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A different wasted

A different wasted

NOT this wasted.

I had a successful morning posting, then I opted for some Nap-fu practice.

I woke at 1pm, and the net was down, Four hours totally wasted.

So I begrudgingly washed the dishes.

Net was till down.

So I cooked lunch, bacon and eggs, it was sort of a late breakfast really.

Now I have 45 minutes to entertain you and read all my emails that flooded into my inbox when the net returned. So, if I don’t get back straight away, you know why.

I had an exciting morning. Between posts I watched the councilmen put new asphalt down on the next road. I felt like a little boy again, especially when the roller flattened the new seal. See, boys never really grow up, we just get bigger.

I won’t bite any more, promises Suarez Time will tell.

There’s a new play on in a theatre in Ipanema “The sexlife of an ugly women”. I saw the ad on TV last night. The woman is actually a man, of course, and is truly hideous. I am so tempted to go and see it. But Ipanema is like 60km (40 miles) from here, and needs three buses there and three back.

About this colour

About this colour

Kitty  has just come in. Fed and watered, had a good petting and is now using my bed as a bathroom. I am still hopeful of getting one of the kittens, but am puzzling over a name. My initial thought was Chocolate, but they are too light for that, they’re more of a cappuccino colour. Cappy? I’ll have to think about that some more.

I still have at least six weeks before they’ll be ready to leave Mommy.

The time has flown. I must leave in 10 minutes. It’s a good thing I am a man. Don’t need to choose my jeans, don’t need to worry about colour coordination, don’t need makeup. I just pull on my jeans, add socks and shoes, grab the nearest shirt, grab hat and lock the door. Total time takes about four minutes and I’m at the gate with my walkingstick.



Beep Beep Boop

beepbeepboopYes, it’s time to Beep Beep Boop.

If you are not a WordPress blogger then you won’t understand Beep Beep Boop.

Beep Beep Boop was what I was faced with at 1:30am the other morning while I was pre-Coffee. You can read about the trauma on OMG! They’ve done it Again.

I have coffee and am over the initial shock, still learning to drive Beep Beep Boop.

As a WP blogger, might I say ‘typical’, I have been confused over the difference between WP.com & Wp.org. A great post by Rachel, our Happiness Engineer, spells it out quite nicely.

Not this slug

Not this slug

She also answered my question about slugs.

She gave me a link: http://codex.wordpress.org/Glossary#Slug where you can see what it is about WP slugs that’s different from the one to the left.

Ever since Rachel became our Happiness Engineer, I’ve often tried to picture a Happiness Engineer; I’ve even googled it. There were electrical, civil, mechanical, but no happiness.

But, I think I’ve got it.

Rachel, this is how I picture/envisage a Happiness Engineer.

HappinessEngineer1There, I think that does it. She puts up with a lot of grief from me, so she deserves nice thoughts.

The weather is suffering from PMT, can’t make up it’s mind. Bright and sunny, dark and sinister, dull and sombre; oh, bright and sunny again…

I need more coffee…


Kitty came in. “Meeeooow!” (translate = get your priorities right!). Breakfast before your coffee.

Kitty got her wish. Crispy Beef and Fish Bisuits and a bowl of chilled Chateau Moo de Lap…

 Then, I got my coffee.

I broke 17 ‘Likes’… I got 18 on my post Demons! Yay!

Australia’s prime minister stuck his nose into the Scottish independence debate yesterday. Today Scotland replied… “Scotland’s first minister has said the Australian prime minister’s comments on Scottish independence were “foolish, hypocritical and offensive”.”BBCNews. That about sums up Tony Abbott nicely, “foolish, hypocritical and offensive”.

Time to Beep Beep Boop.



DarkrecessesWe all have them.

Barricaded, hidden in the deepest recesses of our minds.

Most of us can control our Gollums, our Sméagols, but sometimes they get loose. Sometimes they’re right out in front like Wall St bankers, CEOs, presidents, prime ministers, politicians and other two faced bastards.

Sometimes we can’t control our demons, we don’t recognise them and they get the better of us; they haunt us.

I don’t know what demons Robin Williams was facing, but they got the better of him; his death is an apparent suicide.

Addendum: I found this later.

