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Like a Politician

Yesterday was like a politician, all noise and flashy, but little or no action.

The thunder and lightning looked promising, but it all fizzled out with barely any rain.

To top it all off, there were two cars with loud music in front of the botequim. Finally I gave up and went out for a BBQ rodizio dinner and got home about 9pm. 9:45 qand I was in bed.

Even my coffee was trembling

Even my coffee was trembling

Benjamin Franklin said “Early to bed and early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise.” That’s bullshit, it made me grouchy, irritable and in dire need of coffee. Benjamin Franklin just had no idea.

Today is still cloudy, and it is only a light breeze that is preventing it from being horribly muggy.

Silly Box: An American brewery has fallen foul of Indians. They produced a beer called Gandhi-Bot based on the Indian hero of independence, Mahatma Gandhi who led the non-violent resistence to British rule in India.



The brewery claims the beer is an “ideal aid for self-purification and the seeking of truth and love.”

Their intent is not to offend anyone but rather pay homage and celebrate a great man who we respect greatly. That’s utter crap, they were trying to engratiate the Indians to buy their beer!

Venezuelan President Maduro still doesn’t get it. He’s squealing about the low price of oil because it’s hurting the country. Oil is the major source of income. It’s not the low price of oil, it’s his continued failure to realise that he’s pushing the extinct ideology of his predessor. Of course, he’s blaming everyone else for his problems. Typical despot.

The Roma baby mentioned in yesterday’s post has finally been given a dignified burial in a nearby town. But the refusal by a mayor to bury her has caused quite a stink in France.

A Britsh farmer has had to thin his hear of Heck cattle. The cows were simply to aggresive to handle… he never met my ex-wife. Apparently, these cows were the result of a 1920s German experiement to repoduce the extinct European wild oxen (Aurochs). Some of the cows were so aggressive that they would charge to kill. The herd of 20 has been reduced to six of the calmer animals.

Aurochs – Photograph: Barry Batchelor/PA

Must admit, they were magnificent looking beasts, but an example of what happens when man tampers with nature.

The phone hasn’t beeped.

Off to see what is happening beyond my gate.


How true…

“Coffee makes me invincible. But when the cup is empty, I return to mere mortal.” – Terri Guillemets

coffeeyetThis morning I couldn’t even make coffee before I had coffee.

I burnt the jug dry…

Was more successful on the second attempt.

It’s now 3pm, I haven’t had my third coffee yet, so it’s still breakfast time. Looks like lunch has become dinner.

This is my seventh blog post for the day, and I have finally caught up with my comment replies and visiting their blogs. I got so behind.

It’s now 5pm… I have managed one paragraph since 3pm. This is known as a lack of inspiration.

The Brazilian air force is going to get new toys for Christmas. Who said thee is no Santa Claus?

SAAB Grippen

SAAB Grippen

The Americans and the French lost out because their toys didn’t come with full soccer playing capabilities. Actually, it is rumoured that the Americans lost out because they were spying on the Brazilian president’s hair appointments. Oh, those nasty Americans, it turns out they have been spying on the Israelis too. Really Obama needs to castrate these spying shitheads.

Uganda has become one of the most backward countries in the world. They have passed a law enabling gays to be jailed for life.

Canada, on the other hand, has had it’s anti-prostitution laws struck down by the supreme court while the Indian supreme court has reistated the old British Colonial law that condemns homosexuals.

Honestly, if these countries forgot about homosexuals, prostitutes and the like and set about dealing with issues of importance like education, health and poverty, maybe the world would be a better place.

Other important news, the pope meet with his favourite football team and the Vatican now has a football trophy.

Well, that’s about it; the third coffee went down well.

Oh, I must thank my readers who popped across and voted for my blog Things that Fizz & Stuff, very much appreciated.



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