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It’s another hot day in paradise



You can sing along with Phil Collins…

Yesterday was hot, it didn’t really cool down overnight, so today had a head start.

Good thing I watered my plants last night.

Gate Crash


I forgot to mention the excitement on Sunday night. I was in bed, just on the point of oblivion when there was an almighty crash outside, so close it could have been in my yard. It nearly was… A pizza delivery motoboy had crashed into my gate when the throttle on his bike stuck open, almost tearing it off the hinges. Now I can’t close my gate properly, I have to hold it shut with a chain and padlock. One half of the gate needs to be realigned.

It’s Humpday. My student is in hospital for surgery, so no class today, no class tomorrow; in fact, no classes until Monday.

followed-blog-100-1xBullshitMy Bullshit Corner blog got 100 followers.


It was a slow start, but things are picking up over there.

I just realised it was St Patrick’s Day on Monday, because of no net and I didn’t get to post, it completely passed me by. I could have celebrated in style with my cans of Murphy’s stout. Oh, well, only 363 days to go… I doubt the stout will still be here then. In fact, I doubt the stout will be here next Monday.

The strange white bugs have almost gone. I have no idea where, but they were lavae of some sort and have probably gone to turn into beetles.

This Ukraine business is a mess. The Crimeans want to be a part of Russia, fine, let them. As all their gas comes from Russia through the Ukraine, just double the price, they’ll soon squeal. In fact, the Ukraine should just shut off all Russian gas that flows through to Europe, the financial damage to Russia would be considerable; pity about the Europeans though. I’d love to see Putin squealing…

Last week I broke a small sprig off a plant in the street. It’s a nice plant, it has dark purple under the dark green leaves. I was told that you can’t propagate the plant in this manner, that you need naturally sown seedlings. But having put the sprig in a glass of water on the window ledge, it’s sprouting little nubs of root. So I am hopeful.

Just a case of don’t believe everything you’re told, question everything.

I think the rest of the day will be devoted to lunch and beer…



It’s Thursday

That’s about the mosmile over the humpst important thing so far today.

Not done much.

2x coffee

2x toast for breakfast

2x salad sandwiches for lunch

2x nap

And now I’m here and it’s almost time to toddle off to class.

The best thing is, I’m over the hump, and the weekend starts tomorrow.

Not really a post, more an apology for one.


I Survived Humpday

hump-daymorpheusYes, yesterday was Humpday.

Boy that was some damned hump!

It’s downhill all the way to the weekend, which for me starts tomorrow as I have no classes, so my weekend is Friday until Tuesday. My Students leave tomorrow for the USA for a week of meetings.

Have you ever looked at the calendar? Have you ever noticed it goes Monday, Tuesday, then WTF!

I have the jitters. I am worried that my PC is going to implode again whenever I touch it. It’s just an awful nagging feeling that I have after the last two days.

Yesterday, I managed to wind up my old Linux drive. I had tried a few months back and it wouldn’t load but this time after some grunting and forced checking it loaded, so I saved all my data and I now have an empty drive with 500gb.

I am going to format it and reload XP. So the next time my PC goes PHUT, I can just switch drives and start all over again.

The hot is hotter than yesterday already. Judging by the heat outside I guess we’re in for a 45ºC day. Now people, that’s hot, it’s beerworthy. I am not looking forward to having to go to work this afternoon.

postitValentine’s Day is almost upon us.

Waste of time and money in my book, but for those of you guys who are lucky enough to score tomorrow, I urge you, don’t forget your Postit Notes.

They can save a lot of problems.

Damn! I’ve just blogged through the 1pm news again. I hate that. News is a bit like coffee, without the daily dose the day just doesn’t seem to gel.

While I didn’t have the net yesterday, I devoted my time to other pursuits, like CorelDraw and made some things for my other blogs. This is my favourite…


…and that is so true!

I have two bottles of beer in the fridge. One is Brahma Export, the other is Bohemia… I’m going to have a beer cocktail with lunch.

Perrier200mlGlDid you hear about the latest Irish cocktail?

  • One part Perrier
  • One part water
  • Garnished with ice…

Yeah, I know, it’s lame.

