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The Shit is about to Hit the Fan

And you need to watch out just where the oscillating air recirculation device is pointing.

Seth Blathermouth fizzing at the bung

Seth Blathermouth fizzing at the bung

The initial furore over the 2022 Qatar games is spreading. Five of the six major sponsors are now backing an inquiry. The report being prepared by Michael Garcia is a farce if he doesn’t include the information available.

Meanwhile, Seth Blathermouth is fizzing at the bung and trying to say this is a racist issue stirring up the African countries.

A report today, all 22 sponsors are moving into damage control mode and down playing their sponsorships for fear of backlash.

Some Brazilians are incensed over the money being spent on the FIFA World Cup instead of social and infrastructure projects.

You can't eat a football - image: BBC News

You can’t eat a football – image: BBC News

Graffiti like this appearing around the country shows the discontent.

I am fully in favour of the idea that if FIFA want a World Cup, they and the sponsors build the stadiums and bear the brunt of their rigid requirements, and not take the food from hapless mouths.

The Brazilian people have to bite the bullet and accept that the World Cup starts in two days. Don’t wreck the tournament, if you want power of protest, shun the sponsors, blacklist their products; pressure from the sponsors is the only thing that FIFA will listen to, because it will lose billions of dollars in profits. Hit FIFA where it hurts, the pocket.

Make sure that this doesn’t happen to another country, it’s too late for Brazil, but look to the future.

There is an election this October, and I am picking the incumbent government will lose because of the World Cup.

Raining out there, it started about 3am and looks as though I will get wet going to work tonight.

Meanwhile, I sit here in the comfort of my Extra Forte coffee and blog along.

Google, these are NOT trousers!

Google, these are NOT trousers!

Google has got its algorithms in a twist again. I did a search for trousers yesterday, I wanted an image for a post on Eco-Crap, all I got were pictures of jeans. Google, get your shit together, there is a world of difference between trousers and jeans.

Apps! Apps this and apps that. The 20 best apps were the subject of a news item. I wouldn’t consider an app if my life depended on it.

banappsMy current old cellphone is about to bite the dust, it’s clinging on to life at the moment, but I fear its demise soon.

Then I face the problem of what to get to replace it. I don’t want anything that does netty things, nor am I interested in music, but a camera would be nice.

Ability to have apps, don’t even think about it.

Harking back to football again, read the picks for the World Cup winner from eight enlightened people: Brazil gets 5 mentions, Argentina 3. No other country was in the running.

A Brazil win is what I am hoping for.

My coffee mug is empty for the umpteenth time this morning, I should rectify the situation.


I’ve Been Busy

I have, I have also been inattentive, lazy, procratsinating…

Yes, all those things. I have been busy trying to recover my blogs off the bastard google, trying to find a back door, so to speak because there was so much content lost.

I also had to create a blogspot blog so people could find my new Eco-Crap II as one of my regular readers pointed out that it was not available when they clicked on my name in comments that I left on Blogger; WordPress blogs aren’t listed on my Blogger profile. I solved that one, and got to thinking, trying different things. I restarted my They Say it’s in the Genes. That was my philosophical blog, where I put thoughts and ideas, things that make us tick. It was a blog that wouldn’t work on WP, because… well go there and read the Opening Blurb.


I have just finished watching a programme on TV. Now mostly Brazilian TV is shit; I only watch the news and football… okay, and the occasional movie. But Friday’s Globo Reporter is sometimes good. Today it was about the lesser known hydro projects for the Rio Tapajós and tributaries in the state of Para. Most of the world knows about Belo Monte on the Rio Xingú, but I didn’t know much about the Tapajós. I do now and I am shocked. Until 2019 there are plans for 19 or 22 (I forgot the number, but it’s too many) hydroelectric dams in the area, flooding parts of two national parks and an area 3x the size of São Paulo (Brazil’s largest city).

Panaque armbrusteri - Only found in the drainage of Rio Tapajós. Image Aquaifonet

The destruction and demise of unique flora and fauna, including species that are only found in that area and nowhere else on the planet is appalling, not to mention the displaced people.

Of course, they’re indians, so they’re not important.

Just one more instance that makes me really wonder just wtf we are about.

It leaves me saddened.


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