I changed my mind yesterday for the sake of variety. Yesterday’s lunch became homemade hamburgers and Italian bubbly. I had the leftover White wine chicken today. I figured two days in a row could become monotonous.

PP_jmj_rio_febrero_2013Life in Rio de Janeiro is about to become disturbed again.

Not protests this time, but the Pope is coming… Brazil is host to the Jornada Mundial de Juventude (World Youth Day), everything in the news is JMJ, which gives the government breathing space, the people don’t want to know about politics, and the things the government doesn’t want the people to know.

TV news today showed wooden crosses being dragged all over Brazil, several segments showed a C-130 of the Brazilian Air Force landing supposedly bringing the Popemobile, we never saw the Popemobile, so it could have well been stock footage, but the devout would never consider that. People hugging two unrelated pieces of wood, why aren’t they out hugging trees? That would do far more to save their souls from eternal torment, than two pieces of wood from the local sawmiller.


Iz wuvz my widdle puppy…

I tried to find a photo/image that would top yesterday’s. Alas, no luck, best I could come up with was cross-cultural affection.

Pity humans couldn’t be a little more cross-cultural. I’m not suggesting that we all go out and hug a polar bear, but we could do with a little less racism and homophobia around the place; and let people get on with their lives instead of the church poking it’s infernal nose into everything. Let’s face it, the church created both; and it’s doing bugger all to stem them. Both are fanatically induced  sicknesses.

Remember that asshole Zimmerman? I read on the news today that he is asking for the return of the gun that shot Trayvon. That stinks; what’s he going to do, mount it on the wall like a trophy. “I fought the law, and the law didn’t win!”

PrimordialSoupPPRThe world is full of sick people.

Really there is something seriously wrong with the primordial soup recipe.

I read a wonderful quote today from Peter Ustinov ~ “I imagine hell like this – Italian punctuality, German humour and English wine.”

It now has a home on my Fizz blog. Actually today’s post there, is about English sparkling wine becoming superior to Champagne.

So while global warming is a bane for most, the Brits are making hay while the sunshines. Literally, Britain has been suffering with temps in the 30s, they’re not used to it, but their grape vines are loving it.

Just before I go, you want to hug a polar bear, check this out…


This post was brought to you with the leftover wine from yesterday. No coffee was involved.