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High on the list of probabilities

Erick & Ellen 2002

That I am not going to complete my obligations today. What I am saying is there won’t be a Sunday Travel Tales and some other posts.

My kids didn’t forget Father’s Day. No presents, but who needs them when your daughter rings and says “I love you Daddy!”

The photo hasn’t been cropped because in the change over from Linux to XP I haven’t organised my graphic programmes yet. But that photo was taken the week after they came into my life, Erick was 7 and Ellen 3. Next month, she’ll be 13.

Watching her and her brothers and sister grow has been my Father’s Day present for each the last 10 years.

Fast becoming a young lady

There, that was my Father’s Day. Who could wish for more?

After four very frustrating days during the change over of systems and having no sound. I finally found a driver that would run the sound card on XP. Talk about looking for a needle in a haystack.

Forlornly I looked, downloaded and tried and cried. I was in the process of giving up, until I found a site that told me where to find the serial number of my machine. Once I had the full name of the driver, I had two more failures because of bad file and corrupt unzips, then on the third time…


So I wasted the rest of the day watching Ice Age 4, the download finished this morning. Now the sun is going down, darkness dictates that if I don’t turn on the light, I won’t see to finish this post.

Chateau de Tap

Lunch was a raging success, another of my slapdash recipes. Franks and homemade relish with grated ricotta cheese on top accompanied by that ever present bottle of chilled Chateau de Tap.

It is now nearly 5pm, and by all my beliefs, that makes it beer o’clock. I believe I will have a beer.

Just because it is Sunday, doesn’t mean I should be deprived of the weekend spirit.

Tomorrow, by all reckoning is Monday; and if it follows the rules, is a recipe for disaster. I have no faith in Mondays.


I feel behooved

I feel as though I should post. I tried yesterday, but the words just didn’t come. I see, I have a new follower… *waves at Oak*, so it behooves me to post and thereby justifying his decision to follow ‘Life.’

Yesterday, I read a story:

It was about a palaeontologist’s view of the film Ice Age 4.

I found it interesting, because I have the same thoughts when I see a film with a shoot-em-up. I cannot help but be similarly critical. Even the news here in Brazil, I watch on TV here, how the police use their weapons. Honestly, they are clowns. The old story of a ‘John-Wayne six shooter that fires at least 20 rounds, holding a weapon by the magazine expecting to have a secure shooting platform (magazines wiggle in their housing), it’ a laugh.

I haven’t seen Ice Age 4 yet, will soon, but not at the cinema, too expensive, and they force feed you Coca Cola Zero (all that yummy aspartame to cause cancer) and popcorn, which is a waste when it should be making bio-fuels.

Interesting point that, corn to make bio-fuels. Corn is a very thirsty plant, so we sacrifice water (which creates another problem) to save on petroleum products… Screwy idea. It’s actually the theme of my Make you Fink on Friday post on Eco-Crap tomorrow.

I designed a lovely ‘button’ for Eco-Crap this morning, so if you feel moved, even the teensiest little bit, you can grab the code for your blog. If you don’t know what Eco-Crap is, then go and find out; and then send me a note from your mother explaining why you are not reading all my blogs.

I used to have these cutsey buttons for my blogs, but when I changed to WP, I sort of forgot to add them. I will slowly, then you can add them too.

Today is Thursday, which really means it’s nearly Friday, which is really good, because when Friday finishes it’s Saturday and that’s beer and BBQ day.

Now it’s lunch time and I feel behooved again, this time to feed the inner man…


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