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I did a terrible thing

icecreamLast time at the supermarket, I bought some icecream.

I haven’t done that in more than 20 years.

I’m eating some now… lovely, wondrous chocolate chip icecream.

I feel so wicked.

It wasn’t just an icecream cone, it was a whole kilo pack (2.204lbs).

I have been in a bind about my future here in Brazil, so today I bit the bullet. It turns out that no-one’s really interested and it can wait until next week.

My passport arrived, right in the middle of my first beer of the day, They’ve changed, they’re prettier now. Considering that it is 20 years since my last was issued. But the trick is they’re only valid for five years now and the cost has doubled; that’s a 400% increase. Being a Kiwi is expensive business.

I haven’t had a Nap-fu practice today, and it is telling on me.

We got rain this afternoon. I had just closed the padlock on the gate, and it began, but the time I got to the botequim for shelter, I was soaked. Remember that’s a whole 11 metres (yards, near enough), so it gives you an idea of how much rain.

Tandoori lamb chop

Tandoori lamb chop

Silly Box: A lamb chop has been sent into space. I didn’t read the article, it seemed too puerile, so I don’t know by whom, nor from where.

My question is, why?

Yes, this qualifies for the silly box.

I mean I can understand the necessity for an espresso coffee machine on the space station, but a sodding lamb chop….

That’s it, too tired.


I Apologise

traction engine 1912

A dead traction engine. This has nothing to do with the post, just to take your mind off… you know who

To all those who have spent a lifetime trying to forget Shari Lewis and Lamb Chop, or at least pushing them far back into cerebrum so as to not have instant recall. It was truly a mean trick on my part… I promise I will never mention them again.

I’m late today because after I had finished most of my blogging, the net went down. So I watered my plants, I did the dishes, I cooked a quick late breakfast, put on my shorts and went to the botequim for a beer; it was the only sensible thing to do.

When I returned, the net was back on. See, beer does fix everything.

Wonderful old beasts of burden. I decided that a traction engine could be featured, such steam-powered glamour has gone the way of many things in our lives.


I remember these behemoths way back in my childhood; belching smoke as they sped along at all of 8mph. Now you maybe lucky to see one in a transport museum, and probably static at that. Theoretically, I could have driven one; my drivers license was valid for solid rubber tyres. But I would have had no more idea about the ‘steam’ stuff than fly to the moon.

The latest fad; neknominate. Apparently it is taking a selfie video, while downing an alcoholic beverage, then nominating/challenging someone to do the same idiotic trick. I’m not sure of the ins and outs, but it has led to some deaths, so it is dangerous. If you are challenged, or have the urge, please don’t. Alcoholic beverages are for civilised people, not intended for the  foolhardiness of youth to show off their prowess, however dubious that might be.

I found this that might help explain: People record themselves chugging or “necking” — usually beer — often doing something else extreme at the same time. Then they nominate others to out-drink them.” – CBCNews

Mind you, I can remember some of the silly drinking games of my youth; Colonel Huff (sometimes referred to as Cardinal Puff), is one that springs to mind. Guaranteed to get you trunker than you dink you are. I can remember yodelling out the barracks window at some ungodly hour after one session. Oh, I was as drook as a cog. The most embarrassing part was being made to wash down the barracks wall by the duty corporal in front of the rest of the flight.

In fact, if I remember rightly, that was the last time I ever played Colonel Huff…

On that note I will say…



Back to Normal

normalLOL, define ‘normal’

What I mean is that it is about that time when I would normally offer you some of the juicy tidbits of the day here in Brazil.

Please don’t infer by the title that I am in any way ‘normal’, I will hotly refute it. I tried it once, it was boring, so I became a blogger.

After my early, bloody early start for the day, I did eventually enter ‘sleep mode’ again, only to be woken at 4am by my neighbour retrieving his car from my garage. Back to sleep mode.

A paella should look like this, mine didn't

A paella should look like this, mine didn’t

I woke later than normal.

Blogged a little.

Decided that I should try again to pay the rent.

Went to a restaurant for lunch and had a wonderful paella; and beer. Mine didn’t look exactly like that, the mussels were out of the shell, as were the shrimps, and it was more soupish; but drain off the excess juice and it was okay over rice.

The cool has gone, the hot is back. Not quite as hot as the past weeks, yet. But we have been promised increasing temps until Sunday.

whats-appI see Google has bought WhatsApp. I have no idea of WhatsApp is, but apparently it is the world’s most popular app.

How on earth did I ever get by without it?

One of the attractions of WhatsApp is that it doesn’t have advertising… didn’t have advertising.

That’ll change.

Not everybody appreciates art.

Hot in the news is the cleaner at an exhibition in southern Italy, cleaned. As a result, part of the exhibition that was made of cardboard and on the floored got ‘cleaned’ and ended up being taken away by the local rubbish truck.

The Ukraine president has realised he’s in a no-win situation and has made an agreement with the protesters to hold elections this year.  I now wonder if/when Venezuela’s ‘president’ (in quotes because he was never legally elected) will come to the same conclusion, or is he still delusional?

I mentioned sockpuppets the other day. Andrew commented how bad Shari Lewis was, and I realised that I have spent a lifetime pushing this memory to the back of my mind, only to find I have failed.

So I am going to ruin the day for those of you who have similarly spent a lifetime trying to forget…

Actually, it’s quite funny until the singing.


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