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Up in Smoke

Off to the dentist first.

Back home, trying to repair the installation that I succeeded in doing at 2am and didn’t work fully.

I was up again before 7am and haven’t managed much until now.

My SATA plug looks pretty much like this

My SATA plug looks pretty much like this

My SATA CD-ROM literally went up in smoke.

Clouds of smoke came from the back. Emergency shutdown and unplugged, the plug was melted and one of the pins is melted into it.

So out of four drives, I am down to one functional; and that’s what it is doing now, functioning.

I have managed to convince it to reformat the old Linux HD, let’s keep our fingers crossed that the reinstall goes well.


Trying again.

This time doing a full format, that’ll take a couple of hours. It’s a 500Gb drive, so it’s worth saving and getting it to work.

Really Big Dump Truck

Really Big Dump Truck

With everything that went wrong yesterday, for a Tuesday, it was worthy of a Monday.

I feel as if all the shit in the world arrived in one of these and dumped the lot on me.

Blogging has become a little onerous with these PC problems, all the images that I have stored for future posts, are locked in my other drive until I can recover them. So my posts are going to be a bit  thin on the ground.  Also the unfamiliarty of the laptop is not helping.

I have been a naughty boy. Frequently I have used google as a verb, apparently that’s a no no.

Google is frightened that its name will wile away into obscurity and lose its commercial value like Aspirin and Xerox. I am waiting for the ‘net police’ to pounce on me. *shaking in my boots*

I have had lunch. I dismantled five sausages, chopped and onion and some parsley and made hamburger type patties. Tasty. All washed down with a  large beer handle of Chardonnay and sparkling mineral water. I know, I’m  a peasant, but it makes a refreshing food washerdowner.

Rained a fair bit overnight and now it is very cool. Clorinha has found a comfy spot in the middle of the sofa to wile away the day and I am about to do the same thing on the bed. No classes today.

Only about 15 days to go before the World Cup. I’m afraid it’s not going to be a peaceful affair. More about that another time.





Have you Flonked your Dwile?

No, I haven’t gone mad.

I just read about Dwile Flonking, and simply had to do a google, hence a wiki…

“The non-flonking team joins hands and dances in a circle around a member of the flonking team, a practice known as “girting”. The flonker dips his dwile-tipped “driveller” (a pole 2–3 ft long and made from hazel or yew) into a bucket of beer, then spins around in the opposite direction to the girters and flonks his dwile at them.”Wikipedia

So there, dwile flonking exists. Read more on the link. It’s interesting, just full of swadgers, gazunders and wantons.

This is dwile flonking for your edification…

Now back to more mundane matters.

The temporary filling I had back in February appears to be about to give up the ghost. So off to the dentist I went. Tuesday, he’s closed. So I went to the screw shop, which was nearby, and got my screws.

Just before going to the dentist, my PC died. Dentist was more pressing.

I got back and tried to recover PC problem. It didn’t want to be recovered. So I am on my laptop. I have never used the laptop on the net at home before, so I was very pleased when I plugged it in that all seemed to function well.

I still have the problem with my PC. It started off okay, better than normal in fact, then it decided it didn’t want to read the CD-ROM. I let out a decisive ‘Bugger!’ and after changing ROMs ( I have four) and none of them worked, I cranked up the laptop.

So I can now finish this post.

Which I have now done.

The headline news… Kardashan and West are doing something; getting married, I think. Who gives a shit, give us some real news, something important.

I have to organise myself. As I am using my portable table, I am side on to my normal position. I just caught myself having lit a cigarette only to find one is already burning in the ashtray. I am really unsettled with this PC problem.

I’ll go and make something for lunch.





I lost my Underpants

The Evening Post

No, it’s not the newspaper one. Just me running late.

That was yesterday’s post, at least that’s as far as I got. Apart from running late, I got sidetracked, then it became bedtime.

