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Ohayoo gozaimasu

Sushi Me - my future

Sushi Me – my future

Well, the process has started.

The sushification of AV!

I was up most of the night watching YouTubes on making sushi, which I discovered means vinegared rice, what we commonly call sushi is actually nigri… there ya go; learn something everyday.

Actually, I knew that nigri were called that, I didn’t know what sushi meant. And I already knew about makimonos, gari, wasabi and stuff, but nori (seaweed) was new to me as well.

I also learned how to cook the ‘perfect’ Japanese rice, all that remains now is to see if I can make it perfectly.

I also learned that ‘sushi grade’ fish is bullshit. What they mean is really fresh fish. Calling it sushi grade is just a reason to double the price…

After a few more videos, I reckon I’ll be ready to experiment when I can afford the makings.

More rain over night, but the sky is clearing this morning. Still cool with the slightest zephyr of wind, just enough to make the leaves on my guava trees move. Not brave enough to venture outside shirtless yet. I’m old, not silly!

I haven’t really read the news yet, so I don’t know what’s happening or happened in the world….

*pregnant pause* while I read the news.

Lots of protests about climate change. 10,000s of Russians took to the streets over Russia’s interference in Ukraine, demanding that ‘he who shall not be named’ tell the truth. Venezuela is going to disarm the people… idiot. Miley Cyrus has upset the Mexicans, now that doesn’t surprise me, she’s always upset me. Hong Kong students are boycotting classes in protest at China’s refusal to grant them democracy. New Zealand now wants a new flag vote in 2015. Abbott Idiot syas that security comes before Australian freedoms; he’s been listening to too much Obama. Apart from all that, the planet is still headed for disaster.

Nap-fu Master gets grumpy if he doesn't practice

Nap-fu Master gets grumpy if he doesn’t practice

I am about to make breakfast, shrimp fritters.

By the time I have done that it will be time for Nap-fu practice.

And get up in time for lunch.

Then I’ll be ready to face what’s left of the day.

I have absolutely nothing planned, so it should go smoothly, despite being a Monday.

I might add, that so far nothing untoward has befallen me this day… yet.


I am Blessed

idiotinsideI never realised that my mother’s curses were actually a form of beatification.

The number of times I was called a ‘blessed nuisance’, or similar and worse, when I was a kid means I have been beatified time and time again.

So I am well on the way to Sainthood.

St Argentum, has a nice ring to it.

FaceBook was down for 15 minutes the other day. It sent the world into a tailspin of panic. Just think of all those people parked on the throne, forced into social media silence.

realgeniusAlfred was right… again.

FaceBook, Twitter, MSM and the like will/have produced a generation of idiots.

Major headline news, Harrison Ford has broken his leg. Once again I am miffed; when I broke my hip in a motor accident in the 70s it didn’t make the news.

I read the worst possible news today. Mitt Romney is going to stand again for something, I think it might be president, I didn’t stop to read it as I was so appalled. This is proof that there is no god, at least not a merciful one.

Rain finally stopped after 24 hours. Today is cool and cloudy. My plans for the day.

Nap at 11

Supermarket at 12

Lunch & Football at 1

Here endeth the lesson.

Yesterday was pretty much the same, but instead of the supermarket I managed to stand on the cat twice while cooking lunch, first one end, then dancing to avoid said cat managed to stand on the other end. Poor Clorinha, I felt so sorry for her, then I thought ‘sod it’ I was the one who nearly died on the kitchen floor.



You’ve probably all heard the expression “Get knotted!” But very few would actually know what it refers to, we certainly didn’t when we used it freely as kids.

One of the neighbours trying to discover the intricacies of our dogs Pexote and Pivete being 'knotted'.

One of the neighbours trying to discover the intricacies of our dogs Pexote and Pivete being ‘knotted’.

It was only at some subsequent time in life that I discovered it referred to the copulation of dogs where the male’s penis gets a knot that ties it to the bitch for some twenty minutes after the act, for what biological purpose I am still at a loss, but I have a vivid imagination, so have never sought to research the idea further.

I raise the subject today for curiosities sake when I read a headline on BBC News “Stuck on youWhy ‘getting stuck’ during sex may not be an urban myth“. I didn’t bother clicking on the link to find out, but it raised the spectre of our liberal use of the saying as kids as a reply to anything from the mundane to the serious disbelief.

valentinecupidValentine’s Day draws nigh.

Another chance to waste your money and feed the corporations.

