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Not much going on

It’s true, a whole Wednesday has passed me by.

I have been waiting for something to happen, or inspiration to stike, but nothing.

A trip to the supermarket, there was a BBQ at the botequim, so I threw some meat on it. I tried a new beer ‘Jade’, it was bloody awful. Won’t be buying that in a hurry.

I did the dishes…. now there was a moment’s excitement. That even surpassed watering the plants.

Time vortex

Time vortex

My clock has been going backwards. I’ve never seen that before. It’s like the dead batteries are sucking the time back.

I wonder if that’s where my inspirtaion went?

Sucked back into the vortices of time. Probably somewhen on the Tardis.

Damn Time Lords!

Footy is on soon. Flamngo vs Botafogo. I will go to the botequim to watch that and probably have a beer while doing so.

The first ebola patient outside Africa has died. This is going to get serious.

The girl from Mars

The girl from Mars

There’s been a bit of hype lately about sending humans to Mars…

Mars mission: Could US girl, 13, be first on red planet?

“Alyssa Carson has big dreams. At the age of 13 she is determined to be the first person to land on Mars.”BBCNews

As a parent, what would you do if your kid waltzed in and announced she was off to Mars?

Laugh it off as wishful thinking.

“But this is more than wishful thinking – Nasa thinks she stands a chance and she is already in training. “

There’s nothing like ambition.

A blog post had me in fits today. I’ve seen it before, but it’s just so funny. I found it on Englishman in Italy which is a really great blog.





Mental Machinations

Mental Machinations

This is roughly what goes on in my mind when posting on my blogs.

It’s all terribly confusing.

Somewhere in there is a cog called normal, it’s a bit like the spleen; doesn’t do much.

I’ve been up since six, managed three coffees and three posts in 3½ hours and not much else, I think the cogs need lubricating.

Or maybe I need Nap-fu practice. It’s about that time.

I made a wonderful lunch yesterday. I was going to take a photo to make you drool all over your keyboard; but I was hungry and ate it instead. Crumbed sole fillets, boiled potatoes, cauliflower with grated cheese and a cracked white pepper sauce over the fish.

Yesterday I mentioned normal. I found the answer.


I checked…


She’s right! Normal Dry.

Well, that’s one thing I don’t need to worry about; I don’t have a drier.

My jubilation over getting my 1,000th Twitter followers was short lived, last night the count had dipped to 997, but it’s gaining again, 998. Erratic just like the stock market.

iteuroItaly’s in the poo again.

Economy shrinking.

Further proof that there isn’t any recovery.

The Euro was a mistake.

Headline news: Chain Saw Massacre actress dies, wow! I don’t even know who she was…

Now that Israel has packed up its play things The world must really look at their illegal blockade of Gaza. Gaza needs to be rebuilt, but Israel bans building materials… what are they? Freakin’ sadists? Egypt is being sued (today’s news) in the African Court for supporting the illegal blockade. I hope it is successful.

The rain has stopped, the sun is out, one should be outside enjoying life… Bugger that, normal people do that. I’m having a nap. Then I am going to repeat yesterday’s lunch theme, cabbage instead of cauliflower.



The Biter Bit

I have a half hour before the kickoff between Argentina and Nigeria at 1pm.

There is no doubt that Suarez applied his infamous bite - Mage: BBCNews

There is no doubt that Suarez applied his infamous bite – Image: BBCNews

The title, of course, refers to Suarez’ bite of the Italian. I don’t follow European football and I was unaware that this is not the first time, nor the second time that he has committed this despicable act, but the THIRD! Leaving me even more shocked. The first offence he was banned for six games, the second, ten games. This time she should be banned from the sport for LIFE!

I saw the footage during the game, the video leaves no doubt that he did it regardless of his claims that he was ‘shouldered’ by the Italian is bullshit; it was nothing of the sort. And history tells us that he did indeed bite him, as he has committed an impressively nefarious list of infractions including unsportsmanship, handing the ball, racial abuse, as well as the two previous bites; all of which have lead to sanctions.

We don’t need animals like this in sport!

FIFA is investigating…. there’s NOTHING to investigate!

The biter bit title comes from a high school English class. I can’t remember the context, I believe something to do with poetry, but it was so appropriate.

Today is a holiday here in Rio because of the game at Maracanã, I had a morning planned.

Make fresh coffee

Bacon & Eggs for breakfast

Bog and shower

Replace the shelf under the kitchen sink

So far, I have made the coffee and had a bog…

You can see that I have taken the route of least resistance, although the bog… No, I’ll spare you the details.

The shelf under the kitchen sink remains, disintegrating, under the sink.

Bacon & Eggs are now planned for lunch along with a weinerschnitzel steak.

An eternity waiting

An eternity waiting

My PC was sluggish, it was taking forever for anything to happen, although in reality the time could’ve been measured in seconds. When you’re at the keyboard, that’s an eternity.

Even FireFox was having hiccoughs.

Not surprising, it’s been on 24/7 for the last 12 days.

So, I shut everything down, and rebooted.

I searched for a reboot funny/humour image without success, and apparently there is nothing funny about having to reboot your PC.

