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Lie kid’ll armpit

brazil-loss-to-germany-memeThere, figure that one out before the end of this post.

Sweet dreams are made of these… It came to me at some stage through the night. I had to get up at 2:30am to write it down for fear of forgetting it. It’s an entry from an old book called New Zild and How to Speak it.

There are many jokes around the net about the Brazilian catastrophe. I think that this was the best. Given the levels of agony, sadness and shame experienced by Brazil, you have to bounce back.

Personally, I was so affected by the drama, that several times I found myself  trying to move the cursor with my cigarette packet instead of the mouse; taking time to recognise the error.  When you sink to this level of desperation, it’s definitely time for more coffee.

At least Brazil’s defeat provided some excitement, unlike yesterday’s game, Holland vs Argentina which prompted on commentator on BBC to say that the tedium of a game of chess is more exciting. I was in class, so I didn’t see the game, but I had the BBC page open for live comments on the game. I saw the last few minutes of extra time and the shoot out, that was exciting.

The upshot is that Brazil now play Holland on Saturday for third place, surely we can manage that. Dutch manager is grumbling about their ignominious fate.

Headline news! Justin Bieber got two years probation for the hideous offence of vandalism. Why didn’t the judge just give him a red card and send him home? Or at least ban him from singing ever again, now that would be a community service.

Pamploma – image: BBC

Two men were gored by bulls in the annual Pamploma Bull Run. Idiots abound.

No sympathies from this quarter.

FIFA are a bunch of bloody cowards. In the matter of the Colombian who destroyed the Brazilian team, they have found no cause to interfere with the referee’s decision. That’s the whole point, the referee didn’t make a decision.

Maybe FIFA should be sent to Pamploma… Let the bulls make a decision, or an incision or two.

erdinger-weissbierJust in… No, not the Bieber again! News.

A pub in Galway, Ireland reduced the price of a pint of Erdinger by 50 cents for every German goal; by the end of the night punters were paying 50p a pint, the poor bar manager was in a state of panic.

Apparently it paid off, because the pub was packed for the next semi the following night.

Been trying to rain all day, it wets the ground a bit, then buggers off; an hour later, it does it again. The day is so dull that I have the light on.

I must blog along, the emails about comments and visits have mounted up again.

I’ll leave you with this bit of real estate news…


Oh, I am a naughty boy.

Did you manage to figure out the post title?

Try this: “Like it, or lump it” But if you are a Kiwi or not, that’s the way we talk.

Later. (I’m lying this time)


Fried Brains

brain_overload-300x2001Sometimes I feel like this ——>

But mine is less cluttered, because I don’t subscribe to much of the shit that’s available to fry your brains.

I LOL a lot, and sometimes OMG even though I am an atheist, an ingrained habit from my younger years.

Saw a post on WordPress this morning: Boring, Boring WordPress; and I have to agree, WP is as boring as shit. They say they have 20% of the blog market and I know why? They’re not interested in the you and me who don’t pay for their blogs. They’re slow, their blogging is cumbersome, their themes are boring beyond belief, and free blogs can’t use plug-ins; and many useful widgets are not permitted.

Blogspot on the other hand is free, interesting themes are manageable and easy to use, there are no limitations as to who can use what.

So why am I here on WordPress?

Simple the policies of Blogspot/Google are shit. Remember two years ago, I lost five years blogging and emailing without so much as a comment from them.

If WP wants to capture the market, they have to compete with Blogspot, and at this late stage of play, that’s not going to be easy. First thing they need to do is make it easier for free bloggers; until that happens, they’re pushing shit uphill with a rake.

justin-bieber-brothel-brazil-00-600x450Justin Bieber went down like a bad pill in Brazil. Sneaking out of a massage (read bonking) parlour covered in a sheet, vandalising some place with graffiti (he’s been charged with that) and walking off the stage earlier than scheduled because someone threw something at him. Hell, if he can’t stand criticism, get out of the game. Watch out Paraguay, here comes the spoiled brat of pop!

The rain hasn’t stopped since yesterday afternoon. Looks like another walk in the rain to get to work today.

Weinerschnitzel for lunch, yum, yum. I cut enough off the slab to do tomorrow as well. The rest is in the freezer should I feel the need for a BBQ on the weekend… foregone conclusion.

The Swiss team found traces of polonium on Arafat indicating possible poisoning; however the Russian team found nothing. Who do you believe?

Russian space launch with flame

Russian space launch with flame

Why would they send the Olympic flame to space? Are events planned there? Do they have astronauts competing in the games? So why? Waste of money and resources.

Okay, so it piggy backed with a crew change over, but I still ask why?