All these “X” Days are purely commercial bullshit. They are all designed so that you will part with your hard earned money.

Chocolate makers and florists love it.

It raises false hopes in men all over the planet.

I say ban Valentine’s Day.

justinidiotI am worried, there was no headline about the Bieber today.

Mainstream media had to come up with some real news.

Sceptics say that global warming is a myth; explain that to California, they gave literally run out of water. “California’s water agency has announced it may for the first time be unable to deliver water to local agencies, amid a worsening drought.” – BBC News.

“New Jersey Governor Chris Christie knew about the closures of local lanes leading to a busy bridge to New York City while they were happening, a lawyer for a former ally has said.” – BBC News. Christie obviously will make a perfect presidential candidate, he can tell lies.

Super Bowl is over, no more headlines about Super Bowl.

I agree with Crabby Road’s Maxine, a super bowl would be a self-cleaning toilet.

The biggest gaffe of the week is the refusal by British parliamentarians refusing to allow pubs to open late on the opening and closing games of the FIFA World Cup. British pubs close at 11pm, which is the start of both games. In 2010 four million Brits watched the matches in their pubs, not a small number. Idiots, but then they are politicians. Prime Minister David Cameron has put his big-boy boots on and weighed into the fracas. Brownie points there. It might even be enough to get him re-elected.

Weather continues to be hot and dry. At least today is cooler than the previous 40+°C days, but the humidity remains low, 20%, which means lots of water. I have two litre bottles in the fridge being rotated constantly.

It is now more than two weeks since Cloro disappeared. I have despaired of any further hope of his return.

Lunch today, cold left over pizza. It’s too hot to reheat it.

Then a nap; it’s the only sensible thing to do.






Saturday, at last!


Saturday, coffee and wine glass in the background for later

Well, after a seemingly long day yesterday, I finally changed the battery in the clock. The world began to move again.

Saturday arrived.

I discovered one thing this morning, actually I have discovered it many times, but I was reminded once again of the importance of drinking coffee before the news. I read this headline “Swedish idiots spread beyond the capital!” The I reread it… “Swedish riots…” Oh the folly!

188_Cerveja_Itaipava_Long_Neck_Premium_Pilsen_355_mlToday I don’t have class; my students actually came for a Friday night class so they could drive off into the mountains to Itaipava for the weekend. It’s a place where they bottle water and call it beer.

I call it “Itaipagua!”

The advertising says it’s 100%… yeah, water.

So the day is free of encumbrances. I plan to do nothing, and fully expect the day to be a success.

My ‘nothing’ today will be, do the dishes, so I can make more dishes to do.

I will make mint sauce. I love mint sauce with roast lamb. But as you can’t get decent lamb here, I find it goes well with roast pork; just a little break from tradition  there.

You remember those horrendously expensive shrimps that I got the other day, well I’m going to fry them off in batter, make a tartare sauce and have them with an Italian frizzante wine that is chilling out in the fridge. I know, I said that I would save them for a special occasion, but ooooh the temptation…. Besides, it’s either that or cold roast pork sandwiches; that’s a no contest.

Jerusalem artichokesRemember a few days ago, I said that you waste a day if you don’t learn something new… Well, yesterday I discovered that it is not only cabbage, beans and eggs that make you fart. Apparently Jerusalem artichokes can too.

They are the root of a variety of sunflower.

I didn’t know they existed until I read about them on a blog. They are used to make a liqueur called Topinambour as well. I don’t know if the liqueur makes you fart. Honestly Google is so devoid of information on important issues.

emeraldrockCrack… I have no interest in drugs, but last week on Globo (Brazilian TV channel) they had a series of reports about ‘crack’. Included in the info was that crack had reach the Amazon Indians and creating havoc; but also in a place called Sonho Verde (Green Dream), I think, where the garimpeiros (miners) trade a stone for a stone (an emerald for crack) while underground. Man, that is expensive. But is shows how desperate you get for the drug when you are hooked; and apparently you are hooked from the very first taste.

I’ll stick to my coffee, ciggies, booze and blogging for my fun.

Time to blog along.




Off to the Wild Blue Yonder

Yes, I’m off today. Second trip to the University in the rural. Taking camera with me too. So hopefully I will have some photographic evidence.

I should get a wriggle on… Student is due in 20 minutes, and here I am still with third coffee in hand sitting here in my underpants (DO NOT attempt the visual – it will warp your mind).

I have been a diligent blogger, managed to post on all blogs.

busyidiotMeanwhile, see how you can keep an idiot busy for 40 seconds…


It must be Monday

So far, nothing has gone wrong, nor even slightly amiss.

