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Caught Short

afoulbachfrogfart-coming-russian-rouletteBelly improving. Better than yesterday.

No longer playing Russian Roulette and can fart with confidence.

Although my trip to the supermarket was an adventure. Half way down the second aisle and I knew I wasn’t going to make it to the cashier.

I reversed gear, a perfect three point turn and made a mad dash in the direction of the sanitarios, realising that I would have to pass the cashiers with unpaid goods I grabbed a security type “Look after this!” and hobbled off without waiting for an answer. I made it in time. Returned to the still stunned security guy, thanked him and explained. I’m sure he has had more weird requests.

Whipped back into the ‘drinks’ aisle and selected a bottle of wine. Whizzed through the rest buying hardly anything. Got to the deli and they finally had lard after an absence of three months; didn’t need any, bought 2kg at the other supermarket last week. The milk that was advertised on special was conspicuous by its absence. No Brie, no Camembert, bought a Brazilian cheese with holes. No ham, just presunto apresentado (shit ham pieces pressed together to make a block). I want real ham with the fat on it.

Coffee was too expensive, wait for a special. No Açucar Naturale (raw sugar), I found myself muttering… they couldn’t cause a f**k up in a brothel.

Frete (private car used like a taxi at supermarkets) home. Stacked my shopping away, fed Clorinha, had a nap and here I am.

blank-mindMind goes blank….

While I was waiting for my mind to unblank, I went to get some water and discovered that it’s dark. I had turned the light in my room on earlier and hadn’t noticed that nighttime was encroaching.

Earlier in the day, I came across an excellent post on Organic, Green and True about White vs Brown Rice, good stuff. It prompted me to try some. 20+ metres of shelving with white rice, nine lonely packets of brown rice. White rice currently runs about R$3.20/kg – organic brown rice R$7.95! I bought a pack to try, it’s a good thing my rice usage isn’t like a real Brazilian. I am, of course, expecting miracles for this princely sum, small things like age reversal, hair, new teeth, no wrinkles… I mean there should be some outward signs that the stuff is healthy for you.

An interesting kerfuffle in Britain. What should be judged as good English. The new exam includes texts from some guy testifying about drugs in parliament, Tweets and some FaceBook. The old English private school brigade are up in arms over this and say it is demeaning the language.

Grammar_Police_by_RysisNow while I am an English teacher and a fully paid up member of the grammar police. I am in favour of the language evolving.

Today’s kids need to be prepared for today’s language, not stuck in the realms of some idealistic fuddy duddy who has lost track of what the world is about classing it as rubbish and being only worried about his tenure on the planet, or more likely, parliament. While many see BBC English as being desirable, the kids of today are slipping away, they are making their own future. LOL, WTF and OMG are tomorrow’s English; whether we older folks like it or not, and the kids need to know what they mean.

Time for dinner.




I Put my Pants On

I look nothing like this when I am blogging

I look nothing like this when I am blogging

Men get a bad rap. They are known to blog in the underpants.

I am here today to justify that bad rap. I blog in my underpants.

Probably a lot of women are equally guilty of blogging in their knickers, with or without bra.

I am at home alone, I roll out of bed in the morning, I am comfortable as I am; in my underpants. The only detracting side of this is when I splash hot water while making that all essential first morning coffee. Cloro doesn’t mind, although she sometimes looks at me as though to say “OMG, put some fur on!”

I have also been known to go out into the yard dressed like that. I can’t be seen from the road, unless you’re a pervert peeking through the crack in the gate; nor seen by the neighbours unless they are on their roof, read perverts again.

But this morning, I was out in the yard for some time, and I felt a little more secure in more than just my underpants. I had to water the plants, they were gasping in this heat. Yesterday was 37°C and the forecast today is for 40°C (106°F) with low humidity.

Last night I had some delicious sandwiches. I shaved some pork of the left over BBQ leg chop and put the shavings in some bread, a little pepper and salt… The rest is history.

Lunch today will be an exciting affair, leftover spaghetti bolognaise, somehow it always tastes better as a leftover.

A downer…

Sunday night, I resolved, after much procrastination (years of it) to complete a book that I am writing. I started the book in 2003, and have added to it little by little. The book is on advanced advanced English grammar *puts on Grammar Police Cap*, I have reached the 254 page mark, with about another 20+/- pages to be added.

Part of the procrastination was through losing the file on a shitty hard drive, then recovering it on another shitty hard drive, then recovering it again, on pendrive, and two more hard drives, to ensure that I don’t lose it again.

I decided to print off a hard copy of the book for proof reading. I can’t successfully proof read on the screen, I have to have the paper in front of me. Got to page 41, and and Wah! The black cartridge gave out. More procrastination while I get the cartridge refilled. Plans are to do that when I pay the rent tomorrow.

That’s it for today, other than to say, I want a Beamer like this one…


The Blogger has Blogged

Yes, 9am and I’m almost done.

I have been invited to a BBQ today, the travel arrangements are a bit dicky, but if all goes well, one of my ex-students should arrive within the hour and transport me to the land of plenty, plenty of food, plenty of drink…

4492148_3b0eGrammar police… is ‘blog’ a regular verb, or should we make it irregular? As in blog, blag, blug. This and many other inconsequential thoughts course through my mind at the oddest of moments. Maybe I do drink too much coffee…

Too much coffee, no such animal.

What an absurd thought, too much coffee.

Today is World Rhino Day, I commented on this earlier in the week and it is the Nature Ramble on Eco-Crap today . Go on, go out there, find a Rhino and give it a hug, show you care.

bachinblackOne of my favourite classical pieces is Toccata and fugue in D minor, you know JS Bach stuff.

Reading last night, apparently Johann Sebastian wasn’t a good boy, which surprised me. His music is heavenly, or in the case of Toccata, a little satanic. It turns out the he was the Bachd boy of music. So intrigued was I by this revelation, I posted about it on Tomus Arcanum this morning. You can also listen to Toccata on the video clip, it gives one a good idea of how an organ (real organ) is played.

The other interesting fact about Toccata, it is said by some to be the forerunner of Heavy Metal, now there’s a thought, classical heavy metal.

Well, I must off and make myself presentable. *Turns mysteriously from a blogger to a handsome prince*


Grammar Police

PunctuationsignI posted about the pronunciation of .gif earlier in the week, Gif or Jif, and I was warned that I could be considered a ‘grammar nazi’, I replied that I prefer ‘grammar police’.

I don’t mind being called grammar police, because grammar and punctuation are important. I’m sure that ‘Grandpa’ (r) would agree.

I have also read that the internet is making people stupid. I don’t agree, I believe that people are using the internet to become stupid; a subtle but distinct difference.

My battered shrimp yesterday was a treat.

Well worth the stupendous cost.

The good news is, I can repeat the exercise today, I only used half the shrimp to make a plateful.

I served it with tartare sauce with added crumbled blue vein cheese and a bottle of Italian San Marino white wine, which was finished off watching the UEFA final football match on TV. There wasn’t enough wine to last the whole match, so there was only one recourse… open another bottle, also Italian, but a crudish cab sav.

The sun is out, the day promises to be warmish-hottish. Unlike yesterday which was cloudy and coolish and rainish. I might give me the incentive needed to finishish the cab sav sitting in the praça in the sunnish and watch the world go by.

I’ll leave you with a thought for Sunday…


Later, I’ll just blog right along.


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