Japan is going to start the removal of the rods at Fukushima. Watch this space…

Must get ready for work. *looks out the window* Still raining, going to get wet.



No Kitty Break

Hopefully, I get this written before Cloro wakes up. He’s alseep on my his our bed behind me.

nothingagainstgodNot much to blog about, but I will share one thought with you. It’s an observation made over many years of blogging. If you look at map counters on blogs there is a fact that sticks out like a sore toe. You get few visits on a humour blog from Muslim countries, not all, but some which to me means that generally Muslims don’t have a sense of humour. I reckon the reason is that they don’t drink alcohol, they don’t know how to have fun. Now, don’t get the idea that I am against Muslims, Christian evangelicals are the same, no sense of humour, I’ve known a few in my time, they can’t talk about anything without quoting the Bible, quite frankly, they’re as boring as f*&k; and they want to share their religious views with you, but don’t want to hear about yours.

Well, Rio had the world youth gathering and the pope a month or so ago to disrupt everything, then last two weeks we had Rock in Rio to disrupt everything, now we’re going to have Justin Beaver Butt in November, and already it is disrupting everything. Kids have started lining up at the ticket sales office and camping out a full six weeks before tickets even go on sale. The situation looks like getting out of hand, so the council banned camping out in the area. I haven’t seen the aftermath of that decision yet.

feelingsI have often heard it said that men don’t have feelings; then today I saw this, proof that we do.

That’s all I have time for today. I was feeling tired, so I had two naps and the day ebbed away.

Must get ready to look like a teacher, I’,m feeling so scruffy.


Oh, you put your fur on…


All is well in my world

I love the quizzical look on Lixo’s furry face when I get out of the shower. First he flees from the prospect of getting dripped on (he hates water), then he follows me to the bedroom and sits there watching me dry and put some clothes on. He studies me intently and then meows; I have translated that ‘meow’ to mean, “Oh good, you’ve put some fur on!”

Once I have my ‘fur’ on, he goes off to the sofa for a snooze, which he is doing now, happy in the knowledge that all is right in his world.

Last night during my lesson, I announced to my student that I should have pizza for dinner. It was my intention to ring-out for my favourite, bacon & mushroom.

What was left after dinner

What was left after dinner

After class, I went to the supermarket for some therapy shopping because I basically had nothing in the fridge. As I was passing the deli section I saw they had pizza bases, two for R$2.99… “Hmmm,” I thought to myself, got an open jar of mushrooms and some leftover bacon, “Hmmm,” I repeated. The pizza I had planned on was R$30.99, the prospect of a R$1.50 pizza base with left overs began to immediately appeal; simply add some mustard and ketchup to the base, cheese, tomato (also left over) and a generous sprinkle of oregano.

And, I have supper for tonight, reheated pizza leftover.

I didn’t have my roast pork yesterday as planned, it wasn’t quite thawed. But I will have it today, but I must go off to the sacolão (fruit & vege) to get some pumpkin, I have an urge to have roast pumpkin. So I am off as soon as I have finished waffling here.

Google is really stupid. I have my Google search set for English; after all it is my native language. Every time I open it, it asks me if I want Google in Portuguese. Now if Google was sooooo smart, it would have realised after more than a year that, “NO! I don’t want Google in Portuguese!”

Then you get things like this…


Justin Bieber is one of the 50 top women on the web…

Smart, really damned smart… Google has got its algorithms in a twist.

That’s it! Off to the sacolão



More Bollocks

stay-strong-weekend-is-coming-soonOver the hump day and on the downhill run to the weekend.

The kid is right, stay strong!

I need more coffee…


Got coffee, now where was I?

A blog I read from time to time is Lathophobic Aphasia, it’s hilarious and at times naughty. I read it today. The first post was a link to Typalyser which measures your personality via the type of blog you write.

Just for a giggle, I did it. Sometimes I do things just so I can giggle insanely in the privacy of my own underpants, when nobody is likely to see me except Lixo, and he doesn’t care when I giggle insanely.

First, I tried Eco-Crap, this is what it had to say…

“The active and playful type. They are especially attuned to people and things around them and often full of energy, talking, joking and engaging in physical out-door activities. They are active people who want to solve problems rather than simply discuss them.

ESTPs are the most adept among the types at influencing other people. Promoting is the art of maneuvering others to one’s position. Concrete in speech and utilitarian in action, they are smooth operators. The ESTP knows everyone who matters and everything there is to do because they are very resourceful, always knowing where the fun and action is.

