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A Reluctant Start

Wish I could train Lixo to do this... I would make Labor Day perfect

Wish I could train Lixo to do this… I would make Labor Day perfect

Yesterday my excuse was procrastination, today reluctance.

Today is 1st May, Dia do Trablaho (Labor Day). I have coffee and am fully prepared to do nothing all day. May is a weird month to have Labor Day, I grew up with Labour Day in October, oh I get so confused.

I have just taken the meat out of the freezer, going to have BBQ all day. Big juicy hunks of pork and beef. Well, they’re not juicy at the moment, sort of hard and crusty, but give them a couple of hours. Good thing this is not my beefless week.

firefoxaddonI am wary of all this modern technology. I don’t have ad ons and apps. I don’t like them, I don’t trust them.

But I discovered that Firefox has a useful one, so cute and fluffy.

I am talking about the ad blocker. I got frustrated one day, and it happened to be the day that I read a post on a techy-type blog about FF ad-on that blocks annoying advertising, so I installed it and am mildly pleased with the results. It doesn’t block all ads, but my frustration level has been reduced by half; the rest I reduce by adding more coffee.

The padeiro (breadman) has just been, a BBQ isn’t complete without garlic bread sizzling on the grate. The way people cook garlic bread has always amused me. It has been my observation that people always toast the butter side first. This is just plain stupid, and indeed belongs in the annuls of stupidity. If you grill the butter side first the butter and garlic all drips off on to the coals; sure smells wonderful, but what a waste. Grill the off-side first and the butter permeates through the bread and stays there when you flip it over.

*Need more coffee*

caixa_leite02Here’s a random thought.

When you open a box of milk, it has instructions ‘abra aqui’ (open here), you can see it there on the box.

What happens if you don’t obey the law and open the other side?

Does the milk come out backwards?

You see, although I am fast approaching my dotage, I still have an alert and inquiring mind.

There is so much in the world that needs to be examined.

With that, I will blog along. This has been a three-coffee post, no cats were injured writing, but that could change if I find cat hair on the clean black shirt that I left on the sofa.


I haven’t really decided yet

The perfect cup for a bloggers coffee

But I will make the effort, even if it to tell you that I haven’t decided yet.

Of course it’s Monday.

But it’s not a Mondaily Monday. You see tomorrow is another holiday. 1 May, Labour Day. So, of course, Brazilians don’t work on the weekday between the weekend and the public holiday.

So this is a day-off Monday, but things can still go haywire.

For a start its raining, has been on and off all night. But then rain doesn’t necessarily have an adverse effect on blogging, apart from the fact that the room is a little darker than normal.

I have found the perfect cup for bloggers’ coffee. This cup would save so many hurried trips to the kitchen.

Yesterday, I went over to the ex’s, she had a set of old kitchen cupboards that she was going to chuck out. So my neighbour, Lincoln, along with his pickup collected it and managed to get home before the rain started. They are not in the best of condition, but are cleaned and installed. Beggars can’t be choosers. The result is, I now have plenty of shelf space in the kitchen, which is something I lacked.

The rain persists, in fact for an hour now it has been persisting down. I had to use a plunger to free the drain in the backyard before it got to the stage where I would need a canoe just to get to the bar. The things one does for a beer.

I am now in a quandry, do I have a nap or make lunch…

The nap wins.


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