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thursday-8I am in the process of dethursdaying, that is finishing Thursday, or not having a Thursday, or, indeed getting over the effects of a Thursday.

I was up early to get posts organised, because late yesterday my lawyer rang and booked a 10am appointment. So I spent the rest of the day and partially sleepless night repeating “Oh shit” to myself wondering what had possibly gone wrong, could have possibly gone wrong.

All was over nothing, just to tell me that next Tuesday is the day of reckoning, so I have four days to rest and relax. He also wanted to give me the chance to make my next payment on the bill, which I have a sneaky idea was the real reason. Shifty buggers, lawyers.

However, it also gave me the chance to pay the rent. So apart from having four more days reprieve, I have a roof over my head for those four days… no food yet, but I have a roof.

Hot day, strong sun. My response to that was cold beer on arrival.

Home, answered emails, and Nap-fued, from which I have just deNap-fued and am having that quintessential coffee to wake up and spend the rest of the day looking for Friday.

Lunch, is left over pizza, so I won’t starve.

I may yet make a batch of onion rings to take to the botequim for nibbles, so I don’t feel beholden to share my half pizza; it’s such a little pizza.

Once I am at the botequim, I fear that is where I shall continue the process of dethursdaying surrounded by friends and empty bottles. Which is why you’re getting your post early today, because the chances of getting it later are remote.

Passion fruit flowers are out already, for the fifth day in a row. The smell in the front room is already heady. I am watching closely for the first sign of the first fruit.

Silly Box: A Chinese opened the door of a plane taxiing on the runway for take off; he wanted some fresh air. How silly is that?

I have surmised that there is only one way to rid American politics of Repugnicans and Democraps and that is to make American Idol, or the current inanity, a political party with the possibility of Kim Kardashian becoming president. That awful thought came to me as I was replying to a comment from yesterday. The only thing that could possibly be worse, is Miley Cyrus pole dancing her way into the White House.

With taht terrible thought, I shall moe along. Right next door… um, after i have put on my shorts.


But, I’ll leave you with a clip of the new Star Wars movie…


Lactobacilious Lokos

Bols Yoghurt

Bols Yoghurt

As near as I can figure Lactobacillus Lokos is yoghurt with vodka…

You know the old story you used to tell kids, they even sung about it, “A little bit of sugar helps the medicine go down!” Well, I guess this is the adult option.

Bols even have a bottled version…

Lactobacillus is lactic acid bacteria, we need it in our diet, if we need it, it must be healthy, we must drink more…

I like that rationale.

Lactobacillus is just one of the many live organisms that live in our gut, that we need to to turn food into a body-friendly product.

From Carlos’ Kitchen (in Portuguese) come two recipes:

1 :: Lactobacilious Lokos (lokos = crazy)

  • A pot of yoghurt (flavour of your choice)
  • At least a shot of vodka
  • Ice
  • Shake and drink

2 :: Lactobacilious Safado (safado = bastard)

  • A pot of yoghurt (flavour of your choice)
  • At least a shot of Catuaba
  • Ice
  • Shake and drink

catuabapoderoso1Easy peasy.

What might not be so easy is finding Catuaba outside Brazil.

The name catuaba (pronounced [ka.two.’aba], a Guarani word that means “what gives strength to the Indian”) is used for the infusions of the bark of a number of trees native to Brazil. – Wikipedia

It’s an aphrodisiac, energiser and a stimulant for the central nervous system.

It contains the famous Brazilian guaranã.

Well, there you have it. Having cast my pearl before the swine, lets get back to blogging, shall we?

Here’s the crux, apart from the promise of rain, there’s not a hell of a lot to blog about.

Once I finish here, I’m going to scare the hell out of my kitchen; it’s in for a reorg, I’ll further add insult to injury by doing the dishes.

Having procrastinated (I have a Master’s in Procrastination) for two weeks over buying a spade, last night I borrowed one with the intent of turning over my modest compost heap. I want to get some of the gooey goodies from underneath. I told Raimundo (it’s his spade) that I was going to get the sogra (mother-in-law) out of the freezer and bury her in the garden.

Lunch, I am envisaging diced chicken something with stir-fry something. The ‘something’ relating to the chicken could be curry, the ‘something’ relating to the stir-fry could be veges; but that’s not confirmed yet. Those decisions will be made after I open the fridge door.

I will blog along…


Banana Smoothie & Stuff

Missed again...

Missed again…

Damn, missed again!

Oh I hate these split days.

Yesterday, I had to pay the rent and I had to go to the supermarket.


Tribe of Gremlins

The contents of my fridge had been reduced to a bottle of sparkling mineral water, lard, ketchup, capers and the remains of last weeks cheese, which had begun to grow a rather nauseous green furry habitat capable of supporting a small tribe of possibly hostile gremlins.