Robin Williams ‘aware of his demons’

I identify with RW because we are the same age, within a month, and it saddens me that the hero of comedy has gone. I remember the early years, Mork and Mindy, they were funny at the time, but then he became immortal in Good Morning Vietnam and The Dead Poets’ Society.

R.I.P. Robin Williams, you are free from your demons now. Make the angels laugh with your inimitable wit.

fb IMGP5579 a

Image – The Max Files

Today is World Elephant Day, 12th Aug.


Who makes these decisions?

Why today, and not tomorrow or yesterday?

It seems like every day is World (something) Day.

What is this compulsion to give everything a ‘day’?

Don’t they exist on other day?

Do they just magically appear for their day, and then disappear into oblivion, while we celebrate something else tomorrow?

Kitty has had her kittens.


Kitty’s colouring

The owner denies that they were born at home. She spends too much time on the street and it appears that her milk has dried up.

I don’t trust this bastard, I have seen him maltreat cats before, and have always suspected him as being the author of the poison that took my Meow Meow and da Meow. I think he got rid of them, probably by throwing them in the creek that runs by our praça.

There are some cruel people in this world. I hope his demons come to haunt him.

I really wanted one, I had even named him Chocolate (Shocolatch in Portuguese) if his colouring was like Mum’s.

Well, that’s a 2am post so far, back to bed…

Hopefully the blogging demons that were keeping me awake have been exorcised.

Good morning, Coffeed bread rolls and ham and ready to go

 Is the blog dead?

I wasn’t aware that it was…

Should we mourn the end of blogs?

Maintaining a personal blog has become entrepreneurial, and young people want nothing to do with it.

‘Most of the personal blogs I once followed have vanished…’ Photograph: Anatoli Babi/Alamy

Source: TheGuardian Read more

My blog/s is/aren’t dead. And I certainly don’t consider them entrepreneurial.

The trouble with young people is that they’re too freakin’ lazy. To have a good blog you need to work at it.

Any fool can FB, Twit, etc. You don’t even need half a brain. In my mind these social media platforms are a total load of crap and will never replace blogging.

For me, blogging is alive and well.

Must blog along, got heaps to do.



Leaving Normal Behind

Leaving Normal SignAs one gets older, one leaves normal behind. Life becomes filled with eccentricities and you need more and more coffee.

This morning’s ghost post was an example, then I had to make the Boob post, and admit my mistake.

It was all down to no coffee at 2am.

I am always looking for little ways to improve my lot. The other day at the supermarket I saw a little display of herbs and remedy thingies. amongst them was ervas silvestres (wild herbs) Jasmine, hmmm, jasmine tea might be nice for a change.

Last night, I got the urge for something different, I cracked open the jasmine. Hmmm, not that impressed, looked like old age yellowed kapock. Okay, into the water to steep, strained off into a cup. Hmmm, not impressed, tasted like old kapock too. Bloody vile stuff. Wild, I say I was wild, R$3 for old kapock.



I did learn something from the experience. Googling an image, I discovered kapock grows on trees…

Now, was that worth the R$3…

I have been enlightened.

All I previously knew before was that kapock was used for stuffing things, mattresses, pillows, old dolls and the like.

My knowledge of kapock has just doubled. I am a wiser man.

This morning Kitty appeared at the door after two days absence with a flabby post partum belly. She’s had her kittens; presumably at home. She came in  had a feed, a pet, and left. I had washed Clorinha’s milk and meat dishes, but the dry food was still there.

Looks like Israel has really done it this time. Anti-Semitism had been on a steady rise throughout Europe, now it is no longer steady, but increasing wildly since their latest attacks on Palestine. Talk about making a rod for their own backs.

I too, will raise the Palestinian flag

I too, will raise the Palestinian flag

Somewhere, I forget where, in Britain the council had hoisted a Palestinian flag in memory of the latest victims. However, the local Jewish community came out in arms over this manifestation; they are not happy. Indeed they were hostile about the gesture, which to me just goes to show the nature of things.

If you are offended, I will explain. Israel has the right to defend itself, but not the wholesale slaughter that rained on Gaza, that was heading toward genocide.

I agree with the call for a total arms embargo on Israel.

