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Getting in Early

Another screwed up Saturday.

Rained again overnight, so it’s still cool.

fridge_cleaningMy fridge is having a mid-life crisis, it’s decided it doesn’t want to be a fridge anymore. I mean it’s not fridging. Techy type neighbour had a look yesterday and put in a new part that was burnt out, but there is more of a problem. Hopefully he will find the solution today. But I have to go to work this morning, and he’s likely to escape.

The horrific part about it is, my icecream melted.

The good part about it meant that I had to have a BBQ yesterday to use the all the meat.

I’ll probably have another today to use the rest.

So, apart from the BBQ there’s not a lot to write about.

Silly Box: Inmates in a Venezuela jail rioted and broke into the infirmary taking a variety of drugs, a combination of anti-seizure drugs, insulin, antibiotics and hypertension treatments. Silly buggers, serves them right.

A new survey has now shown that 80% of chicken in British supermarkets is contaminated with camphylobactor. There are calls to people to boycott chicken until the industry cleans up its act.


I did a terrible thing

icecreamLast time at the supermarket, I bought some icecream.

I haven’t done that in more than 20 years.

I’m eating some now… lovely, wondrous chocolate chip icecream.

I feel so wicked.

It wasn’t just an icecream cone, it was a whole kilo pack (2.204lbs).

I have been in a bind about my future here in Brazil, so today I bit the bullet. It turns out that no-one’s really interested and it can wait until next week.

My passport arrived, right in the middle of my first beer of the day, They’ve changed, they’re prettier now. Considering that it is 20 years since my last was issued. But the trick is they’re only valid for five years now and the cost has doubled; that’s a 400% increase. Being a Kiwi is expensive business.

I haven’t had a Nap-fu practice today, and it is telling on me.

We got rain this afternoon. I had just closed the padlock on the gate, and it began, but the time I got to the botequim for shelter, I was soaked. Remember that’s a whole 11 metres (yards, near enough), so it gives you an idea of how much rain.

Tandoori lamb chop

Tandoori lamb chop

Silly Box: A lamb chop has been sent into space. I didn’t read the article, it seemed too puerile, so I don’t know by whom, nor from where.

My question is, why?

Yes, this qualifies for the silly box.

I mean I can understand the necessity for an espresso coffee machine on the space station, but a sodding lamb chop….

That’s it, too tired.


The bastards, the bloody bastards!

Sorry, I’m going to start of with a real bitch this morning.

These two girls face having their vaginas and clitorises brutally cut out without anaesthetic

Remember the story I have been following of the Nigerian woman and her two daughters being deported?

Well, the bastards did it!

She was deported yesterday back to Nigeria where her daughters will almost  certainly be made to undergo FGM. The reason she escaped Nigeria in the first place was because her step-mother had already threatened that the older girl should be ‘cut’.

If these girls are ‘cut’, ALL those responsible for this horrific decision from the Home Secretary down should be prosecuted under British law for aiding and abetting FGM. Then publicly castrated! Although the Home Secretary doesn’t have any balls in whatever sense of the phrase.

I am bloody disgusted!

This woman came to a ‘civilised’ country for refuge, and she was thrown back to the wolves, ‘civilised’ I use that term loosely.

All those involved in the decision have broken British law against FGM.

Next bitch…

NSA have been collecting your photos off social media sites to assist with facial recognition.

Next bitch…

I read of a charity that is raising money to drill a well for water into an aquifer. This is the current problem in the world, we are using non-renewable water. Aquifers are the back-up for the river and lake water we are already using; they take hundreds of years to replenish. Once it’s gone, it’s gone for a very long time.

Next bitch…

Britain is having a problem with extremism in culturally based schools; 21 Islamic schools are under investigation.

Cultural schools should be banned. If you choose to live in another country, then you abide by the education system in that country. Segregation of boys and girls in the classroom, with the girls being made to sit at the back, is not acceptable.

Next bitch…

Sprinkles, an emergency. Images from BBC News

How stupid can you get? A woman in Britain dialed 999 because the icecream man put sprinkles on one side, but not on the other side of her icecream.

No more bitches, at the moment.

Really the world is going nuts!

Lovely cool sunny day out there, no classes. I may just go to the supermarket, not because I am out of food, but just for the excursion.

No more misplaced poops, but a little chunder on the carpet. It was a cold night, Clorinha found the warmest spot in the house and slept on top of me for the night.

Need more coffee, then it’s blogging right along.


You lucky, lucky people

Hmmm, still blank

Hmmm, still blank

I have an hour to write a post.