You see a few years ago I was very involved with IRC (International Relay Chat) and had several rooms to monitor and participate in. For those of you not in the know, IRC was one of the earliest forms of chat, after TelNet, then came ICQ, and much later other forms like Skype, GoogleTalk, etc.

icechatI saw the mIRC logo yesterday while googling around, and it piqued my interest as to what was happening these days. So I downloaded a copy only to find out that I now had to pay, it gave me a 30 day trial. I felt like a real newbie, I even had to think about what nickname I used to use. Eventually I connected, and found a couple of rooms that I recognised, and chatted with the occupants, both of whom remembered me from 2009 days. One reminded me that I didn’t use mIRC as a client, and eventually I remembered IceChat, downloaded, and started chatting about old times, before I realised, it was bedtime and I was nodding off at the keyboard.

I started with 3, I had 7 and then 10

I started with 3, I had 7 and then 10

Today, I have been struggling with another problem; how to get CorelDraw 10 loaded on my revamped PC, because yesterday’s failure bugged me. My CD ROM didn’t want to read the CD, but my laptop did and I installed CorelDraw successfully on it.

Later versions of the programme (today’s version is x6 – 16) simply had too many whistles and bells  that I would never use, so after looking at x3, I never upgraded 10.

This morning I copied the CD onto my external memory and used that to install it, but it gets hung up on the final stages and doesn’t install. There are more ways than one to skin a cat; I will win!

But in the meantime, my blogging has gone by the board. This is my first post of the day at 1+pm.

Only thing I have done today apart from drinking coffee, is water the plants.

My neighbour above the botequim has invited me to burn meat (BBQ) with them today, so my time is limited, and I could’nt leave you lovely people wanton.

There is the smell of a meat burning ceremony wafting through my window now, but it is my other neighbours between my house and the botequim, and they never invite anybody. They’re not very social, I mean, we talk and such, but they don’t get ‘socially’ involved, and both are teetotal, and I suspect evangelicals,  which is a social barrier. During the week I had a brief chat with them as they sat outside their gate as many Brazilians do in the evening; during which I mentioned that I was an atheist, that created a big lull in the conversation.

During the week I read on a cocktail blog I visit, a recipe for caipirinha, Brazil’s national drink. The recipe calls for lemons, but nearly every blog where I read the recipe makes the mistake of using limes. This cocktail blog, correctly, used lemons. I commented on it, and congratulated the blogger.

Then I saw another on Friday, that used limes! AAArrrggghhh! I left a comment somewhat venting my spleen, after which I felt guilty. However, I received a civilised reply thanking me for the correction, adding that he had heard about our green lemons.

There is a huge difference in the flavour between lemons and limes, lemons are sour whereas limes are almost sweetish.

These are Brazilian lemons, they are NOT limes

These are Brazilian lemons, they are NOT limes

The problem arises with the colour.

Here in Brazil lemons are green, but typically from outside Brazil anyone who sees a Brazilian lemon goes “limes”. and that is totally wrong.

This photo shows the lemons I bought at the supermarket last week.

I know they are lemons, because they are sour, they are so sour that they will invert your nipples and send ripples through your teeth. But they make wonderful caipirinhas.

Carnaval is all on, it’s all you hear about on TV. During carnaval the world outside Brazil ceases to exist.

Now I must blog along, and complete my quota before I go to the dead cow party.

Oh, the title… nearly forgot. On Friday night I took my underpants off for bed as normal; and they have disappeared. Perplexing; it’s Monday and I still haven’t found them.


Downhill all the way…

Yesterday I did indeed have a BBQ. I know I had a BBQ because it has taken three attempts to wash the dishes; and they’re still not all done.

The remains of mine, the beginning of his

The remains of mine, the beginning of his

Started the BBQ at 1pm, I was done about 4. Then one of the neighbours came along with a ‘do you mind if I add some more meat?’ He figured it would save cooking the kids dinner. No, I didn’t mind.

So we all packed up and went back to our respective homes about 8pm.

Meanwhile we supported the Brazilian economy by drinking beer.

Another neighbour was there and his son had a go cart with a two-stroke engine and he was giving rides to the local kids. J’s son Felipe had a drive… at 10 years old, he was over the moon; his grin was so wide, it’s a wonder the top of his head didn’t fall off.