The rabbit died.

China’s Jade Rabbit died, but they have hopes of revival, after a weak signal was detected.

Quite frankly, I’m not surprised, if the quality of their battery rechargers is anything to go by. The last few years I have bought several, some never worked, some worked for the initial charge and never again. And you only have to look at the quality of their PC hard drives if you want further testimony, how many crashes have you had, how many bad blocks, how much lost personal data? And, they really expected to put something on the Moon that worked.

Must toddle off and think about lunch. Not much in the fridge, an egg, some Brie cheese, some pickled beetroot and some olives. I guess it’s a cheeseboard with and egg on the side, and a beer cocktail. You have to make do.





Goodwill to all men…

christmas-tree-decorations2…and the women and the kids.

For me Christmas has just started. I woke up and now have my first coffee of the day.

For most Christmas is nearly over.

It started in New Zealand (not as they said on Brazilian TV in Australia) some 20 hours ago, so the rest of the world has already celebrated, while for me it’s 9am and the day is just beginning. Only the USA and most of the Pacific region are left to begin.

I didn’t get round to posting yesterday, I was busy partaking of the Christmas spirits that were available from the botequim. There was also BBQ, so by the time that finished, I was slightly beyond blogging. Thankfully Christmas only comes around once a year.

So let me wish you all a Merry Christmas.

Did you realise that it is also Humpday today?


I made this a couple of days ago to celebrate a Humpday Christmas.

I won’t get a lot of blogging done today, I have the ex and kids coming over in a few hours for BBQ. Hopefully, the rain that has plagued us for the last few days will hold off.

Now I have a shit load of work to do, not in the least to clean out the fridge because the tray of defrosting meat overflowed and the trays at the bottom are now full of blood. Trials and tribulations.

So, I will off and tackle the necessary for a festive day.


Half Fonged

No fluffy butts this morning, but I am having another adventure. I was looking for a larger version of this…


…and I found this…


Oh, I thought, I’ve got hazelnuts, so I grabbed the bottle of Frangelico, added a healthy splash and a half, added some cream… and it’s yummy. Not exactly breakfast coffee, but it’s Humpday, who cares? <——– rhetorical question.


Beats the crap out of Starbucks, and it’s a whole lot cheaper.

Cloro is back on the printer. After yesterday’s episode with the scanner he was wary about assuming his usual perch.

100_1262Back on regular coffee.

That Frangelico coffee really set my head spinning, or is that just inspiration kicking in?

The rain did start again and as I predicted, the moment I went out the door to work. It was pretty half-hearted and I didn’t get wet. This morning was sunny, now it’s cloudy again. The weather forecast is for more rain this afternoon, so I am making an educated guess, that that will be when I go to work.

Christmas is looming large on the calendar. It’s a time of the year I enjoy; not because of its religious connotations, but because it is family time. I don’t really ‘do’ Christmas, apart from a BBQ with ex and tribe.

I don’t believe in presents because I don’t hold with the commercialisation of Christmas, you can have a good Christmas without spending billions. Christmas is not Jesus’ birthday, he was born in August or September, Christmas was moved to coincide with pagan festivals in order to convert them, so it’s all bullshit really, nothing but manipulation of the masses by the church.

Now, I do believe a nap is coming on.


Well, Bugger Me!

That was used as an expletive, it was not an invitation!


Loteríca blindada – Armoured glass, these places get robbed regularly

Today it was raining heavily until about half an hour ago, then some respite. I decided that I should race hobble around to the Lotérica (TAB with lotto, no horses) and pay the bills. But, I procrastinated, then changed clothes and made to leave; poked my head out the door, and it was raining again… Bugger me!

So, I have changed my plans, I’ll call a taxi and go to the supermarket, which has a Lotérica next door. I have to pay the bills today, the power bill came yesterday with an expiry date tomorrow… It’s all part of the plan, hoping that many people won’t make the deadline and be lumbered with interest and a fine on next month’s bill. Great way to bleed the people.

If I go tomorrow, the queues will be huge because Brazilians always wait until the last minute, so I have to go today if I want to remain sane.



Humpday - One should never miss an opportunity

Humpday – One should never miss an opportunity

Humpday proved fatal, or at least nearly so.

