I need a keyboard with one of these

OMG, here we are, its nearly a quarter to Wednesday!

I have been MIA since Sunday. Good intentions, but they never manifested.

As I have warned you, expect this intermittent, erratic posting while I am on split days for work. It’s the proverbial pain-in-the-butt.

Tomorrow Brazil vs Urugay in the semi final of the Confederations Cup… and I have class. It’s enough to make a grown man weep.

I am rattling this off before flying off to work.

Lunch was great, boiled spuds and mince. Haven’t had that for so long. Peppery potatoes with oodles of butter. Not good for the health, but great for the soul. It is one of my childhood foods, the mere smell of white pepper on the steaming potatoes is enough to transport me back to mother’s kitchen.

one-real-coin-thumb19645582On Monday night, after work, I was at the botequim for a whistle-wetter, when one of the local scallywags asked more for R$1.

I fished around in my pocket, declaring I didn’t have one; and I pulled out a R$2 note and gave it to him. Then I made him stop in his tracks when I asked him for change… I love teasing them.  The grin I got was worth R$2.

The kids know I am an old softy, despite being known as the neighbourhood velho caduco (grouchy old man).

Time to fly…


Forgot to mention, they were cashew nuts…