Today I did something naughty. I spent a lot of money. I have been promising to buy myself a tablet to use for work, today I did.

lenovo-thinkpad-t60pWhen I studied the tablet idea in the shop, I found the screen size a bit small; and the cost of one with a bigger screen was more than double what I had budgeted for. So I finished up with a IBM ThinkPad laptop. I was going to go with the Dell, but it didn’t work, so he offered me the IBM for the same price; the advantage was that the IBM had a bigger screen than the Dell. It’s secondhand, but so was the Dell, and cost about half of what a new one would have cost me. I am a happy camper! I have spent most of the rest of the day loading the .pdf files of my textbooks on to the new baby.

Still, I have managed to post on 7/8 blogs, and cook lunch; so the day has been quite productive.

Shopping is such good therapy.


Yesterday… wasted

No, no, not me… the day.

That’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it.

Here in Brazil we get a Christmas Bonus called the 13th salary, it’s supposed to be an average of your monthly salaries over the year. On Wednesday, I got a phone call from work, the 13th salary was ready. Oh goody! Mental calculations meant that I was due about R$1,800, you can imagine the look on my face when I was presented R$380, disappointed doesn’t cover it. I was a tad more that supremely peeved. You see I work on an hourly basis and an open contract, I do not have the Brazilian “carteira assignada” which is proof of my employment, so therefore they reasoned, I am not actually due any of the benefits. This is also known as “ripping off the workers.” I just got masterfully ripped off. Bang goes the chances of a kids Christmas, bang goes my hoped for new laptop. So going to Barra to get my bonus cost me almost a third of my bonus in lost lessons, yes, I lost R$100, adding to my peevedness. So I went to the supermarket for some therapy.

Not a happy camper.

Tomorrow is Christmas Eve… “Bah humbug!” In the words of the wise.

My ravioli doesn't look like this yet

Today is hot, already. Noon and we have 34⁰C, which like the rest of the week, makes it stifling. My plans today, do nothing. Which I fully expect to be successful in achieving.

My lunch today is left over leftovers. The ravioli I made the other day, sufficed for Tues & Wed, I hope it’s still okay for today; I haven’t checked yet apart from glancing at it through the plastic tub.

I also have a bottle of peach cooler in the fridge.

There isn’t much more to grumble about at the moment..


Best Day of the Month

Every PC should have this button

Yesterday was canceled. My only student of the day postponed her class until Friday, so with the day free, I got on the next bus to ‘Pay Day.’

Which is just as well, I was counting my pennies until Friday to make sure I had the bus fare to work.

I arrived hopeful. Only to have any immediate ideas of getting my pay dashed as the office manager was still at the bank.

It was only a half hour wait. She arrived and tried so hard to look serious announcing, “The bank didn’t have any money, they can’t get the vault open.” I made no comment; I know when she’s lying. I just sat in the waiting room and flipped through the pages of a French magazine. My name was called… I ran, grabbed, counted and escaped all in one fluid movement, shouting a thank you over my shoulder; I was in the elevator before I finished.


As always, my pay day treat is sushi. A wonderful sushi lunch before heading back to the wild west of Rio where I live. I had two choices; one, I could get a van that went via Cachamorra and get of at the supermarket, two, I could get one that went via Magarça and pay the rent. The dice were not on my side. I paid the rent.

Off I went to explore the possibility of a laptop. I had seen one advertised on TV for R$899, the promotion had finished, the price was now a hundred dearer. But they did have one left, the ‘mostuario‘ (display unit). Okay, give me a discount and I’ll pay cash and take it. The system wouldn’t allow him to discount it. So I walked out after telling him in no uncertain terms that because of shop policy, they had lost a sale in cash (when the majority of  Brazilians buy on time payment or credit card).

I got the van home. Dumped my stuff on the sofa and off to the botequim. Brazil was playing a ‘friendly’ Ghana. I saw the last half hour. Brazil 1, Ghana 0. Home to check my emails.

Then is was time for my soaps and the news. So the day was canceled as far as blogging was concerned.

I managed a couple of posts because, I had drafted them on Sunday and only need to publish them. I have never done that before… handy.

Now, I need more coffee, then work.


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