The queue at the lotérica was long. Nearly an hour long.

The supermarket was expensive, and didn’t have a lot of what I wanted.

3:30 came around, headache, but went to class in the rain anyway. Got wet. Student didn’t arrive, another cancelled; I was cold and wet with a headache, I cancelled the last class and went home. I couldn’t face a two hour wait. I felt like the cat on the bottom… totally taken advantage off.

Amaretto del orso

Amaretto del orso

Whenever I go to this particular supermarket, I always take advantage of they liqueur & wine aisle. This week I bought a bottle of Amaretto del orso, that helped bump the price up a little, as did the three bottles of wine.

But I don’t mind paying, it’s all therapy, and cheaper than a therapist.

I bought some boring food as well, to help the self-esteem of my refrigerator, it was feeling empty.

Cloro is bored today, it’s raining and she cant’ go out and play. So far she has almost been successful in putting me flat on my face, she has tried digging up the carpet, shredded some papers for class, retrieved last night’s cockroach for come more fun and wondering where her meat is (the supermarket didn’t have minced beef).

She has this delightful habit of sleeping on the printer at my side. When I lie on the bed to take a nap, she wakes up, jumps from the printer to the bed to go to sleep too. It’s a bit like the old story – ‘wake up, it’s time to take your sleeping pills.’

So now I will toddle off and post some more. Still four blogs to go.



Half a Mind

halfamindI could, if I had half a mind, do the dishes, but then the other half would talk me out of it.

It has.

So, here I am.

Having half a mind stops me from being normal. I tried that once and it was boring.

Today’s routine is pretty similar from yesterday’s. So, I could just link you there and save myself the bother.

One thing I did discover is that some people write vegan as veg*n as a form of vegan/vegetarian. Vega*n, therefore is not a dirty word. I still think it is; we have canine teeth, that means we are carnivores, it’s in our genes. One thing I have discovered in life it that people who are not happy with themselves try to change things that shouldn’t be messed with. Things like baldness, small boobs, vegans…

NB: I like small boobs, so don’t mess with them.

And, those people who are bald, but grow one side long to sweep it over their bald pate; nothing irritates me more, these people are sick in the head. Vanity on overload.

Caution: Pussy break! Cloro is demanding attention. BRB

I had to take a pause to play with my pussy.

I now have a happy pussy, collapsed on the printer, so I can return to blogging.

My prolonged absence yesterday was cool. No untoward damage, and the dirt box outside had been used; so outside it stays. The nastiest smell in my kitchen this morning is freshly brewed coffee. Which indicates that life is not crap today.

likeable-blog-100-2xI missed an important milestone. My Some Animals are Crackers blog got 100 likes. Still has only a couple of visits per day, but I remain hopeful.

Today is Humpday, over the hump down hill to the weekend. Humpday is an important day of the week, it’s just a sign of better things o come, which is not like Mondays, Mondays should be stricken from the record, cancelled, ignored. Mondays are just not nice.

I took another moment off and yanked a fern from beside the yard tap to replant it in a pot in the living room. Looks good. Now all I have to do is convince Cloro that this is not a new toy.

I feel a nap coming on.




I’m a Pro…

It's Humpday, this rabbit has confused it with Monday

It’s Humpday, this rabbit has confused it with Monday


I have put off the fan idea for the day. I had a terrible night, not because of the noisy fan, that ran quietly all night, but I was up and down with thirst. I went out for BBQ dinner last night, too much salt in one sitting.

So on waking at 6am yawning, I blogged three, napped one, blogged two… OMG, sounds like I am knitting!

Between that lot, I have read the news, made coffee, answered some comments, and now I am sitting here with a lit cigarette in one hand and half a cigarette burning away in the ashtray. I really need more coffee!

I should have lots to post about this morning afternoon, because I drank quite a lot of creativity fluid (see yesterday’s post) last night. But apart from being a little miffed because Prince George’s christening has been announced as headline news, I am at a loss. Who gives a shit?

The Americans are saying that the 70 million French emails is not true, I am sure that’s a load of bollocks. The Americans have been caught with their pants down and they’re back-peddling like crazy.