Russia has opened a can of worms. They have banned all food and produce imports from countries that have been responsible for the sanctions against them. This could backfire, the missing produce will hurt the Russians more than the other countries.

To make matters worse Brazil’s blonde bimbo (president) is rubbing her hands with glee hoping to fill the gap with Brazilian exports to Russia. This could also backfire, if Brazil breaks the sanctions of EU countries and USA, they might well turn against Brazil.

Lunch today, weinerschnitzel… again.

My weekend has started. No classes today, so I will in all probability crack open a bottle of wine with lunch.

Blogging right along.


Three o’bloodyclock

monday-memes-mercury1That’s the time my day started!

Couldn’t sleep because of the cold, it shrunk my bladder.

Finally denapped about seven, to find not one, but two cats asleep within striking distance on the sofa. Yes, it looks like Clorinha and Kitty have made an uneasy truce. Oh, I must explain, Kitty when said in Portuguese, is pronounced Kitchy, just so you don’t get it wrong. She had a leisurely breakfast until Clorinha batted at her with a “‘it’s-my-turn” paw.

I made coffee, and settled in front of the ‘puter. I had already achieved most of my posting at three o’bloodyclock.

This morning I have to get money from the money machine, pay my rent, buy a new mouse and get some Enos. Now, isn’t that exciting?

It’s Monday, what can go wrong?

The possibilities are infinite.

At least there won’t be any students ringing me to cancel classes… I don’t have students on a Monday.

I am not suffering today, I had two leftover pizza halves with beer last night. Ah, that was after the bottle of Bordeaux with lunch.

So far, I have had an exciting morning. I got a new bottle of gas. It’s the simple things in life that make it worthwhile.

I see in the news that people are complaining about people having BBQs in public places… wankers. Take a leaf out of the Brazilian handbook; where you complain, but you complain about not being invited. We have BBQs in the praça all the time; there were two yesterday.

I am between two thoughts, have a nap, or go to town…

The bed is closer.



Got Pussy


Wot you doin?

Wot u doin?

I am no longer catless.

Clorinha arrived about a half hour ago.

She’s been watered and fed, and so far hasn’t shown a propensity to poop anywhere. She’s got a little dirt box with fresh sand and at the moment she’s having a wash on the bed.

She has a little more colour than her dad, she’s not quite white, but a very light tan. But she definitely has daddy’s ears and tail.

She’s had a little cry, but seems to be settling in okay.


Having a little wash

Having a little wash

It will be lonely for her later, because I have classes at 4pm and won’t be home until 7.

Unfortunately, I can’t just ring my students and say, I’m kitty-sitting.

Another fine sunny day, not too hot.

I’ve watered the plants, and dug out some weeds growing along the road. It was beginning to look a little unsightly.

Lunch will go by the board. I need a nap as I have lost time with receiving the kitty.



I Finally did it!

Not as fresh looking as this

Not as fresh looking as this

Yes, I finally did it; I picked up the lettuce leaf that was hanging from under the fridge door where it fell three days ago.

It served a purpose. After nibbling on it Cloro decided he’s not a vegetarian.

Everything happens for a purpose.

Last night I fixed my small fan (see BC = Before Cat post from yesterday). I couldn’t sleep without my fan after a hot day.

Pee Free day yesterday. Stole a bucket of sand from the nearby building site, so Cloro has fresh sand to kick around the kitchen floor.

Taking a break. Cloro wants some (at)tention.

I have tried taking a video (close up, no pic) of Cloro’s little diesel engine puring. But the efforts haven’t been successful. He wants to play with the wriststrap, thereby negating any chance of operating the camera. ‘Take it off’ you say; but I bought a camera that once it’s fitted, it stays fitted. Don’t these manufacturers ever think of ALL the possibilities, like one may well wish to take close ups of kitties who have this insatiable desire to play with anything that dangles…

Cloro has finally discovered his/her (still haven’t decided) place. The middle of the kitchen floor, Just the right place to trip up the human.

Still learning. This morning I was (at)tacked, ambushed, actually by a flying kitten. Cloro decided to retreat mid-ambush, retreated, banged head on coffee table, ricocheted with paw under foot that was about to hit the floor; human stumbled managed to avoid crushing a kitty paw and nearly demolished my wine stand.

