Soft and delicate like a Baby's Bottom

Yes, just like a baby’s bottom, heat rash. Here it is called brotoeja, and I suffer every summer.

Must be a sign of royalty in the family to have such sensitive skin, surely.

*Practices the ‘royal wave’*

Didn’t impress Lixo that much.

But then he’s a cat and knows damned well he’s got more royalty flowing through his little veins than I could ever imagine.

Guaranã berries

I just had a nap, a wonderful restful nap with no kitteh gnawing on my big toe. I’m not fully awake yet even though I have had an ice-cold drink of guaranã. Guaranã is great stuff, it is a berry that grows in the Amazon.

Purported to give Brazilian men their sex drive; I’m still waiting to be driven…

The name is pronounced gwah-ra NAH, not gwah-RA-nah as Americans would have it.

I have just noticed that they spell the name Guaraná with an accent, rather than an ã which is correct, must be a marketing reason or some-such.

Guaraná Antarctica

You can get it as soft drink (soda for our American cousins); the most famous brand being Antarctica, yes the same as the beer company.

Or it comes as a cordial and you make it. I do the latter. I’m trying to stay off the ‘fizzies’ because I have discovered that it is often not the ingredients of drinks that cause the major problem with weight, but rather the bubbles.

You can also get the powder as a health food type thingy.

You can even get Guaranã flavoured Eno fruit salts, which I have never tried. I think those flavours are abominable.

No classes today, no classes yesterday, no classes until Monday. Life is good.

But then from Monday on I start work seriously. I have a new student starting, my existing students have opted for some morning classes, so I will have two split days. I hate split days, doubles my getting ready and bus time, doubles my walking distance, reduces my leisure time, still it is all in a good cause… money!

My new fan is wonderful. Compared to my old one this is hurricane-force.

I have discovered a miracle. Well, not really discovered, but found the results. Cow poo! Yes, cow poo is a miracle.

I have often wondered why I am happy in the garden, or outdoors, living in the country surrounded by cow poo.  It’s because cow poo is wonderful. Cow poo has a mind-altering substance, a bit like LSD with no psychedelics. You can read about it on Eco-Crap, I posted about cow poo this morning.

I’m off, posting something I just found on Tomus Arcanum, you want to see, go have a look.