The pope has suspended the ‘Bishop of Bling’ from his position while he is investigated for wasting billions of church money on his luxury home which includes a 2.9m euro private chapel.

FaceBook has reversed its position on beheading videos. Good, there are somethings we don’t need to see.

Iran has decided that there’s no need to hang a man twice. He survived the original attempt and was in hospital recuperating for a second try. Various orgs and governments decried the need for a second hanging and as Iran is trying to amend its global reputation, they decided it was in the best interests not to hang him again.

Spain is out of recession… LOL bollocks! A 0.1% growth for one quarter does not represent a recovery, it’s merely a hiccough.

Found this to make you giggle:




Haven’t Quite Finished

hump-day-funnies-makes-me-walk-funnyThe dishes are piling up faster than I can reduce the pile.

Does that sound familiar?


Yes, I woke up at 7, looked out the window and it started raining, so I went back to bed.

Only logical thing to do.

Got up two hours later, still raining. I fought the urge to go back to bed, luckily the need for fresh strong Brazilian coffee overcame the urge.

The news is not good, well, actually it is; the USA is closed for business. Could this be the beginning of the end, the self-correction that global markets are doomed to make? Personally, I hope so, it’ll make the world sit up and take notice  of all the shit that has been created by the banker bastards.

The pope is in the news again, making more saints. Hell, don’t they have enough? Saints will soon outnumber adherents.

followed-blog-20-1xI got one of these, for followers on Some Animals are Crackers, but while I have the followers, the blog only gets one or two hits a day.

Still, it’s nice to see.

Generally, the recent perk in hits on most blogs has been sustained. Makes it worthwhile blogging again, after so many months of doubt.

Drugs have hit the headlines again. Two top people, one a top cop, have recognised that we are not winning the drug war, it’s only getting worse. They are both calling for debate on the subject. Basically, they are saying what I said twenty years ago; “prohibition doesn’t work!”

Actually, we may not have to worry about it much longer. The Fukushima situation is worsening. The authorities have lied again, and the truth is coming out. Fukushima has the prospect of being 15x Chernobyl if it goes bang! The politicians have their heads in the sand once again, and are ignoring the problem.

If Fukushima does go bang, the USA will be the first country to suffer after Japan and surrounds. The resulting release of radioactivity will render much of the northern hemisphere uninhabitable for thousands of years. What could make it go bang? Another earthquake or tidal wave, the collapse of one of the cooling towers, or simply two of the ‘rods’ touching during the extraction process.

Bang, bye bye humanity!

On that happy note… I’ll get along with Humpday.




Two Things Turn Me Off

delete-buttonI get so annoyed when I get followed by CEOs or see Social Media in a tweet. Nothing will switch me off faster and send me racing for the ‘Delete’ button.

I also get pissed off when someone follows me and I follow back, and then they unfollow.

Humpday, I love Humpday. Downhill all day tomorrow, then my weekend starts of Friday because I don’t have any students on Fris.

I found a wonderful YouTube clip for Humpday. I just have to share it with you. It’s an advert, but who cares when it comes to having a good laugh.

I think that one is just great.

I used to have a bad habit. Every  time I went to the bathroom, I’d turn on the light. The bathroom has a window, but it’s under the shelter of the outside laundry facilities, so it’s not brightly lit and it was just a reaction to flip the light switch.

Over time I have become more conscious of the need to save electricity, and all those little things count, so I have finally kicked the habit. I remember where my penis is, pretty much the same place I left it,  and the toilet is directly in front of me, so it’s not too hard to pee in the half light. If it doesn’t make the right sound, then a minor adjustment is necessary.

If only governments could function as simply, mind you half of them don’t know where their dicks are; they know where the wallet is though.

Speaking of pee, Cloro is into day five and no wet patches on the sofa cover. Yay! Maybe his little pink nose has got the message.

Haha, Humpday, my afternoon student just canceled. I may get to the supermarket yet. The highlight of my day. Although, I am about as enthused as a zombie. Despite three coffees, I am just going through the motions. I think a nap is in order, I’ll see how long it takes Cloro from asleep on the printer to helping me do the snooze.



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