Oh, the joys of owning a kitten.

Needed coffee after that.

Not much to write about today, so it must be nap time.


BC (Before Cat)

The ferns were growing so nicely

BC – I had a small fan that worked

BC – I could find my chinelos (flipflops) in the dark

BC – I had ferns that stood proudly in the living room

BC – I could watch TV without fear of being attacked by a flying kitten

BC – My sofa didn’t smell of pee

BC – I didn’t have little scratches all over my legs

BC – I could leave the printer open with paper in the hopper

BC – I could close the fridge door without interference

BC – My floors weren’t littered with ‘toys’

BC – Could roll over in bed with fear of rolling on a kitten

BC – have sand kicked round the kitchen from the dirt box

BC – I could leave things on the coffee table

BC – I didn’t have boxes of milk blocking the shelf

BC – I could go to sleep safe in the knowledge that said cat wouldn’t find some new mischief to get up to.

BC – I didn’t have a little Cummin’s diesel engine to lull me to sleep at night

The last BC makes up for all the others…

The joys of owning a kitten.

Nothing much else to report.

Flamengo lost yesterday – 1-0 against Criciuma. The only good thing about the game was the beer.

Rock ‘n Rio starts this Friday, I am glad that I am far enough away to neither hear it or be disturbed by it. Although it will be shown on TV at any God given minute; and is already the subject of every news broadcast.

Have an early class today…


Iridescent Green Poop


Battling the Monday Blues…


with coffee


and a Cummin’s diesel purring at the idle in my lap

My evening student has just canceled, I have one mid-afternoon, so that’s good news , because I want to start the week off slowly so I don’t get the wobbles.


Press in case of wobbles

I see the doctor tomorrow and hopefully get some good news; like I won’t need a reset button implanted somewhere.

A sunny weekend which continues today, change expected tomorrow.

Flamengo lost yesterday against Corinthians. It was 4-0 when I flicked the TV off in disgust at 42 minutes into the second half. I doubted that Flamengo was going to make much impression in the last three minutes; I mean there is hope and desperation…

I could always market it

Kitty piddle in a bottle

Cloro has mastered the poop-side of things, but her little piddlometer needs some fine tuning.

I could always market it.

Who knows, Cloro Kitty Cola could outsell Coca Cola. Imagine the blurb, all natural, no added sugar… Just piddle in a bottle.

At least she hasn’t started to poop iridescent green, the title was just to attract your attention.

But then I found this…

Wow, scary

Wow, scary

The stuff actually exists.

If Cloro starts doing that, I’m sending her back to Chernobyl.

At the moment she is racing crazily round the house. Up on the bed, around the bed, under the bed, over the sofa skidding around the kitchen and back to the bed. Talk about being on Hedgy Bull (that’s how they say Red Bull in Portuguese).

I read this morning that football (soccer, for our American cousins) is not a religion. Someone forgot to tell the Brazilians. It said that football lacks theology. Footy has as much theology as I ever found in the bible. Just because it’s in the bible they call it theology instead of a fever. At least football’s god has substance and you can prove that it exists.

Must be nap time. I tossed up whether to go to the supermarket or bed, the bed won.


Let’s Meet…


I am no longer catless.

Johnny’s mum brought round the kitten. I was afraid that it would be a short hair ordinary moggy, but I was handed this little white fluffball with eyes bluer than mine.

After a few careful strokes and he settled against me, not quite purring, but just little guttural noises.

At the moment he’s Kitty, I haven’t decided on a name yet.

He’s been fed and watered, he’s explored, he’s played with his first toy – my camera strap.

My first toy

My first toy

He’s got a light brown smudge on his head. I haven’t inspected the black spot on his eye yet, don’t want to scare him so soon.

Pooh! Flipflops smell yucky

Pooh! Flipflops smell yucky

His tail is a tabby tail, the rest is almost all white, or faint brown tones.

Iz fallin azleep on my newz bedz

Iz fallin azleep on my noo bedz

He’s now asleep behind me on the bed.

I’m tempted to name him Johnny after the boy who came to my gate, or maybe Bleach, because he’s not quite white… All my cats have been named after characteristics or circumstances. But he is Kuttiful, don’t you think?




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