Baby poop

Yes, that was my lunch, baby poop.

Yesterday, I went shopping after procrastinating all weekend, I finally got there so there is now food in the fridge instead of a lot of cold nothing.

One of the items I bought was mincemeat (ground beef for our American cousins) that I share with Lixo, he loves mince. My lunch today was simple, squished the mince with garlic sauce, soya sauce and tomato sauce (ketchup for Americans) and slapped long patties on the grill, served with a spicy tomato sauce and baby poop in a toasted bread roll.

I was too lazy to mix real mustard. I have it there in the cupboard, but I was doing a slap-dash lunch and that involves as little preparation as possible.

Today! I finally did something that I have been threatening to do for a long time. I bought the computer for the kids. It’s not a flash one, it’s not duo-core anything. It is a reconditioned secondhand PC. It has 1mb RAM (I paid for the upgrade, 512 today is all but useless), 40mb HD, Pentium 4, it’s internet savvy, and has a CD ROM, I’ll upgrade that to a DVD ROM later. It’s okay for kids who have never had a PC at home before. It came with a functional CRT monitor, keyboard, mouse and I bought a transformer as well. All up it cost R$330 (USD165 +/-). I’ll deliver it Sunday. So the kids will have their first PC at home.

Yesterday, after a cool weekend, it returned to hot, today is also hot. The fan was blowing hot air at 8am. It rained heavily for a half hour, and I suspect it will do the same today about 5pm. I will be safely at work then, hopefully.

Well, blogging right along.