Even a chef would have found it difficult to produce something edible from that lot.


A whole litre of this

By the time I had done all that, there was no time for lunch, so I had to choose something quick ‘n easy. Two bread rolls with cheese (ah, fresh stuff) and a banana smoothie, a whole litre of it.

Today, is a full plate again, although I managed to get rid of the mid-afternoon class, I discovered it was with a student that I have taught and already refused to teach again in the past; a most disagreeable person.

So with the extra time lunch was a tad more nutritious, pork schnitzel, mashed potato (that new potato masher is getting a good workout) and savoury cabbage and mushrooms.

Not this messy!

Not this messy!

Despite having done the dishes during the lunch preparations, the kitchen looks as though it hasn’t been touched for days. It seems that I am doomed to have an unkempt kitchen.

That’s why chefs have staff.

There’s a pot of pork bones on the stove to make stock for tomorrow’s lunch, which will be diced pork something, refried leftover mashed potatoes and something else. Doesn’t that sound exciting? <——– Rhetorical question.

So far today, I haven’t blogged. I have been to class, napped and lunched.

So blogging right along…


Sometimes it Rains

Yes, like every day this week. Rain has been a Monday – Thursday thing; and there is no reason why it won’t happen again.

But sometimes the sun shines.

Last night one of my students told me of his plans, to finish his project at work, get involved in Carnaval, take his holidays and get married to his long term girlfriend. But to do three of these things he needs a lot of money, he then informed me that English teachers are on the expendable list. Two more lessons until Carnaval and that’s it.

But the sun shines.

Having polar bears in the kitchen is not recommended

He wanted to know if I could use a fridge. Now the fridge I have works, but has to be defrosted manually every couple of weeks. If I don’t preform this ritual, I have polar bears roaming the kitchen at night. But it has kept my beer cold for the last year. The fridge I have been offered is like a limousine compared to the truck that graces my kitchen at present. And the price is unbeatable, the last two lessons and R$100. It is almost new, It still has the warranty adhesive.

I paused to give a lesson, my student has now gone. Lixo is still alseep on the sofa unfazed that life continues around him.


Lixo lying on the slate floor in the shower to escape the heat of the day

From time to time, I make observations about life. Yesterday was no different. Living alone I find the necessity to shut the toilet door unecessary, it also allows ingress to Lixo, who as soon as he hears the toilet seat being lowered, rushes in for a pet. Yesterday was no different. But yesterday, he tired of being petted and decided to have a snack. His dining room, beside the fridge is right in front of the toilet door, so I had a good view. I observed a phenomenon that had never occurred to me before. When Lixo lies flat to eat, his balls rest on the floor. I’m not sure that I would feel comfortable if mine were when I ate.

Sometimes one observes strange things, which in turn produces strange thoughts.

Last night I dined out, as a hard working English teacher I deserve that occasionally.  On arriving back home during a prolonged downpour it was easier to dive from the taxi into the bar rather than stand at the gate unlocking it and getting into the house to avoid getting saturated. One thing lead to another, one beer lead to another and before long it was after midnight and people stared wondering what was going on; one even ventured to say “AV’s still on the street after midnight, what’s happened?” It’s true, I am rarely on the street at that hour, normally at midnight I am safely in bed.

Back to my daily routine. I have to make a decision… Do I have lunch, or a nap?



I haven’t really decided yet

The perfect cup for a bloggers coffee

But I will make the effort, even if it to tell you that I haven’t decided yet.

Of course it’s Monday.

But it’s not a Mondaily Monday. You see tomorrow is another holiday. 1 May, Labour Day. So, of course, Brazilians don’t work on the weekday between the weekend and the public holiday.

So this is a day-off Monday, but things can still go haywire.

For a start its raining, has been on and off all night. But then rain doesn’t necessarily have an adverse effect on blogging, apart from the fact that the room is a little darker than normal.

I have found the perfect cup for bloggers’ coffee. This cup would save so many hurried trips to the kitchen.

Yesterday, I went over to the ex’s, she had a set of old kitchen cupboards that she was going to chuck out. So my neighbour, Lincoln, along with his pickup collected it and managed to get home before the rain started. They are not in the best of condition, but are cleaned and installed. Beggars can’t be choosers. The result is, I now have plenty of shelf space in the kitchen, which is something I lacked.

The rain persists, in fact for an hour now it has been persisting down. I had to use a plunger to free the drain in the backyard before it got to the stage where I would need a canoe just to get to the bar. The things one does for a beer.

I am now in a quandry, do I have a nap or make lunch…

The nap wins.


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