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mondaygoneyetI never renege on a promise…

Well, mostly never.

The plants got watered, I had Nap-fu practice and the washing is in.

I went shopping and bought a thyme plant which is now growing alongside my sage. The shop was out of short-grained rice for sushi, I have to go back on Friday. Lunch wasn’t anything to write home about, the best thing was two handles of beer.

Home and another Nap-fu.

I got a surprise. The techy-type bloke informed me that my LCD screen was ready and functioning. I was out the door and round to his place in a flash. Turned out it was the in-line transformer had burnt out. R$30 for the part.

So, I am gazing at my 17″er again. So different. It’s like when the first cinerama theatres opened, you need to move your head from left to right to get the whole picture.

The elections here are over. Marina made a dramatic decline towards the end and was beaten by Aércio Neves, who will run off against the incumbent blonde bimbo on the 26th. Which means we’ve got another three weeks of political crap on TV every night.

The brain's GPS is located in the frontal lobe

The brain’s GPS is located in the frontal lobe

Turns out the brain does have a GPS. No wonder I do a left turn when I pass the botequim… The Nobel Prize for medicine was awarded to three scientists who discovered it.

Turns out that Twitter doesn’t have a brain; something I have suspected for a long time. I got three suggestions to follow today. All SEO types. All rejected without thinking.

Ebola is in the news again. First case contracted outside of the African continent; in Spain.

Another angle on the virus, we are reaping what we have sown. The cause, deforestation is destroying the habitats of virus carrying fruit bats driving them closer to urban areas. All the countries involved have sold their timber to foreign logging companies; who are literally raping the land. So once again, man is the author of his own misfortune.

The Latvian election managed to keep the Russian threat at bay.

The current problem of many European Muslims heading off to the Middle East to join IS has been identified as a rebelling against laws that ban traditional Muslim dress, veils and the like. Muslims are saying that their religious rights are being eroded. I put the ball in the court, when in Rome do as the Romans do. If you don’t like it, stay home.

A report saying that Septic Blathermouth of FIFA must go to restore credibility. I agree. FIFA needs new blood.

The TV news has started, I’m off.


The Dirty Truth

The dirty truth

The dirty truth

I am feeling paranoid.

After yesterday’s intro photo, I’m deeply concerned petrified that you all may think that was my kitchen.

So I decided to show you the dirty truth.

That’s about as bad as it gets.

I fixed the Simon and Garfunkel video clip on the older post yesterday; it’s got words now.

I was aked if I would post the recipe for my onion rings. I replied “yes!”

It’s so simple.

Onion rings don’t have a recipe, you just do it.

justdoitNormal family serving, about 5 tbsp plain flour, one egg, milk to make a batter, I sometimes add chopped parsley to the batter, or add it to the onion before battering. Cut onion separate into rings dip in batter, let drip, and chuck it in the deep fry. Turn and when golden, take them out and eat.

How simple is that?

When I do them, I’m on auto pilot… I think more when I’m peeing.

Yesterday I made a roasting dish full, that was double the batter and four medium onions.

I thought about taking a photo, but I figured, nah, nobody really wants to know about onion rings…

Want a shock?

Oh, come on... that's a finger!

Oh, come on… that’s a finger!

Now they have lab-grown penises…

First it was ears on a rat and a finger on a stomach, then they jump straight to penises. What’s next? Today’s special at Walmart, fresh penises!

You didn’t really think I would post a penis…

Bet that got you going.

84% in Britain think that the war against drugs is lost.

Oh, really? That’s been my opinion for twenty years. Many are of the opinion that drugs should be decriminalised and moved from criminal to a health issue.

How slow we are to accept the truth.

Brazil goes to the polls today. All forms of politcal advertising have been banned from yesterday… I was handed my first pamphlet at the gate before 8am. It looks like the incumbent blonde bimbo will come out tops again, after Marina took a dive in the polls and is neck ‘n necking with the previous third place getter. It appears as though the blonde bimbo doesn’t have enough support for an outright win (50% + 1 vote), which means another three weeks of politcal bullshit as the two top pollers go to a run-off on 26th.

Brazilians have a warped view of who is suitable for office. For example…


Wolverine – vote for he who has claws

This is how you advertise your candidacy for city councillor.

Pathetic. The circus gets worse as the office gets higher.

Illegal aliens taking our jobs

Illegal aliens taking our jobs

Thank heavens I’m not involved in this circus. One of the advantages of being an illegal alien.

Latvia is going to the polls as well. The Latvians are pooping their pants as the popular choice is pro-Russian who has refused to speak against the Russian annexation of Crimea. Latvia has a large population of Russians and fears that the same may happen by being in effect invited by the new president.

Why can’t all these Russians who live in ex-Soviet sattelites just freakin’ well go home? Even if they were born there, emigrate if they think that Putinland is so freakin’ wonderful.

Looks like the laundry lady isn’t coming today.  We discussed this last week because she has to go to another part of the city to vote, and agreed that if she couldn’t come today, then tomorrow is okay.

I don’t need to go to the supermarket yet. I have coffee for before noon, and beer for the afternoon. I also have salsichão should the need to eat arise.

Salsichão are big salsichas

Salsichão are big salsichas

I may boil them, grill them, BBQ them, batter and deep fry them.  I haven’t made that decision yet. I need to ponder the issue during my Nap-fu practice.


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