I don’t promise any miracles, but I can’t in all good conscience go off to work with out putting pen to paper, so to speak.

The paper of course is blank, which is how most of my posts start. I have no preconceived idea as to what I’ll write, if anything.

Sticky Balls

Now I bet that conjures up images, which are probably nothing to do with the sticky balls I am referring to. Apparently they have discovered that nano-sized sticky balls can help stem the spread of cancers via the blood stream.

I was disgusted by an report in the news that an eight year old girl has been arrested in Afghanistan, She was a suicide bomber dressed in an explosive jacket, but she had forgotten how to activate it giving rise to suspicions at the roadblock and time to prevent her demise. What sort of people resort to this kind of thing in the name of religion? I don’t need to name the religion.

While Canada and the US are suffering the effects of this polar vortex, people are saying “well that puts paid to global warming!” They might be freezing, but here in Brazil we have global warming, actually it is more like global scorching. So just because a part of your world is cold doesn’t mean that others elsewhere aren’t suffering from the reverse.

My cold dispenser

My cold dispenser

I have already had my dose of cold today.

It’s not the forecast 39°C they promised, but it is so refreshing to have one of these machines just outside the gate.

Zambia has arrested the leader of the opposition because he called the president a ‘potato’. Obviously the president is a thin-skinned potato if he can’t take criticism.

Ever heard of the ‘Carolina Reaper’?

No? Neither had I until today. Apparently it is the world’s hottest pepper created by a grower in Southern Carolina. It is said to have a heat factor similar to the pepper spray used so gleefully by US law enforcement. To add the sting, the pepper has a tail like a scorpion.

Contrary to popular belief, tooth decay is not a modern problem. Severe decay has been found in teeth 13,600 years old. Around the time man added carbohydrates in the form of corn to their diet.

Well, time to get desmellified and look like a teacher; it instills confidence in ones pupils.


I’ve Found it!

After doing a bleat about my favicon disappearing yesterday, it has reappeared.

Just goes to show if you complain to the highest authorities things happen.


Dry as a brick

The hot weather continues. I bought a pizza at the supermarket, but it’s too bloody hot to cook it!

Yesterday I left a slice of bread out on the counter after a late lunch, by 5:30 it was toast.

While we are having the hots, USA and Canada are at the opposite end of the thermometer. The world’s weather really is screwed up.

Very soon I am off to the botequim; not for beer, maybe later.

26Two weeks ago, Raimundo installed an icecream machine, and it makes wonderful icecreams.

Usually, he has chocolate and vanilla, but at the moment it’s got strawberry and coconut. I always have half ‘n half, that way I don’t have to make a decision.

Went to the supermarket, had to, very little food in the house. The place was empty; not only of people, but half the shit I wanted.

Hopefully, I start work tomorrow, this month’s salary is going to make things tight.

Cloro spent the night at home last night, it was nice to have a pussy in bed again. He’s had a good feed and disappeared. Honestly, that cat spends more time at the bar than I do. He’s even got the fregües trained to put a chair aside for him to curl up on.

It’s nearly 5pm, the sun is low enough not to hit the bar, so I’m off.




Squeeze it!

Oh for God’s sake squeeze it…

My sushi lunch, looked forward to for a month, was ruined. This woman on the opposite table had a zit on her breast. Now this was no ordinary zit, this zit was actually making a play to become a nipple, a festering red-rimmed yellow topped nipple. IT WAS DISGUSTING!


How can people be so callous?

Each time I would deftly pop a makimono, or sashimi into my mouth with hashi (chopsticks), I would look up… and there it was! Haunting me, taunting me.

I wanted to go over and say, “For God’s sake squeeze it!”

But, I deferred to my gentlemanly ways and restrained myself.

01_icecreamvan2Yesterday was hot, 40°C (106°F) was forecast, it was hotter. I got back from Barra, after pay day and forgetting to take my bills to pay, and the moment I got out of the van I felt like an icecream and began to melt.

I hobbled fast to pay the rent, then sought refuge in my favourite restaurant. They were surprised to see me because I had dined there the night before… no horrendous zits in sight. It took me about 30 seconds to quaff down the first pint of ice-chilled beer, the second I tried to behave more like my gentlemanly self.

I made a few hurried purchases on the main street and got the van home. I walked straight past the house to the botequim and had another litre of beer.

I took Ellen to the dentist this morning to have her chipped tooth fixed. She is happy now that both teeth are the same.

The horrifying news last night is that they forecast 42°C today. And believe me, they weren’t wrong.


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