They like to indulge themselves in the finer things in life and to bring other people with them. Their goal in life is to sell themselves and their ideas to others. Dramatic and debonair, they are gifted at earning others’ confidence.”

Abridged, there’s more. Rather worrying is that it likens me to some nasty people throughout history.

So, I tried Life is but a Labyrinth…

ameganfoxboobs“The entertaining and friendly type. They are especially attuned to pleasure and beauty and like to fill their surroundings with soft beautiful textiles, bright colors and sweet smells. They live in the present moment and don´t like to plan ahead – they are always in risk of exhausting themselves. ESFPs love being around people and having new experiences. Living in the here-and-now, they often do not think about long term effects or the consequences of their actions.

ESFPs live in the moment, experiencing life to the fullest. They enjoy people, as well as material comforts. Rarely allowing conventions to interfere with their lives, they find creative ways to meet human needs.”

Also abridged, here I keep better company, but being like Justin Bieber and Megan Fox is a worry; for I have neither the teenage temerity to think I can sing nor the breasts.

But I did receive a wonderful accolade from a comment yesterday on Eco-Crap; really boosted my ego.

“Love your blog, your wit and your logical and fresh approach to eco-green-sustainability topics! Unfortunately I don’t get enough time to blog and and check up on blogs…. however your posts are a must read!”

It’s when I receive comments like that, I know that my efforts are appreciated, which adds fuel to the fire of inspiration.

I have a burning desire to make bacon and egg pie today, but I must use more perishable items in the fridge first, like the chicken cubes, so I will make chicken in a homemade mustard sauce for lunch… Of course this will be accompanied by a bottle of chilled Chateau Guandú.

But I am behind in my blogging today, I really must blog along.


Breakfast at Noon

Queensberry-Classic-Laranja-320gYes, BREAKFAST!

I have had various cups of coffee, but between napping and procrastinating I have omitted to eat anything.

I am in the process of remedying that situation now. The grill is on to make toast.

Challenge met!

There is no breakfast quite like marmalade on toast.

Here, they call it geleia de laranja (orange jam). Brazilians don’t have the concept of marmalade, although this is imported, and horrendously expensive (R$9.98 a jar), there is no word that equates to marmalade. Not to be confused with mermelada in Spanish which means jam and not maramalade.

Having a late breakfast is rather fortuitous today, as I have nothing for lunch. I got fish at the supermarket on Monday night, but I didn’t take it out to thaw. The fact that the supermarket was crowded, I forgot to get anything else edible, except chocolate. One shouldn’t have chocolate for breakfast. Which is as good a reason as any to have lunch out tomorrow when I go shopping with my ex and Emmylee for school stuff.

I was surprised by a comment today on yesterday’s post. Who or what is a Bieber, pray?

JBA Beiber is having the unfortunate condition where ones singing enchants young adolescent girls whose hearts throb at the very mention of his name.

Quite frankly, he is the nadir of singer wanna-bes who are under the delusion that they can sing. Which is supported by the fact that only immature adolescent girls (mainly) consider he can.

I was under the impression that everyone knew who Bieber was, even if only to avoid anything supposedly musical connected with his name. But apparently, not in Hong Kong. Oh the bliss of living in a place where Bieber is unknown.

The fridge saga… Yes, once again the best laid plans of mice and men went awry. During the day the availability of the pick-up disappeared. Now we have set Thursday as the day.

The nuts and bolts of blogging

The nuts and bolts of blogging

I am worried. I keep an eye on my stats for the blogs, and since the weekend they have been way down. My best two blogs Nether Region of the Earth III and Things that Fizz & Stuff are down from 150+ visits per day to 32 and 61 respectively, and that reflects for Mondays (normally the best day of the week) stats too. Eco-Crap, while not the best, is the only blog still swimming with the current. It makes me woonder if I am doing something wrong when I see dips like that. Blogging is not without its frustrations.


Life is so Repetitive

This one should be big enough

This one should be big enough

First, I did the dishes…

Then, I cooked lunch…

Which undid the dishes!

The kitchen looks no different to when I made coffee this morning; my saving grace.

I need a bigger coffee pot.

I’m so excited, I could wet my plants!

Today is fridge day!

At last…

Now all that needs to happen is that Lincoln comes home early with the pick-up as planned, and the owner of the fridge not changing his plans.

Life always depends on other people.

Taking a break to eat lunch and watch the news…

The news was bad… 10 more died in hospital since the fire.

Lunch was great…

The dishes remain undone…

I just read on Twitter, Justin Bieber groped a fans breasts…

They say if you play Bieber’s music backwards it sounds Satanic; but what’s worse, if you play it forwards it sounds like Justin Bieber, que horror!


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