The US has upset Kim Jong-un. He’s threatening war over a movie portrayal of him. Geez, he’s a dork!

Nice day out there, already passed kick off, and Messi has already scored.

I’m off to cook breakfast lunch.



Back to Normal

normalLOL, define ‘normal’

What I mean is that it is about that time when I would normally offer you some of the juicy tidbits of the day here in Brazil.

Please don’t infer by the title that I am in any way ‘normal’, I will hotly refute it. I tried it once, it was boring, so I became a blogger.

After my early, bloody early start for the day, I did eventually enter ‘sleep mode’ again, only to be woken at 4am by my neighbour retrieving his car from my garage. Back to sleep mode.

A paella should look like this, mine didn't

A paella should look like this, mine didn’t

I woke later than normal.

Blogged a little.

Decided that I should try again to pay the rent.

Went to a restaurant for lunch and had a wonderful paella; and beer. Mine didn’t look exactly like that, the mussels were out of the shell, as were the shrimps, and it was more soupish; but drain off the excess juice and it was okay over rice.

The cool has gone, the hot is back. Not quite as hot as the past weeks, yet. But we have been promised increasing temps until Sunday.

whats-appI see Google has bought WhatsApp. I have no idea of WhatsApp is, but apparently it is the world’s most popular app.

How on earth did I ever get by without it?

One of the attractions of WhatsApp is that it doesn’t have advertising… didn’t have advertising.

That’ll change.

Not everybody appreciates art.

Hot in the news is the cleaner at an exhibition in southern Italy, cleaned. As a result, part of the exhibition that was made of cardboard and on the floored got ‘cleaned’ and ended up being taken away by the local rubbish truck.

The Ukraine president has realised he’s in a no-win situation and has made an agreement with the protesters to hold elections this year.  I now wonder if/when Venezuela’s ‘president’ (in quotes because he was never legally elected) will come to the same conclusion, or is he still delusional?

I mentioned sockpuppets the other day. Andrew commented how bad Shari Lewis was, and I realised that I have spent a lifetime pushing this memory to the back of my mind, only to find I have failed.

So I am going to ruin the day for those of you who have similarly spent a lifetime trying to forget…

Actually, it’s quite funny until the singing.




The Silly Season is over. I have five days to prepare for the first classes… I can do it!

I am tottering around the house having had only one coffee, I don’t really feel like doing anything.

Yesterday belonged to the wine.

LambruscoBiancaapaltagua-gran-verano-carmenere-rosadoLambrusco Bianca, a frizzante (slightly fizzy) from Italy and some Chilean Apaltagua rosado carmenere; ideal for quaffing.

Both good wines. Went well with BBQed pork and rump steak and my famous ‘what’s-in-the-fridge’ salad.

This time it was chopped gherkins, olives, capers, crystalised fruit, cheese cubes and someMaille à l’ ancienne mustard with a little olive oil to moisten.

You can make wonderful salads this way, just whatever is on hand, chop, mix and stir.

The rest of the day was uneventful, and remained so until bedtime, although I was able to get a couple more blog posts in.

Now I have to face the dishes. The sink is full, they are on the stove, the side board. In fact, I can’t turn around in the kitchen without dishes.

I’ll have a nap, they’ll be there when I wake.


Deja Brew

alchemyEver had that feeling that you’ve had this coffee before?

Long ago, I discovered that the old alchemists were wrong. No, not about the gold thingy, but the four elements, earth, wind, fire and water; they forgot coffee.

Of all five elements, coffee is the most important, it’s what makes the world go round, and more importantly, it makes blogging possible. Without coffee, blogging would be a dreary dull exercise.

But, I will carry on regardless.

Is this the Brazilian Spring?

Brazil ProtestAs I predicted, the scraps from the kitchen table that the Blonde Bimbo offered the people of Brazil, weren’t going to wash. They have all been suggested or promised before and didn’t happen. So why should Brazilians believe any different this time? Unfortunately the vandalism and violence continues by a small disruptive element, but the police have already rounded up a few of the perpetrators and thieves.

There have been many protests without incident, but the foreign press seem to ignoring those, doesn’t make for spectacular press.

There’s a good synopsis of the situation on Expanding to Brazil in English, if you’re interested in an informed opinion.

Today is Sunday. Oh, you’d noticed? It’s a cool dull day here in Rio, but the coffee makes it tolerable. Again, I have planned nothing, there’s nothing in the fridge to plan with, I had thought about going out for lunch, but lethargy has taken care of that idea, besides the restaurant has upped its Sunday price again! That’s twice in two months, bugger that.

My Mean Green Leaf Eating Machine has not surfaced. I googled and discovered that it is possible the pupa has gone underground, probably in the big tub where the savaged guava tree grows, and will only emerge in the Spring, which hasn’t sprung yet; it is only June, and spring is about September+. So I will still be on the look out. I’m not going to try and find it for fear of killing it.

Brazil Soccer Confed Cup Italy Japan

Italian coach in a moment of dispair

Brazil played well against Italy yesterday and managed a healthy win, 4 – 2, so they will go into the semifinals of the Confederation’s Cup.

Their opponents haven’t been decided yet, I think that game is today being played about beer o’clock.

Blogging right along.



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