees, that they are NOT in favour of government funding of religious schools. In fact young voters are NOT in favour of much that the government does; either government. Bodes well for the future of Britain.

Dull day out there, maybe no rain but it’s cool. I don’t plan to stray far from the TV after the 1pm kick off; Switzerland vs Ecuador.

Lunch yesterday was rotisserie chicken that I bought from a stand outside the supermarket. Lunch today, cold leftover rotisserie chicken sandwiches; I wonder what message the Thais would get…

Nap-fu time.



Lorem ipsum



I’m going to use that when I can’t think of a title.

I have seen the enemy, and the enemy is carbeerhydrates.

Yes, they are the enemy, those and carbreadhydrates.

I eat and drink and eat a lot of these horrible hydrates.

But they are my comfort food.

Tomorrow is the kick off for the FIFA World Cup. Half of Brazil is excited, the other half… I explained yesterday.

Dilma Rousseff was on TV last night with a damage control presidential message.

All the hype of the past years, and now it’s tomorrow.

No classes, as it has been declared a public holiday.

The rain has stopped momentarily, I was lucky last night, no rain going to work, it only started once I was safely indoors.

Water cannon on the streets of Britain – image BBC News

Political bullshit. London have approved the purchase of three water cannon to use against protesters, a move supported by the prime minister.

If the government need water cannon, it’s not because of the protesters, it’s because the government are failing miserably in their job.

If the government were doing their job as it should be done, then there wouldn’t be any protesters!

The FIFA corruption row is deepening. Seth Blathermouth has been told in no uncertain terms not to run for another term, because he’s become an embarrassment for his myopic views. More damage control.

Two failures this week. Hilary Clinton’s book only received one star votes on Amazon, she’s mortified and reconsidering her run for president. The other I can’t find now, a famous somebodyette in a hyped up movie failed at the box office, grossing just $300,00 in its first weekend in 100+ locations.

I’m going to eat a banana while contemplating the benefits of a nap.



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