But that is the worry, waiting, wondering…

Because the size of the catastrophe is usually inversely proportional to the time waited, it’s an acutely extrapolated curve.

If something goes wrong early on a Monday morning it is minor compared with something that is sprung on you later in the day.

I’m on my last coffee, it’s nerve-wracking. If this goes on, I’ll just have to make some more. It’s like an earthquake, the aftershocks are worrying.

My sniffles are almost over, getting less by the day. The actual ‘flu is well gone, it’s just taking time to get rid of the collateral damage to sinuses and things.

I haven’t been overly productive in the realms of blogging today, this is the fifth of eight. But the post on They say it’s in the Genes took some thinking about, it was one of those posts that I actually write rather than reblog from another source and pass an opinion, or wind, or something.

I have decided that the world is full of idiots; except you and I, and I’m not so sure about me. Here’s an example…

Should it not be “It gets better”?

That twat is doomed to go through life with a great big neon sign above him that says, “Idiot below!” That’s actually what the post on Genes was about, education, the system, violence, bullying and the production of semi-literate cattle.

I was thinking yesterday…

Danger signal!

Yes, I know it’s dangerous when I think.

I have no idea who she is, but what does she produce that is of benefit to humanity?

There are a lot of useless people in the world, not just idiots, but it is true that some could fall into either or both camps. People who are not productive. Oh, they may ‘work’, they may get a salary, they may even be rich, they may even be dirty filthy rich beyond yours and my dreams, but they produce…


Absolutely nothing.

Who am I talking about? Celebrities, models, socialites, film stars, actors for TV ads, some TV presenters, and the like.

Okay, not all film and theatre actors and actresses.

OMG, now that stupid American spell check is telling me, ME, that I have spelt ‘theatre’ wrongly. I just had to add ‘reblog’ to the dictionary. WordPress doesn’t have a real English option, so I am by default encumbered with Americanisms.

Look at that model/actress/celebrity on the right. I have absolutely no idea who she is (I assume it is a ‘she’, it’s hard to tell these days) or what she does, but she is posed there in what I assume to be an alluring pose baring lots of flesh, succulent as it is (Hey, I’m not that old!), doing what?

What is she producing that can be of benefit to humanity?

What she is doing is making the rich, richer. Selling something, be it clothing, or the lack of it; maybe she is portrayed like this so that some corporation can sell more useless magazines and destroy more forests for paper.

People like this should be taxed. Taxed on the basis of what they produce, produce food – low tax bracket, produce nothing – high tax bracket. Simple.

She is a corporate whore. Prostituting herself so that corporations can make money. While the people are gazing at scantily clad models and celebs, they are not thinking about the day to day woes of life, they are not thinking about how the American Dream has become a nightmare.


I’ve even forgotten the title

Monday wasn’t too bad, this week it’s Tuesday that’s getting to me.

Nothing had irked me sufficient to post on my Monday Moaning on Eco-Crap, so I didn’t.

Very little has actually been happening.

They’ve found a large prehistoric snake, man started using fire 300,000 years earlier than previously thought.

Mitt Romney is still an idiot. Actually, he doesn’t have the credentials to qualify for idiocy. The Royal Canadian Bank has been caught selling its bad debt back to itself to make it look good. al-Bastard in Syria has given himself another 10 days in which he can freely slaughter civilians. There has been another shooting in another American college, makes you wonder whether there’s a major on this. Obama is still trying to convince the Mexicans not to decriminalise drugs. Burma did well in the elections, but it is still ruled by the military.

And the most important news in the US media is that a 93 year old grandmother has given up driving according to mainstream media sources.

Well, isn’t that just all ducky?   <——— Rhetorical question.

The coffee has kicked in.

One lesson tonight at 5:30, yesterdays were cancelled, tomorrows are cancelled and I’m not sure yet about Thursday, he’ll let me know. Then it’s Good Friday.

There’s an oxymoron, they call it Good Friday… wasn’t that the day Jesus was crucified? Can’t see anything good about getting piercings with six inch nails and thorns.

Like I said, very little has been happening.

BTW the T-shirt was sent to me by Small Footprints, she recognises my affection for the brown liquid.

I found some fancy flowers at work. I had no idea what they were and appealed as such on Eco-Crap. Small Footprints (as above) came to the rescue and made an old man very happy.

Damn caption adding thingy not functioning, so… They are cannonball tree flowers.


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