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Yes, today is free!

So far, it hasn’t cost a penny.

I have finally found the perfect ‘Enter’ key for my keyboard…



As soon as I find out where they sell these, I’ll let you know. This was posted on Wine Wankers today, hop across for more laffs.

The post made me chortle into my coffee.

Another Friday in which I woke confused, was it indeed Friday, or was my mind playing tricks again?

My comment about Linux elicited a comment. After I had replied to same, I realised it was a worthy rant…


2010_onethemea little more than a year ago, I experimented with Mandriva Linux, I even bought a new pc with it installed.

Basically, I liked it as a user, but it’s too piecemeal. In nine months, I never successfully installed a programme. Remember, I tried this as a serious attempt to get away from the ubiquitous Microsoft.

While, I can find my way around many things with a pc and do many things, I am not geek enough to cope with Linux. It needs a central core, it needs to be organised, so that real people can use it, it needs to be simplified and taken out of the realm of the geek.

It is this lack of cohesion that has made Microsoft so bloody powerful and god-like.


Sunny day out there. I have yet to participate. I may, I may not. In all probability, a nap will take precedence.

The result of making spring rolls yesterday

The result of making spring rolls yesterday

My kitchen looks like a disaster area.

I could put my big-boy pants on and deal with it, but I don’t want to get my hands wet.

I will probably face the kitchen sink when it becomes obvious that I need to eat.

But that won’t happen before a nap. One must retain one’s priorities.

I should also remove the beer bottles from the living room, unsightly. I had some beer during Wednesday’s football match on the telly. I am a messy boy this week.

Lunch today will be mincemeat-something. I haven’t decided on mincemeat-what yet.

Now about that nap…


Dull Day

It’s too light to have the light on, and it’s too dark to see the keyboard properly at 9:30am.

washthekeyboard1Who knows, I could be sticking my fingers in something icky; maybe I should wash the keyboard…

Apparently, I have just found out, there are keyboards you can wash; weird.

I have read that some people have crumbs in their keyboards. I make it a point, generally, not to eat at the keyboard. I do, however, drink my coffee at the keyboard, lots of it. There are times that something has tickled my fancy to the point that I guffaw, chortle, titter and that has happened with a mouthful of coffee, so both the keyboard and the screen suffer.

I wonder if I could put the screen in the dishwasher…

Don’t panic! I don’t have one. I wouldn’t have one, I consider that they are one of the most useless time wasters in the house, after coffee makers and microwaves. The world has too many gadgets, we are wasting the world’s resources because we are lazy. If you have these types of gadgets in your house, then you are one of the culprits for the woes of the planet.

beerlikethisI want everyone who reads this post to ‘Like’ this. I want to see if likes really make that much of a difference.

Even if you don’t like it.

I don’t see why you shouldn’t it’s got beer in it.

I am actually trying to combat my big drop in readership, visits, etc since February.


I found this cool idea to stop people eating your sandwiches at work.

It’s soooo, simple and repulsive, almost guaranteed.


See mouldy sandwiches, I’m sure they work a treat.

Fish for lunch, I’m not sure at the moment how I will cook it, maybe fried, maybe poached, or I may just bake it off in the oven. Do mushrooms go with fish? That’s something I have never done, and I have the mushies… I’ll have o work on that.

The sun is out, time to go and play outside….


That time of the month…

coffeebreakkeyNo! Not that time of the month! Sheeesh!

It’s pay day. I’m off to Barra, so you’re not going to get a post today.

This is NOT a post.

There is NOTHING to read.

You are NOT here.

But if you’re hanging around, here is the news.

I have found the perfect keyboard for bloggers. I has a ‘coffee break’ key.

Reportedly, when you press it, the coffee is made and  it does an auto -save. Now isn’t that technology in action?

All I have to do is figure out where they sell it and whether it has a Portuguese option for making Brazilian coffee.

I may/may not be back later.

It’s been pissing down all night, stopped about 20 minutes ago, so |I am making a dash for the bus.


Been a bit slack

A keyboard alone does not a post write

Yes, I have. Thursday I had an excuse for not posting because it was pay day, but yesterday was more a case of procrastination. I had all good intentions, but good intentions do not a post write. At least not without some help from the keyboard and fingers to push the buttons.

I love that Steampunk keyboard.

Actually, I wasted a lot of time yesterday. I found a great site to explore, and explore I did; all bloody afternoon. Seems like a waste of time, but not. Sometimes you find a site/blog that just begs you to be there, stay, devour everything. Actually, it was a site a bit like my blog Bullshit Corner. I hope you’ve already been there, but if you haven’t you are derelict in your duty.

A cat conversation…

Yesterday afternoon, when I wasn’t exploring this great site, I was napping; and upon waking decided I should get desmellified. Lixo watched me undress and as I headed for the bedroom door, he stopped in mid-stride in the doorway. Hence, unwittingly he got a swift kick in his fluffy nuts, I couldn’t help it, I was in mid-stride, I was committed to completing the movement or end up in a pile on the floor.

Without taking umbrage, he headed for the front door and looked askance as I headed in the other direction.

“Stupid cat,” I found myself saying, “I can’t go outside, I haven’t got any fur on!”

Then, I thought to myself, what did I just say? If my readers knew that I talked to my cat about not having my fur on, they would be in no doubt as to my sanity.

Now, one thing in my life, I have never professed to be sane, not even normal. I tried being normal once; it was so boring that I became myself again.

Yesterday (7th) was Brazilian Independence Day. Which meant it was beer o’clock all day. I didn’t, I never do, although I did have a bottle during the second half of the Brazil vs South Africa game which ended up satisfactorily after a non-event first half, 1-0.

The best thing about Independence Day was Dilma Rousseff’s televised speech the night before that the domestic tariff for electricity would be reduced 16.2% from January. That means I will have a whopping R$9 cut from my average power bill. The blonde bimbo that calls herself president really hasn’t got two brain cells to rub together, but to giver her her dues,  she has managed to crack down on some of the government corruption that is holding the country steady in it’s Third World status. But she made the mistake in her speech by reiterating that Brazil was immune from the coming world financial collapse (proof of her blond bimbo status). I think she watches Fox News.

Carmen Lucia abandoning her stepdaughter at the rubbish dump

By the end of the day, I was so tired that I went to bed early, 8:45. I didn’t even watch Avenida Brasíl, a novela (soap opera) about the evil Carmen Lucia (left played by Adriana Esteves) who dumped her stepdaughter in the Gramacho rubbish tip after the death of her husband. Rita, the stepdaughter (r) grew up and now in her early twenties is reeking havoc in the household, that the cuckoo Carmen Lucia insinuated herself like a leech, in her blind obsession for revenge. A very convoluted story, although in someways predictable.

Last night was also, the last episode of the 6pm novela, Amor, Eterno, Amor (Love, Eternal, Love) which is the other novela I follow. The one that starts on Monday also looks like a good one; a period piece from the days when slavery ended in Brazil.

So, I spent Independence Day here at the keyboard and talking to my cat.

Today, I am doing much the same. Now I must get something out of the freezer for lunch, that will avoid the necessity of putting on my pants and going to the supermarket.


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