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howIfeelWell, not so much a burp.

Rather a case of hiccoughs.

A burp is once only, normally not so disruptive, unless it happens to be sufficently oppulent and it might then shock an old lady out of her prim little socks.

Yesterday my internet had a case of hiccoughs.

It was just before 6pm when I realised that I hadn’t posted here. I opened the ‘Beep beep boop’ page and wrote the title and that was as far as I got when I discovered the net was down. Not an ISP problem, but further up the chain as sometimes happens; nothing the ISP can do about it, except wait patiently.

The net eventually returned, only to go down again. Then it was a case of up and down for the rest of the evening until I gave up and went to bed. I was so miffed that I haven’t replied to some comments from yesterday. I’ll get on to that after this post.

It was up again when I woke, but already past the midnight deadline, so I missed and decided it can wait for morning.

I finally found a New Years resolution that I am sure to abide by. Not to become a pole dancer in Mongolia. I think that’s a fairly safe bet. Maybe next year, but I vow that it will not happen this year.

Yesterday was hot. No classes, the botequim was open, so there was only one logical choice. I went. Only to find out that a regular was about to pass the supermarket; an idea that I had been procrastinating. I accepted the offer, changed and went.

Lunch was a sandwich snack. Fresh ham and chopped spring onion greens. Just enenough to keep the walls of my stomach from collaspsing in on each other and went to the bar with a plate sliced Provolone cheese drowned in olive oil and spring onions to nibble on.

With a chilled beer and nibbles, I proceeded to do nothing for the rest of the day.


NOT these mutton chops

NOT these mutton chops

On returning to the botequim once I discovered the net was down, one of the fregües mentioned that he had found a place that sold mutton chops.

I have never seen mutton chops for sale in Brazil before. I knew that on rare occasions they had them…

The mere thought of mutton chops with gravy or homemade mint sauce set my wouth watering.


Today I will go and get some for the next BBQ.

I am now being tormented by the prospect and have visions of delicious chops floating before my eyes… No, wait that’s probably an early sign of cornea problems.

Visions waft before my eyes

Visions waft before my eyes

The Charlie Hebdo massacre in Paris has shocked the world. A terrible thing to happen. Islamic leaders all over the world have decried the actions of the terrorists, reiterating that such acts are in no way connected to the ideals of Islam. But we have to remember, that this is not just a Muslim thing, the Christian churches were not above such actions and genocide in history. Which all reinforces my own atheism, because if there was a merciful god or a prophet, this wouldn’t happen.

It’s a terribly sad and bitter world we live in.

Silly Box: Tony Idiott has mad a surprise visit to Iraq. A surprise visit indicates that he has given no thought about the matter. I finally understand how to tell if he is on the level… he dribbles equally from both corners of his mouth at the same time.

At the moment, that’s all I have to entertain you with. It’s time for the anti-wilt parade. Love my plants, generally hate humanity, but love my plants.


It must be Monday

So far, nothing has gone wrong, nor even slightly amiss.

But that is the worry, waiting, wondering…

Because the size of the catastrophe is usually inversely proportional to the time waited, it’s an acutely extrapolated curve.

If something goes wrong early on a Monday morning it is minor compared with something that is sprung on you later in the day.

I’m on my last coffee, it’s nerve-wracking. If this goes on, I’ll just have to make some more. It’s like an earthquake, the aftershocks are worrying.

My sniffles are almost over, getting less by the day. The actual ‘flu is well gone, it’s just taking time to get rid of the collateral damage to sinuses and things.

I haven’t been overly productive in the realms of blogging today, this is the fifth of eight. But the post on They say it’s in the Genes took some thinking about, it was one of those posts that I actually write rather than reblog from another source and pass an opinion, or wind, or something.

I have decided that the world is full of idiots; except you and I, and I’m not so sure about me. Here’s an example…

Should it not be “It gets better”?

That twat is doomed to go through life with a great big neon sign above him that says, “Idiot below!” That’s actually what the post on Genes was about, education, the system, violence, bullying and the production of semi-literate cattle.

I was thinking yesterday…

Danger signal!

Yes, I know it’s dangerous when I think.

I have no idea who she is, but what does she produce that is of benefit to humanity?

There are a lot of useless people in the world, not just idiots, but it is true that some could fall into either or both camps. People who are not productive. Oh, they may ‘work’, they may get a salary, they may even be rich, they may even be dirty filthy rich beyond yours and my dreams, but they produce…


Absolutely nothing.

Who am I talking about? Celebrities, models, socialites, film stars, actors for TV ads, some TV presenters, and the like.

Okay, not all film and theatre actors and actresses.

OMG, now that stupid American spell check is telling me, ME, that I have spelt ‘theatre’ wrongly. I just had to add ‘reblog’ to the dictionary. WordPress doesn’t have a real English option, so I am by default encumbered with Americanisms.

Look at that model/actress/celebrity on the right. I have absolutely no idea who she is (I assume it is a ‘she’, it’s hard to tell these days) or what she does, but she is posed there in what I assume to be an alluring pose baring lots of flesh, succulent as it is (Hey, I’m not that old!), doing what?

What is she producing that can be of benefit to humanity?

What she is doing is making the rich, richer. Selling something, be it clothing, or the lack of it; maybe she is portrayed like this so that some corporation can sell more useless magazines and destroy more forests for paper.

People like this should be taxed. Taxed on the basis of what they produce, produce food – low tax bracket, produce nothing – high tax bracket. Simple.

She is a corporate whore. Prostituting herself so that corporations can make money. While the people are gazing at scantily clad models and celebs, they are not thinking about the day to day woes of life, they are not thinking about how the American Dream has become a nightmare.


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