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semanticscoffeecupThat’s how I feel some days. Not enough coffee.

My day started off okay, then it went MONDAY!

I got two posts done and realised that I had to go to town and get my ink cartridges refilled. Okay, did a quick change and put some pants on and off I went. Refilled cartridges in hand, I went across to the sushi shop, great, they had some short grain rice. I had to get three folders and a hole punch, got those and my tummy began to rumble… oh it’s 11:30. Lunch, and I was home by 1pm.

Dinky little thing, but the ink goes everywhere!

Dinky little thing, but the ink goes everywhere!

That was when I discovered the black ink cartridge had leaked, my hands were black. Fixed that. That’s when i discovered that the colour cartridge wouldn’t work.

Bugger! Nap-fu practise was called for.

The next hour was spent scanning and printing. I even screwed that up… more than once. Stupid things like printing the wrong page back-to-back.

I finally got it right.

By then it was time for work, 4pm. The day had gone. I don’t know where, it just went.

First thing my pupil asked. “What happened to your hands?” They were a bit of a mess.

So here I am at bedtime trying to keep my eyes open and using hunt ‘n punch typing techniques.

I see some conservative bishops at this Catholic conference thingy are calling the recommendations for relaxing things in relation to gays are calling it a betrayal. High time some of these doddery old bastards were put out to pasture, and let the world get on with it.

As I predicted, Israel is a little more than miffed that British MPs voted to follow Sweden in recognising the State of Palestine. Is Israel on the way to finding itself an outcast? When traditional supporters like Britain hop across the table, it would seem so. And after Israel’s recent brutal attacks, I’m not suprised.

For the last couple of years there has been a fear of radicalised Muslim schools in Britain. Several have been the subject of rigorous checking to see if they fit in with the overall British scheme of things, and they aren’t. Now, the Jewish conservative schools are jumping up and down because similar checks have been made on three of them, and found that they too were failing badly to prepare their pupils for modern British life. What’s good for the goose, is good for the gander.

Now I think I can safely go to bed.


12 Hours to Go

champagne_corkYes, the last 12 hours here in Brazil.

Many parts of the world have already partied, Auld Lang Syned and filled our precious atmosphere with all sorts of carbon, pollution and flying champagne corks.

Do you realise that these champagne corks could spell doom for mankind. Just think, how many light bulbs have been broken and need replacing, how many loved ones have become the targets of errant corks. It is a relatively unknown fact that these flying missiles are dangerous and you’ll never see this reported in the mainstream media because such danger is suppressed by governments and media moguls worldwide. Forbid that people might begin to stop buying bubbly to celebrate New Year.

I’ve had my Monday Moaning on Eco-Crap, been the thorough killjoy; and I have posted on the first of the New Year celebrations on Tomus Arcanum, there’s a link there to some magnificent photos of New Year around the world.

The world outside my window is already abuzz, the botequim is quite lively, the sun is shining, a hot day is promised. Last night while I was writing my post we had thunder and lightning and rain, which is badly needed after our three week dry spell. It was also refreshing to have a cold shower that was actually cold and allowed for a good night’s sleep.

I had plans to spend New Year with my neighbours, but at the last minute they decided to go to another part of the city for a family party. I have been invited, but they will not return until the next day. I am too old for that kind of caper, I like the comfort of my own bed and the freedom to go there when I am ready; I am not comfortable in unfamiliar surroundings when they are enforced beyond my comfort zone and I am dependent on others.  A clear demonstration of my advancing age, I like things to be as they have always been, I don’t like change.

It is possible that the botequim will be open until midnight, I’ll take my bottle of Italian bubbly and share it with the regulars present.

If not, then I will have an early night and do the popping on New Years Day.

I don’t make New Years resolutions, I can’t. I made one many years ago and have stuck to it since. “I will not make any more New Years resolutions!”

The only thing that can be guaranteed is the New Year will bring another 365 days; can we survive them?

I believe the next year will be grim. The US is in the shit up to its eyeballs, the Republican Party have signed their own death warrant by their obstinacy; they are not interested at all in the people, only gaining ‘Brownie points’ with the rich to fund their next campaign. If the American politicians were half serious, they’d cut their military budget by half, halve politicians salaries and stop funding Israel, but Israel have the US by the balls, one squeeze and… you guys know what I mean.

I refuse to write another post until next year.

A Fine Friday

Fine, because it’s not only the end of the week, but it is warm and the sun is out, although clouding a bit as I tap away here.

Fine because I have successfully made my first porn intimate close look at nature movie.

Fine because the Palestinians have won part of their fight.

Fine because I have just had a large pork chop and guava juice for lunch.

First, my movie…

A bezerra (big black bee) pollinating a passion fruit flower in my yard. These bees are necessary because of their size, as they are getting the nectar, the pollen brushes off on their backs, and hence taken to the next flower where their backs rub against the stamen and deposits the pollen.

https://i2.wp.com/3.bp.blogspot.com/-qzViblqUgfQ/Ti1sS8dM9nI/AAAAAAAAAHA/0qEXgTwEzRk/s1600/palestine-flag-tshirt.jpgNext, I am so glade that the bid by Palestine has succeeded in the UN.

The USA and Israel are not happy chappies, because it means that Israel has lost its ability to bully the Palestinians.

As for the cowardly 41 nations who abstained from the vote, well enough said.

Israeli and US spokesmen have declared that this is the wrong way, that only through negotiations can the Palestinians achieve their goal. Hell, they have been negotiating for 65 flammin’ years and nothing, but nothing has been achieved; in fact, the lot for the Palestinians has worsened. Now Israel is saying they will build more settlements on the West Bank( ie in Palestine), just who are the aggressors?

This is not my political blog, but personally I am pleased that they have succeeded.

It’s almost time for work, so later.

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