Blogger at work

Bugger me! (don’t take that literally). It’s started raining here about a half hour ago, and now we are having hailstones the size of marbles. Unheard of.

Now tell me there aren’t climatic changes afoot.

The weekend was singularly unexciting. Sunday, I went for a walk to the mini-market, no bread; then I went to the bakery, no bread… so I got changed and called a taxi and went out for lunch. Yes, my favourite BBQ restaurant. A leisurely three-hour lunch in an air conditioned restaurant just the answer to a hot day.

Wow! The storm has really kicked up. Strong winds are buffeting the trees in the park. Still heavy rain and hailstones are battering the tin roof of my carport.

I have never seen this in Rio before.

Prince Harry missed it by two days, he would have felt right at home.

Half an hour later…

A heavy downpour for an hour, and now the sun has appeared as though nothing untoward had happened. I hope it stays that way until 5pm, I have to go out for class then.