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And it came to pass…

He can have it back on Monday

He can have it back on Monday

That I have managed to complete my posts for the day.

This could well be a really screwed up Saturday. Not only do I have my regular classes, but I may/may not have another until 3pm. I don’t know as of yet. Oh, the things I do for my bossette.

I need more coffee… BRB

My students from last night’s group won’t know until the end of the month whether or not they are affected by the new factory edict. So there is still hope. If their class are cut, that will make a big hole in my pay.

Another hot, hot day anticipated. Weather forecast predicts rain on Monday, in the meantime we have to endure 40ºC+. Mind you, they forecast rain for last Wednesday and it didn’t.

Yesterday afternoon, I had my customary stroll around the praça, stopping the have a big conversation with the tortoiseshell cat from next door. She was just full of meows.

I was disappointed last night. I followed a comment on a post from 2011 and discovered that the image had disappeared. The site from which the image came was also down. On checking other posts, many images had disappeared. How disappointing. I will save more images and host them myself in the future. Nothing is forever.

On Ebola, a third US case who flew on two domestic flights while contagious. News that the UN effort is too little, too late, and not taken seriously enough. We will pay for that.

046da310a240a0ea2de122fd256580d5It’s time to put my underwear on the outside and become ‘Superteacher’!

Another of life’s riddles to solve…

Why do superheroes wear their underwear outside?


It Happened Again


Just love that smile

Nope, not my pants falling down, but I didn’t get round to my Saturday post, for which I was duly punished my having my worst day ever for visitors on all blogs.

It also happened again when I was looking for a suitable image to go with my thoughts of ‘say cheese’. I can’t just be content with finding a suitable image, I have to browse and look through everything, so time consuming.

As you can see, I found a lovely ‘say cheese’ image, but it’s not even that kind of cheese that I was thinking about. I was thinking about real cheese, the stuff that is made from milk.

Back in 1999, I lived in Bolivia, Santa Cruz de la Sierra, actually and I got a job on a farm about 2o kilometres from the city. Of course I had to live at the farm, because it wasn’t the kind of 20 kilometre commute where one just catches a bus to get there.

The job I had was to use Excel and make an accounting system for a collective of six farms.

It was in my ‘off’ hours that I began to watch the local workers make cheese in the quesaria with the excess milk that wasn’t required my the milk company.

I began to make cheese.

It was great because while I am a chef and used cheese, I had no idea about making the stuff.

I learned about many things, how to make cream and ricotta cheese from the left over whey, how to flavour and mature cheese, it was fun.

On Tuesdays and Thursdays I went into Santa Cruz laden with bags of cheese and peddled my wares around the deli and health shops.

I even made a poster which has long been lost, but I found the photo I used on an old hard drive.


I sold the cheese under the name “Vaca Feliz” Happy Cow.

Living on the farm was a happy time, away from the chaotic city, peace, quiet and solitude.

If I had the chance to live on a farm again, I would jump at it.

TGIF, again

Loaded this morning for want of something more topical

Long weekend last weekend, short week, canceled classes, I am confused.

And now I find I can’t load images to my posts….


*breathes deeply*

*counts to ten*

I’m going to watch TV, later.

…next morning

At 4am this morning, I still couldn’t load images, so I switched off the ‘puter and went back to bed. I am now enjoying my first coffee of the morning (about to get my second) and I find I can load them.

Now, after all the frustration, I can’t remember what I was going to write about last night.

*Babble on in the event memory returns*

Egg carton beside my cayenne pepper plant

Last week on Change the World Wednesday the challenge was to grow something maybe indoors. I accepted the challenge and filled the segments of an egg carton with homemade compost and put two little parsley seeds in each part.

Result, I now have seven little sprouts, and another three have just broken through the soil since last night.

Brazilians are notorious for living from one salary to the next. Come the end of each month, the cry is almost a unanimous “Tô duro!” (I’m broke) I am usually astute enough to avoid this problem. However, this month I have achieved Brazilianhood, “I’m broke!”

I can’t go out, I can’t buy beer, I can’t eat at my favourite restaurants. I was invited out for sushi tonight, but I had to decline. I am counting my slices of bread, I have four eggs in the fridge, I opened my last box of milk this morning for my coffee. It has been months since I was this destitute.

Now that I have written something in leiu of the post I had intended, I will blog off!

Later, maybe…

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