Yesterday I did indeed have a BBQ. I know I had a BBQ because it has taken three attempts to wash the dishes; and they’re still not all done.

The remains of mine, the beginning of his

The remains of mine, the beginning of his

Started the BBQ at 1pm, I was done about 4. Then one of the neighbours came along with a ‘do you mind if I add some more meat?’ He figured it would save cooking the kids dinner. No, I didn’t mind.

So we all packed up and went back to our respective homes about 8pm.

Meanwhile we supported the Brazilian economy by drinking beer.

Another neighbour was there and his son had a go cart with a two-stroke engine and he was giving rides to the local kids. J’s son Felipe had a drive… at 10 years old, he was over the moon; his grin was so wide, it’s a wonder the top of his head didn’t fall off.

Today I did something naughty. I spent a lot of money. I have been promising to buy myself a tablet to use for work, today I did.

lenovo-thinkpad-t60pWhen I studied the tablet idea in the shop, I found the screen size a bit small; and the cost of one with a bigger screen was more than double what I had budgeted for. So I finished up with a IBM ThinkPad laptop. I was going to go with the Dell, but it didn’t work, so he offered me the IBM for the same price; the advantage was that the IBM had a bigger screen than the Dell. It’s secondhand, but so was the Dell, and cost about half of what a new one would have cost me. I am a happy camper! I have spent most of the rest of the day loading the .pdf files of my textbooks on to the new baby.

Still, I have managed to post on 7/8 blogs, and cook lunch; so the day has been quite productive.

Shopping is such good therapy.